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  1. Firefighters Minor Guild

    yes, firefighters would be really cool
  2. A whale as a mascot may be a litle bit too big, but a penguin is a must Bakers would have more sense with farmers, but I guess they will make chefs for the butchers. Entertainers for the alchemist sounds nice, and that give them room to make really nice and original minis. Bankers - I don't know they don't seems to have any relation with any of the guilds (well, ratcatchers and morticians doesn't have much similarity either), maybe with the masons, but I think masons - miners would be better. Whalers and fishermen is kind of the some, don't you think? Maybe they can diferenciate them esthetically somehow but I don't see it. I'm very impacient, I want to know them already.
  3. Foul odor - Casket

    Thanks, that was really helpfull
  4. Foul odor - Casket

    Hi, I started playing with the morticians and I have problems with Casket. At the start I need him in the mid of my team, but if I put him there I need to put the others really far to the sides to not catch the foul odor. And all the time I have to stay thinking about it, he is more a nuisance to me that to the enemy. Ghast seems a lot more helpful. Can you give me tips or something? How do you use Casket? Thanks
  5. Brainpan and Memory

    I don't understand, Why needs to KD him twice? he is only getting up with momentum because he donesn't have activation face, right?