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  1. Rom177

    Vs Farmers

    Yeah I would say silence. Can make Fallow go early and/or Grange or Ploughman go last. Though to be fair; anyone who is trying to win won't be playing Ploughman. Silence also has a 3/6" kick or 4/7" near Dirge. I like Pelage better than Cosset. Too many 2" reaches to get good use out of Cosset. Pelage can do a lot of damage and snare members of a team which isn't particularly fast to begin with. If you are receiving I would play Bonesaw and then make my decision between Ghast and Silence. I never play Scalpel at all because Obulus is just better in almost every situation.
  2. Rom177

    Living in the new reality

    I don't understand why most people think Morts aren't good. I only play Bonesaw when I receive and have done so 20+ times. I have only failed to score a 1st round goal once. Even did it once with a 0"/0" move by using football dervish three times. If memory is dead at brainpan's activation then they have a 17" threat. Obs has an 18" threat and that's if you only use pm to take an extra jog and not use it as football dervish. I saw someone say morts can't handle a scrum which I think is funny. Obs creates scrums for me all the time. Pm someone in, kd, b&m and pelage finish it. End up with plenty of mom and either a TO or an auto TO top of next turn. They're not the powerhouse that they were last season but they are still plenty competitive into pretty much every team. I usually hate when people say you just need to get good with them but.... If what you're doing now isn't working then try something different. They have plenty of options.
  3. Rom177

    Farmer Errata has landed

    I like most of the changes but think they went one step too far on all three. The interaction with anything/anyone is always 4"+. Interaction with the HM shouldn't be any different. Millstone's ability being 4" is fine and now she needs to get closer to tthe action which makes her easier to kill. She should've kept the extra armor. Especially being the only person with any.
  4. Rom177

    Ongoing dervish debate

    So I had a game once where we played alt deployment. Fish kicked off and Shark came down, stole the ball, used his legendary, gut n string Bonesaw, scored, and maybe something else I don't remember. Anyway Bonesaw ended up with a 0/0 movement. I had a bunch of momentum and used football dervish three times to go all the way down field and score on last activation. It was fantastic and kept my first round goal with Bonesaw streak alive.
  5. Rom177

    Optimal Thresher Turn 1?

    You don't have to keep thresher down to 4" to get free hm. Put harrow right next to him and advance full 5". The 1" base will allow harrow to stay within 4" and get the free hm. I set up tater, harrow, and thresher right next to each other with millstone almost b2b with tater. Millstone sprints, pushes tater, pushes harrow, and still has plenty to push thresher.
  6. Rom177

    Quick help!!!

    I like those abilities too but foul odor is usually a bigger hindrance than help. The 2" reach, rising anger, fear, and mom KD on 2 make him better.
  7. Rom177

    Quick help!!!

    Obulus, Dirge, oGraves, and BP&M are auto includes for me. If I receive I like to include Bonesaw. Silence is usually an auto but not always. Cosset can be fun against smiths and butchers. Lower def lets you PM someone in and create a kill zone. My standard lineup if I'm kicking and trying to win is Obulus, Dirge, Graves, BP&M, Silence, Ghast Receiving I swap Bonesaw for Ghast or Silence
  8. Rom177

    Foul odor - Casket

    I prefer ghast to casket. He is more useful to me. Sometimes I leave out both, especially when receiving.
  9. Rom177

    Scalpel or Obulus

    In my opinion Scalpel is a serviceable captain but Obulus is better in every situation. I played her a few times to try her out and have an understanding but the 2" reach, UM, PM, and generating 5 inf means she never sees the pitch.
  10. So when a character with berserk does damage it can walk away and do berserk attack later in turn. Can you do the same with the swift strike dodge? Doesn't say it has to be immediate so can I do damage, walk away, and then do my 1" dodge later in turn?
  11. I haven't read everyone's post because I'm feeling lazy right now but I think a 12 man box is a huge mistake. Also it doesn't fall in line with the pricing. I can get two six man boxes with two goals and two pieces of terrain for $100 or I can get a 12 man box with one piece of terrain and one goal for $100. So between having two fewer pieces, the box being less expensive to produce, and only giving one set of tokens it feels a little like a profit grab. Pass that on to people who want to get into the game. Make it something like $85 instead. Also $100 to try a game is a little off putting. People will spend a relatively cheap $50 to try a game and when they like it they will spend another relatively cheap $50 for the rest and not think about it being $100.
  12. Rom177

    Game too Swingy?

    A 3 die kick has 12.5% chance of failure but that's why you bonus time. A 4 die kick only has a 6% chance of failure. There's always a chance of failure but it's about knowing when to take those chances and to minimize them when you do.
  13. There are a lot of thing that I think SF does well. Clarity in rules is not one of them. Since that's the way it was ruled that's the way I'll play it. If you look at the wording on how to get rid of a harvest marker, then that ruling should be impossible. We need more clear rules that say what they mean and mean what they say so things aren't so convoluted.
  14. That is my thought as well but I have argued this point with other local gamers that know way more about GB than me. I would like something official saying that is the case.