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  1. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1epkI52AwNTE9IAsKzWhRy_-3dCBNRDPJ HELLO FOLKS! I create a custom expansion named "PATH OF THE DRAGON" . After defeating the mini boss, add the other two tiles and choose two matches directly from the expansion. After defeating them, you can choose one of the two dragon stones and get the form of one of these ancient and powerful beings. The encounters are really, but really difficult, and you will fight the Dragons Childs , the Dragonids,so only the strongest can walk this way!
  2. Has anyone tried to summon With Beatrice or Eygon of Carim (the two print and play summons) for a boss fight?They work well? what's your thought about them?
  3. Cyrano

    Adding a 5th Player?

    How you made this custom card?I want to do some of these(enemies,boss and equipment)
  4. Many months ago, they published on boardgamegeek forums, two bosses (the twin princes and Mytia). I want to know if there is a program for creating custom data cards and tiles. (Want to make a fan-expansion about lord of the rings)
  5. So we have a extimation...and it was super awful...come on we have to wait the end of summer. I will kill the next British / German / French / Australian backer who will complian about his delay XD
  6. For someone who have more expirience,how many time we have to wait for the beginning of italian/spanish shipping? How long do we still have to wait for the translation of about 300 cards, of which a good part of it is reduced to a single word and sometimes you do not even have to translate (eg claymore)? People talk about fan expansion, strech goal, and we did not make the game totaly translated yet ... I do not want to play it in August ...
  7. The entire process start in the 11 of April ,and isn't done yet!I think that now,Stemforged has passed the most critical phase,and most backers have their game.But we don't have the game even translate yet!And,to rember,after the translation we have to wait for the printing,assembling and after all that,the shipping. When we have to expecte to recive our games?I think that Italian/Spanish/Australian/Asian backers need a compensation...maybe we can recive wave 2 before everyone else
  8. Cyrano

    Let's talk about the 4 heros for now!

    The knight just for the mini!
  9. In German rulebook,the name of classes are traduced?
  11. Cyrano

    Translation update

    In the darkest hour the hope return!Arise,Arise Italian/Spanish backers,and fear not the dark!
  12. "Who wants too much, nothing tightens" litteraly.This is neapolitan!
  13. Well,it's very strange the life of italian/spanish backer.In some ways,you think the wrost thing (we will have our game in wave 2),but other times you imagine the best thing (they are late with traduction because the already start printing and the game will come at the end of MAY Yeeeeeeeeeeeeh,tell me this is true please).Seriously,i fell stupid,i spent a lot of time in this forum or on kisktarter page,but i know i will gain nothing after this searching.May i have to forgot about this game,until i will find it on my door on summer morning.I hope i don't check this forum or kickstarter page for i while...i hope to have the strenght to do this...but more likely you will find my always here.Waiting for Godot! A fine dark souls to everyone!
  14. Hehehehe i take this for a joke,but what is like to not have a translation?Ok,you can have a delay of your game,of course,but your game is ready.There is a box,a miniature,a cars,out here for you.But italian and spanish backer?We don't have a PDF.We have to wait that they end translation,and after that we have to wait for printing,and after for assembling,and finaly for the shipping!In italy we say :"Chi tròppo vo' magnà s'affòca"