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  1. Flak

    SFG response time is terribkle

    No it's fine mate. I understand this is frustrating for everyone involved.
  2. Flak

    SFG response time is terribkle

    I don't think you understand the situation at all. They don't physically have the staff to reply to you faster. Do you think the members in admin are lazily choosing to not get back to you? Cut them some slack, this is not a normal "store" which has seemingly infinite time for you. They are a smaller company that were given a fantastic opportunity to produce a board game representing an incredible IP. Relax.
  3. Flak

    SFG response time is terribkle

    Not necessarily. In an ideal world yes, and a fair one sure. But that's not what is going on. There are thousands of emails and issues that have rose before your problem. Be patient dude, I'm still yet to receive my game at all just fyi.
  4. Let's relax, and also realise the situation we're in. Firstly, while I am sure you will receive a copy eventually.. Even if you don't this is Kickstarter my friend. There have been MANY instances of people backing something that ultimately fails. When you use Kickstarter you are GAMBLING your money on the hopes the product will come to life in the manor you expect. What I'm trying to say is, if you can't afford to part ways with the money then you shouldn't have used Kickstarter in the first place. It sucks I know, but this is a reality I honestly don't think many people here are familiar with. So when I read people getting extremely angry with SFG support or not receiving the game yet, I'm reminded that this is exactly what you signed up for. Be patient, it will arrive when it arrives. And if it doesn't, this is Kickstarter I'm afraid.
  5. Flak

    Four Kings

    Well we haven't seen the final versions yet so don't lose hope!
  6. Flak

    Wishlisting :)

    No worries! I believe DC mentioned "Tomb of the Giants" somewhere within this forum, along with a list of the upcoming releases. Most of these are listed on the Kickstarter page, though some of the contents are going to be moved around prior to release. Again, mentioned by DC somewhere within the forum. Sorry that I can't link you to the exact post, it was a few weeks ago
  7. Flak

    Wishlisting :)

  8. Flak

    Wishlisting :)

    I'd love to see -Qulaag -Nito -Aldrich. ( Mainly to shaft everyone stacking physical defense ) Also you could probably make a really cool scenario/Boss fight out of either - The bed of Chaos or Wolnir.
  9. Flak

    Pre orders on steamforged

    I pre ordered in February in hopes it would help my chances. Nope still no word or email.
  10. Flak

    UK Pre Order

    Hey guys. So I'm quite laid back in regards to these type of situations, this is by no means a "fetch your pitch forks" post. But, has anyone yet received a copy of the game that Pre-Ordered through SFG directly within the UK? The official release date is yet to be exceeded (24th May) even still I'm wondering if anyone else is sailing the same boat as myself? Again, because I ordered later then the backers of the kick starter (February) it makes complete sense that the pre-orders would arrive closer to the release date & be a smaller priority at the moment. Any contact with SFG is lethargic currently due to a massive influx of emails, I thought I'd try my luck here
  11. Flak

    Treasure Deck Balancing

    Yeah I agree man. Even though I do like rng in board games, I'm definitely going to try some of the house rules out. Also by the end of the year hopefully there will be enough content between all of the expansions to help elevate any woes people have with the current gear system.
  12. Flak

    Treasure Deck Balancing

    I feel as though this is where good board game mechanics vs good video game mechanics are starting to blur. Obviously this is all personal taste right, but I like a bit of rng in board games. Despite the fact that I adore the Souls franchise for the opposite reasons, on the table I believe the game could become stale if reliable to obtain builds become a thing. What makes video games (out side of great game play & story) tick for me is the surprise of what is coming next. Like a novel, you have no idea what is around the next corner. Where as a board game, even if the rules are written in a way that enables surprises to happen (i.e such and such occurs refer to page 21 "everyone dies lol.") All of the answers are still physically in front of you at all times. Without compromising the game too much, I believe rng to be beneficial in the table top world in order to capture these moments again and again. Plus, it's impossible to translate the "skill" aspects of DS into a board game. And is imo an unrealistic expectation. Sorry i got side tracked slightly there, but you get where i'm coming from
  13. Completely agree. It's an odd card because there isn't anything quite like it (to my knowledge) but thematically it makes a lot of sense.
  14. Flak

    Knight Artorias (Steamforged please!)

    This is how i interpret the complaint also. I'd also much rather SFG go with the original source material, as they've done a marvelous job thus far doing so! (IMO)
  15. Flak

    Dark Souls Service Times

    Yes, I received an Email from the team a couple of days ago. Though bare in mind I did get in touch around 3 weeks ago. Though that kind of delay should be expected at present given the size of the team vs product success.