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  1. Exiled to the Peaceful Grave

    /assumes that's the 2" melee. She swings the snake by the tail when attacking.
  2. Fisherman Player Summaries

    Tentacles I find this mascot to be my best friend when playing Fish. When playing Shark then a cheeky blind on my goal run 'bounce off' target to blunt counterattacks is wonderful. (Be warned it sometimes needs a bonus time. 1 dice character plays are quite a risk.) When playing Corsair, then the octopus is another 2" melee zone for crowd outs and a decent place to put the ball until you're ready for a goal run (I love close control). I find I use Blind less though as the influence is needed elsewhere. Good into - low DEF beater teams where Blind is more likely to hit (Masons, Brewers, Blacksmiths). Risky into - high DEF football teams where he becomes less versatile (Alchemists, Mirror Match).
  3. I can have as much fun playing a long casual game while chatting to a gaming friend at our local shop and losing as I can winning a tense, close tournament game. GB really is both for me.
  4. Game plan deck revealed

    Shark loves Lone Striker. -1 TAC doesn't bother him much with a mom dodge on 1 hit, even less so on a charge.
  5. Vet Honour?

    That's just a cocker spaniel, they frequently malfunction on anything that doesn't involve food. Honour's doggo must have some kind of Round Up! or Herding! play that dodges her team or pushes the opposition!
  6. Farmer Errata has landed

    I play Farmers, I'm happy to see the changes. Honestly Tater got off really lightly. I expected more tweaks to him. Thresher, . . . well he needed the changes to his Traits and Plays. I wasn't expecting the Playbook rewrite but at an initial viewing he's still a good captain, just not an extremely good captain anymore. Millstone, perhaps one step too far. I'm not sure. She needed changing as much as Thresher did but I'll have to try her on the table before I make my mind up. Biggest Surprise - the slap to Corsair the Errata did on the way out the door
  7. Faithful of Solthesius in May

    It's been strongly hinted on Facebook by Rich Loxam that this is an alt sculpt of Pride. So I expect we'll get the sculpt we've seen before (lying on the altar) in the actual Church Minor Guild box later this year.
  8. What was your first Guild and why?

    Miniatures and ideas of the Farmers Guild got me into this game, but . . . They weren't released when I started, so I got Butchers instead to learn the game with. Then I picked up Fish to be my tournament game, before finally getting the Farmers I'd been waiting for.
  9. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    I thought that had been corrected several versions ago? Checking my version it says [1] HP, are you up to date?
  10. Customer service for miss packed order

    This reminds me that I never got a response to the mispack question I put in after SteamCon UK . . . It was a Muse on Minis token set though, so would it be better going direct to MoM?
  11. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Thresher's legendary says 'recover [2] HP' should be 1.
  12. New PVC Teams

    I thought they already did this and the Fisherman won the vote?
  13. Beginners tips for Farmers?

    And you can have both in the same team! I love built in backups.
  14. Union/Church - I'm confused!

    UK store shows Mist, SBrisket and Harry available as singles . . . although now I mouse over them Harry is sold out.
  15. Union/Church - I'm confused!

    SFG Webstore. He's been available singly there ever since SteamCon UK if not before.