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    Some of the miniature quality on the mega bosses is terrible

    The trade-off would have been worth it, instead of stabbing people in the back by not even giving them full models, and just expecting them to be experts when it comes to minis. They should have just made the models all in one piece and just made boxes to fit them, I don't care if its extra work, its a part of what they promised in the Kickstarter, they didn't say that mega bosses would be miniature model kits. Sure it may have taken even more time, but it'd be better to do something that'd make people happier in the long run, rather than just piss off backers even more with stuff like this. What if people accidentally break pieces by trying fit them into the holes? Then they have to go through the long wait for replacements. Honestly, I am so happy I didn't buy any mega bosses, so I don't have to deal with this personally, but good lord is it unbelievable how incompetent the team behind this game are. They have left a terrible look on SFG as a whole with their incompetency at handling this project, I mean just look at the RE2 board game, I was expecting doomsday to come with that as well but no, they kept backers fairly regularly updated, and they are actually working on delivering that board game all at once, not just core game at first, but core game and all expansions, you can see in their production images that its all coming together at the same time. RE2 is possibly going to be finished by January or maybe February, completed in only a little over a year, while DS has taken a year and a half so far, and they aren't even done delivering wave 2, and then there's still a whole other wave to do, and they most likely won't be done until they've passed the two year mark or maybe even the three year mark. I get that DS has way more backers to deliver to and ended up with even more to deliver with all the expansions, but I'd call it incompetency since maybe they should have considered just how much they were continuously adding to the project, and maybe should have realized when they bit off three times more than they could chew. Its a damn shame too because that project has caused many people to avoid the SFG logo like the plague due to how slowly the project is coming along and how terrible communication has been with it. I had thought that SFG was just a bad company, but I still took a gamble on the RE2 board game because it was before things really went downhill with DS, and now to my delight it turns out that the DS team is just the rotten egg, because the RE2 team is handling things wonderfully. Sorry for going off on a tangent there, but yeah I think this problem with the mega bosses is unacceptable.
  2. MaverickHunterLuneth

    Resident evil 2 delivery date

    They estimated that shipping will begin in November. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/steamforged/resident-eviltm-2-the-board-game/posts/2241162
  3. MaverickHunterLuneth

    Update 171

    Yeah, they really just keep turning this into an even bigger mess than it already was. I'm fine with waiting too, but I hate that they get everyone's hopes up by giving out all these blatantly false estimated release dates for their stuff, they should learn to take into account all that goes wrong for them when making these estimates. A simple rule I've made for myself is to just add 3 months to their date, Sep 2018 for RE2? Bet on it coming Dec 2018. Oh whats that? A delay for RE2 pushing it back to Nov 2018? In reality its actually going to be Feb 2019.
  4. MaverickHunterLuneth

    shipping date fixed/setted for wave 2

    Yeah I think so, from what I remember, Wave 3 has all the cool game changing stuff, while Wave 2 has everything else.
  5. MaverickHunterLuneth

    shipping date fixed/setted for wave 2

    I'm pretty sure their estimate for wave 2 is still July 2018.
  6. MaverickHunterLuneth

    House rules ideas

    I finally got to do a real run with these rules with a friend last night, it went pretty well the only thing was that I had to come up with a few new rules on the spot to help us out in the beginning, because we chose to do the First Journey campaign, and boy is that a nightmare that I would only ever consider doing again on NG+, 3 encounters and then 2 gargoyles is extremely cruel, even with the new rules we only made it through that first boss fight because of some really lucky (*cough*cheated*cough*) rolls, but it was pretty much smooth sailing after that point, we died once to Titanite Demon and just beat him with the same equipment after making a straight run back to him, and then we manually reset everything once before facing S&O so we could recover or resources, then we made a straight dash to the fog gate and we beat them first try. So the rules worked out well, I'd just now recommend not doing the First Journey first, I even came up with some special rules for that specific campaign to make it more bearable. New Rules -<Starting Gift>- At the start of your first campaign or regular playthrough, each player may choose one of three starting gifts. Ember (start with an ember token on your character) Soul of a Nameless Soldier (start with 3 souls in the inventory) Class Equipment (start with a random 1 of the 5 regular class cards for your class in the inventory) -<First Journey Gargoyles>- To tone down the absurd difficulty of the Gargoyles in the First Journey campaign, I've come up with these rules. There are also some general rules for the fight because the rulebook doesn't say much other than telling you you have to fight two. The second Gargoyle spawns on the miniboss node, and has the current behavior deck reshuffled. (heat up card is included as well) The second Gargoyle starts at the heat up value, instead of full health. (this more closely resembles the game since the second Gargoyle in game has 48% of the health the first one has) Each player regains all of their stamina once one gargoyle is defeated, player health is left as is. When facing more than one boss in an encounter, each boss in the encounter will give souls, so for example, the Gargoyles would give a total of 7 souls per player. (this is a general rule for multiple bosses in a single fight)
  7. MaverickHunterLuneth

    House rules ideas

    I'll be honest, I haven't had the chance to do any real playtesting with it yet, haven't been able to get my friends together for it. But I have done a couple simulated runs where I just tested 4 players against a boss, and it seems to work pretty well. (For the simulated runs, I pulled some encounter cards for the planned boss, calculated the souls gained from them and bought equipment and levels accordingly, then assumed how much of the party's resources were spent in terms of luck tokens, estus, and abilities, and then just went at the boss.) I'd appreciate it if someone playtested it for real and told me how it went. As for the Endurance bar, I don't think it'd be entirely necessary to use, but its there if you feel that you need it, because at NG+6 several boss attacks can deal up to 9 or 10 damage, effectively one-shotting someone on a failed dodge roll, so I needed something to balance that out and make it so that someone like the Assassin can still make a build revolving around dodging, without having to fear getting instantly killed from so many attacks at that level of NG+, otherwise the game would practically require everyone, regardless of class, to wear whatever armor and shield gives them the most defense. You can borrow any ideas you want from me, I don't mind at all.
  8. MaverickHunterLuneth

    Adjusting Encounter Souls

    I decided to put in the effort and adjusted the souls to each enemy in my new house rules that I posted in the house rules topic.
  9. MaverickHunterLuneth

    House rules ideas

    I've come up with some rules to speed up the game somewhat by removing all need for grinding and generally improve upon it, plus I've also updated my old NG+ rules. These rules are recommended for campaign play, but will still probably work well in normal play, but it could make things too easy due to the very high souls gain. Having a calculator is handy, the calculations aren't complex or anything, but it will speed things up for souls gain. The way I've taken out the grind from the game, is by giving you enough souls to always have a chance against a boss on the first try, but also diminishing the souls gain on repeat encounters to greatly discourage grinding. You can use the "Dash Through" rule from the rulebook in normal play as well as campaign play, these rules wouldn't be so good for removing grinding if you still were forced to redo encounters in normal play, right? -<(Souls gain)>- Souls are now based on the enemies in encounters. Boss souls are based on what type of boss they are. When repeating an encounter, the souls are lowered. Round everything down. If an encounter would give 0 souls, gain 1 instead. Enemy name First souls/repeat souls per player Hollow Soldier 0.6/0.2 per player Crossbow Hollow 0.8/0.3 per player Silver Knight Greatbowman 1.0/0.3 per player Large Hollow Soldier 1.2/0.4 per player Silver Knight Swordsman 1.4/0.5 per player Sentinel 3.0/1.0 per player Mini Boss 3.5 per player Main Boss 4.0 per player Mega Boss 4.5 per player Depending on the level of the encounter, reduce or increase the souls gain for having a chest or traps. If an encounter has traps, increase the souls gain by Level 1: 0.2/0.0 per player Level 2: 0.3/0.0 per player Level 3: 0.5/0.1 per player Level 4: 0.7/0.2 per player If an encounter has a chest, reduce the souls gain by Level 1: 0.8/0.3 per player Level 2: 0.9/0.4 per player Level 3: 1.0/0.5 per player Level 4: 1.2/0.6 per player -<(Shop)>- Draw 3 cards from the treasure deck and lay them out next to each other, this is your shop, whenever you buy one of these cards, a new one is drawn to replace it. Equipment will cost different amounts of souls based on how many stats they require and how high those stats are. You can choose to discard the current selection by spending 3 souls, discarded cards cannot be obtained again until the next campaign. If an item doesn't match any of the categories, it is priced at the general price. If an item fits into more than one category, it is priced at the last listed category it matches with, or example a "20+ requirement in two or more stats" legendary item would just be priced under "Transposed or legendary" Buying prices General price - 2 souls 20+ requirement in two or more stats - 3 souls 25+ requirement in any stat - 3 souls 45+ requirement in total - 4 souls 1-20 requirement in all four stats - 3 souls Transposed or legendary - 4 souls Selling prices General price - 1 soul 45+ requirement in total - 2 souls 1-20 requirement in all four stats - 1 soul Transposed or legendary - 2 souls Main or Mega boss item - 2 souls The treasure deck is separated as normal, but some normal treasures will also only come into play after the first boss, these are the rules for whether or not those treasures get limited to the late game deck. This is only for normal treasures, any class treasures that may meet these requirements are still placed in the basic treasure deck, only transposed class treasures go into the late game deck. Weapons If it has 25+ requirement in any stat Armors If it has 21+ requirement in any stat Shields No shields get restricted to the late game deck Spells If it has 20+ requirement in any stat Gems/Shards If it has 20+ requirement in any stat Rings No rings get restricted to the late game deck Two embers go to late game deck. -<(New Game+)>- After you finish a campaign, you can choose to go to New Game+ for your next campaign, if you do, all players must decide to place all but one piece of equipment they currently have equipped in their inventory, and they must lose one level in all but one of their stats, this is to prevent you from stomping early game enemies. The entire inventory gets discarded, except for boss treasures, unless you are fighting that same boss in the next campaign. Current souls held are retained, it is beneficial to save some souls before going into NG+ in order to make it easier to recover from the initial nerf of your stats. Players can choose to change classes if they want, but they will have the same levels as they did in their previous class. Any empty equip slots get re-equipped with the starting equipment for the class. In NG+, enemies will have slightly increased stats and you will obtain slightly more souls from encounters, and then when you go into NG+2, they'll have even higher stats, and so on until it caps at NG+7. To compensate for the fact that enemies will eventually have much greater amounts of health and higher attack, players will be able to keep more and more of their stats and equipment with each NG+, and starting from the first NG+, players can level up a new stat, the endurance bar! (the bar that keeps track of your damage/stamina) The endurance bar can be increased all the way until it reaches the maximum of 20. (You're going to have to get creative to keep track of it though, I kept the little squares you pop out from the endurance bar when I first opened everything up, so I use those) But there is a catch to the endurance bar, each time you increase it, you only get to use that extra square for health or stamina, so you can only get 5 for each also when you lose a level in each stat upon going into a new NG+, you'll lose 1 endurance square too, unless endurance is one of the stats you decide to keep. New Game+ increases Enemy stats increase | Souls gain increase Health |Atk | LV1 | LV2 | LV3 | Mini | Main | Mega | Equipment | Stats NG+ | +1/+2 | +0 | +1 | +2 | +3 | +4 | +5 | +6 | Keep 1 | Keep 1 NG+2| +2/+4 | +1 | +2 | +3 | +4 | +5 | +6 | +7 | Keep 2 | Keep 1 NG+3| +3/+6 | +1 | +3 | +4 | +5 | +6 | +7 | +8 | Keep 2 | Keep 2 NG+4| +4/+8 | +2 | +4 | +5 | +6 | +7 | +8 | +9 | Keep 3 | Keep 2 NG+5| +5/+10 | +2 | +5 | +6 | +7 | +8 | +9 | +10 | Keep 3 | Keep 3 NG+6| +6/+12 | +3 | +6 | +7 | +8 | +9 | +10 | +11 | Keep 4 | Keep 3 NG+7| +7/+14 | +3 | +7 | +8 | +9 | +10 | +11 | +12 | Keep 4 | Keep 4 The first increase on HP is for enemies, the second is for bosses, increase the boss's heat up value by half of the increased HP that they gain. These increases are flat, and don't increase depending on how many players there are. Endurance bar costs 11th square - 2 souls 12th square - 4 souls 13th square - 6 souls 14th square - 8 souls 15th square - 10 souls 16th square - 12 souls 17th square - 14 souls 18th square - 16 souls 19th square - 18 souls 20th square - 20 souls
  10. MaverickHunterLuneth

    Adjusting Encounter Souls

    I have a simple method I use, where I just adjusted the souls slightly for higher level encounters, it works well enough for my group. Level 1 encounters give the usual souls Level 2 encounters give the usual souls +1 regardless of number of players Level 3 encounters give the usual souls +2 regardless of number of players Mini bosses give 3 souls per player instead of the usual 2 Main bosses give 4 souls per player instead of the usual 2 I thought about adjusting the souls to each enemy before, but it'd take more effort than I'm willing to put in to balance that out.
  11. MaverickHunterLuneth

    Parry as an alternative to Dodge or Armour?

    I think it would make more sense to take full damage on a failed parry, since its basically a dodge with greater benefit, but harder to pull off.
  12. MaverickHunterLuneth

    Where are all the updates?

    Welcome to Steamforged, where going silent when problems and questions arise is the name of the game.
  13. MaverickHunterLuneth

    Stretch Goal Trap Cards

    I'm pretty sure those were just the original idea for traps, before they decided to turn them into the tokens we got in the core game.
  14. MaverickHunterLuneth

    New playthrough video... UPDATED RULES

    These changed rules are undeniably better, but IMO they're still not great. I still plan on house ruling in the ability to just run past a zombie if it bites you, because that's exactly how the game works, once you push them off you can just run right past them with no struggle (assuming its only one zombie) the push mechanic here in the board game means you will still have to deal with that single zombie after pushing it off you. I also plan to house rule the results of dice for attacks to be combined, as in, two single hits w/handgun = 1 damage and not 2 push.
  15. MaverickHunterLuneth

    House rules ideas

    I've come up with an idea for New Game + NG+ will increase enemy HP by 1 point(per NG+) and boss HP by 2 points (per NG+), make encounters give 1 more soul (per NG+). Now in order to balance things out and prevent players from steamrolling the game will all the great equipment they obtained, players won't get to keep everything from the previous campaign, they will lose 1 level in all their stats, and players will only get to keep one piece of each of their current equipment, everything else will go back into the deck, including any upgrades on the pieces of equipment each player kept, players also get to keep unspent souls and their embers, aside from that, game setup will be the same, with players getting their starting equipment, and the bonfire sparks being set to an amount dependent on the number of players.