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  1. No mention of obstacles or characters blocking ranged attacks in the official rules whatsoever, so the answer to that question is a definitive "no". Trivia: Composite Bow has a range of 4, so in normal rooms you can hit everyone, the only exception where range for that bow actually matters would be the main boss room.
  2. I'm extremely surprised this question doesn't seem to have been asked yet! Also interesting for the 2nd print of the rulebook... Does the "Titanite Shard" weapon upgrade item improve your hitchance or does the extra +1 damage only resolve after you get more dice-pips than the block/resist value of an enemy? ------------------------------------ Specific example why it matters: I play an Assassin and found the "Composite Bow" and the "Titanite Shard". The composite bow has two attack options and one upgrade slot: [0] 2black -1 (Ø) [3] 3black -1 (Ø) A great weapon to easily pick off 1-health/1-resist trash mobs at a distance, but the composite bow has fairly shitty odds of dealing damage to anything with two, three or more block value. Since weapon upgrades are final it's important to know if the +1 damage directly negates the "-1" on the card, or if the +1 damage only counts AFTER you actually hit an enemy. My reading of the rules suggests that it basically does increase your hitchance, judging by the following passage: Some equipment cards have dice modifiers that add a fixed value to the die roll or subtract a fixed value from the die roll. For example: The 3 Stamina attack on the Estoc is shown above. This attack would use three black dice and subtract 1 from the total rolled. If a player rolls a 2, a 1, and a blank on the dice, the final result is 2 damage (3 on the dice roll – 1 for the modifer).
  3. Got the game delivered this Monday (German, English version) and almost everything is great. No bendy weapons, no damaged corners. The package was too large but at least the game was sandwiched in there pretty tight from the top and the bottom. Only two or three of the small item cards had some larger visible scratches (maybe from production?), which I discovered while sleeving. Other than that many of the cards are not printed in a perfectly centered way, especially my encounter cards. Nothing too serious though, you only notice if you pay too much attention. Smough's bottom piece of the hammer-head was glued a bit sloppily in my case, but the handle is almost perfectly straight. Overall I'd give it 8/10 for quality, very solid stuff. Positively surprised how heavy some of the figures are, you could probably kill someone with the upcoming mega-bosses. PS: Any tips on how to soften or remove the glue to re-glue the bottom hammer piece better?
  4. Can anyone explain where exactly we will find a tracking number on backerkit, once a tracking number is available? I don't even know where to look for it and I need to know when the package arrives to make sure someone's at home.
  5. Just for your information: I backed the project with 1£ because it was obvious the game mechanics were not well developed yet and then I backed at the last minute and went all-in after it looked good enough with all expansions (Definitely not thanks to SFG, only thanks to two game podcasts - I think that was in January when they extended the time for backer kit adjustments). PS: Sorry for the fat formatting, I can't get rid of it after copy/pasting the fat pound-sign for some reason. Germany, English version, partially shipped, no tracking (where would one even find that?)
  6. My fiancé ordered a Triwa watch for me online yesterday. It arrived today. This pleasant experience ironically made me lose my tranquility about this whole DS affair again and I'm once again extremely pissed about this whole sh*tty and intransparent fulfillment process. What the f*ck is going on?!
  7. It's almost hilarious, the English versions have been manufactured and sitting in a warehouse at Ludo Packt, perfectly ready, since weeks before the official release date, which was the 21st of April. And even now someone somewhere, either at SFG, Backerkit, or Ludo Packt perpetually continues to disappoint by not figuring out how to import an address from backerkit, print that mofo address on a label, throw in a bill and shove the box on a delivery truck for almost a month at this point. Really tired and burned out by this sh*t. My anticipation for DS TBG has been violently teased and built up for up for more than a month now (imagine that, a twelth of a year!) and some time during the middle of last week my hope and expectations just kind of gave up and died in the trenches. I don't even give a flying fig anymore when it arrives, so it seems I myself arrived somewhere in between the Crestfallen Warrior and full-blown hollow stage. So now even the other shipping hubs in various EU countries have apparently received their English versions at this point and probably start shipping them next week. Yet somehow the goddamn fulfillment center LITERALLY built right next door from where all of those English games were manufactured in the first place apparently still can't manage to get those boxes out the door for almost a month, please SFG help us understand what madness is going on here?
  8. Surprise! Another day, another "answered". Any of my fellow Germans with an English version got anything other than "answered" yet?
  9. Seriously losing the last bit of patience and sanity. I've never been so increasingly pissed and mad about daily staring at a word as this one: FFS Ludo Packt what the hell are you doing? It's May 8th, how is possible that official release day was 21st of April and my English version is still collecting dust in your damn warehouse. I don't even... by the time you (may god help us!) finally manage to print a label and shove the box on a delivery truck some time this week you'll already be at least three whole weeks late with the delivery by the time it arrives at my door. And it's not even like Ludo Fact finished production on the 21st, those DS boxes have been lying around for ages by now, seriously wtf.
  10. Red Dragon

    Rulebook review

    As a German backer with an English copy I can feel and empathize with your phantom pain of the missing copy intensely... Still backing the English "original" version was the obvious choice if you do speak English. Naturally, a small-ish boardgame dev team will have to outsource the translation part and truth be told you never know what kind of translator you get on the job, unless you can check his references... problem is you can't if you don't speak the language well and most companies don't have the insight to maybe ask around with multilingual friends to vet the quality of translation references (I mean after all you do pay the translator so you expect it to be decent... riiight?). I work in sales for software and I have to deal with similar shit on multilanguage webshop translations. Feel really sorry for Spanish & Italian backers, at least I hope you get a really decent translation job in the end, even the German translation is fubar and in at least one instance translates a rule flat-out completely wrong. Hope they will triple-check the quality to make up for your troubles.
  11. You have to consider that the likelihood of commenting if something went wrong with your shipment is vastly higher than if everything is just fine. Also, a drop of glue to fix a figure back to its detached base sure as hell is not a "broken game". And if you count those out of the equation, there sure seem to be much fewer actually damaged shipments. Bent weapons are not to considered to be "damage" either, hot water fixes that issue in a jiffy. Still, this is not to say that I like how the box is packaged based on the recent pictures - but damage numbers are surely not as prevalent as you might think based on the people who actually comment on KS. Based on SFG's own Kickstarter updates to me the whole affair sounds like they initially had a bigger box with too much wiggle-room (BAD!), but then instead of just bubble-wrapping the package to make it fit in the initial box, they managed to order smaller boxes which fit "perfectly", but this is ultimately a horrible idea as well, because now the packages are basically at the mercy of "the throwers" ...by which I mean the delivery personnel.
  12. Well, my fear is that the few Germans who actually finally got their versions by now were those few "test packages" in order for SFG to get an estimate of the condition in which the content of the packages arrives in. Worst case they are not happy with the quota of damage and we have to wait yet again until all those damn packages are somehow replaced with packages actually good enough to protect the game. Very annoying, first savings on the translations and then on the packaging.
  13. Red Dragon

    In Depth Review (youtube)

    47 minutes, holy Smough. Have to agree though, reviewing without almost any footage of the game components is sort of a major flaw, then again it does make for a good podcast. Oh well, gotta iron this pile of business shirts some day I guess...
  14. German backer with English version here. I checked daily for the last two weeks and my backerkit status has never switched from "answered" to anything else. Also, I can still change my address. I don't think any of this is an indicator to worry about, but it really got on my nerves that the updates sounded like we'd get our shipments about two or three weeks ago. Suddenly there was something wrong with the UK packaging which sounded like it was isolated to the UK. Then a week later another update indicated that we apparently have the exact same issue with all EU packaging. It felt very annoying to get your hopes built up by "promises" of getting it really soon and then get crushed two or even three weeks in a row with some new BS problem. However, considering some few German backers got their package already I'd be somewhat surprised to not have it by the end of this week.