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  1. Parry as an alternative to Dodge or Armour?

    I think it would make more sense to take full damage on a failed parry, since its basically a dodge with greater benefit, but harder to pull off.
  2. Where are all the updates?

    Welcome to Steamforged, where going silent when problems and questions arise is the name of the game.
  3. Stretch Goal Trap Cards

    I'm pretty sure those were just the original idea for traps, before they decided to turn them into the tokens we got in the core game.
  4. New playthrough video... UPDATED RULES

    These changed rules are undeniably better, but IMO they're still not great. I still plan on house ruling in the ability to just run past a zombie if it bites you, because that's exactly how the game works, once you push them off you can just run right past them with no struggle (assuming its only one zombie) the push mechanic here in the board game means you will still have to deal with that single zombie after pushing it off you. I also plan to house rule the results of dice for attacks to be combined, as in, two single hits w/handgun = 1 damage and not 2 push.
  5. House rules ideas

    I've come up with an idea for New Game + NG+ will increase enemy HP by 1 point(per NG+) and boss HP by 2 points (per NG+), make encounters give 1 more soul (per NG+). Now in order to balance things out and prevent players from steamrolling the game will all the great equipment they obtained, players won't get to keep everything from the previous campaign, they will lose 1 level in all their stats, and players will only get to keep one piece of each of their current equipment, everything else will go back into the deck, including any upgrades on the pieces of equipment each player kept, players also get to keep unspent souls and their embers, aside from that, game setup will be the same, with players getting their starting equipment, and the bonfire sparks being set to an amount dependent on the number of players.
  6. Card printing error?

    Another wrong graphic is the Silver Knight Straight Sword, the graphic is actually that of the Lothric Knight Sword.
  7. Solo play - I'm disappointed :-(

    I just did my first solo run earlier, I found it to be incredibly easy compared to playing with 4 people, mainly because of starting with 16 souls, it allows you to buff your two strongest stats to tier 2, and grab 4 treasures, and on top of that you are focusing all upgrades on one person, rather than 2-4, but also I did get pretty lucky, so maybe my opinion of solo will change with a couple more playthroughs, still I think its ridiculous that I didn't even die once. I played Knight, my first and third encounters were pretty brutal, first one took my luck and hero action, third took my estus, I was really saved by the fact that my fourth treasure was an Ember, but anyways the other two encounters on my way to Gargoyle were cakewalks, the one just before Gargoyle was a cakewalk due to my fantastic new weapon. I spent all my souls on treasure, then I got the Effigy Shield and bumped up my Faith once. After a treasure chest I spent another soul on treasure and got the Claymore, I applied my Heavy Gem to it (second draw from the treasure deck) which allowed me to steamroll the rest of the game without much trouble at all. I had an encounter with two Sentinels just before Dancer, and while that was intimidating, I could easily two shot them each with my Heavy Claymore, and then I beat the dancer without much trouble either, just had to use estus.
  8. House rules ideas

    So after a full playthrough with some friends, I've figured out what house rules we're going to stay with from now on. Level 1 encounters give 2 souls per player, level 2 give 2 souls per player +1, level 3 give 2 souls per player +2 Mini boss gives 3 souls per player, main boss gives 4 per player, mega boss gives 5 per player After defeating a boss add 2 sparks to the bonfire instead of restoring the sparks spent
  9. Moonlight greatsword requirements?

    21 Strength 21 Dexterity 31 Intelligence 0 Faith
  10. How are People Liking it so far

    I just got it yesterday, and had a blast playing it with my friends. We made it really far before our first death, killed Gargoyle, and went through all the encounters before Dancer, and decided to spend a spark to grind a bit so I could get the souls to wield something better since I (The Knight) was not dealing much damage at all with my starting Longsword, that and we were also pretty beat from one of the level 3 encounters (Knight was out of Estus, and Warrior was out of Estus and Luck) and all 4 of us had embers that we didn't want to lose, but we did lose them, when we finally died for the first time in a level 3 encounter, and since it was 1AM we decided to take a rest in real life and we'll be getting back to it once my friends wake up. Only real problem we've had with the game is the treasure deck which is extremely painful to sift through and just keep finding all this powerful stuff that no one can use, and more importantly, nothing I could use, since I was the only one lagging behind in damage. After we used a spark on our own, we decided to house rule in selling treasures (5 treasures = 1 soul) and we got back 7 souls... Which still turned up with no reasonable weapon for me to use without having to boost 2-3 stats to tier 2 and 3.
  11. US Shipping Status

    I just got a tracking number on BackerKit! Apparently its supposed to arrive today, I'm so excited!
  12. House rules ideas

    @Replect I know, but for me, weapons and armor aren't the most valuable thing, even in the video games I value souls over all else, because you need souls in order to use any of that new equipment. I'll figure out how much this house rule may or may not break the difficulty once I actually get my hands on the game, I definitely want the difficulty scaled down a little bit though, mainly because my gaming group is a bit... fragile I guess you could say.
  13. House rules ideas

    I plan on house ruling the souls obtained from bosses, the whole 2 souls per remaining spark thing is way too unrewarding for me. Mini boss = 3 souls per player Main boss = 4 souls per player Mega boss = 5 souls per player