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  1. Iteken

    Deck misunderstandings

    yeah i was a bit disappointed to find the same thing with a knight. *maybe* after 3 bonfires you would have enough dual stamian cards to 1-shot stuff? Huanities i came to the same conclusion too
  2. The manual is frustratingly vague. The only way to put cards back into your deck is to visit the bonfire? SO burning through 2/3 of your cards to clear one area is going to give you a bad time?
  3. Iteken

    Dark Souls Card Game

    No idea how, but my copy turned up on Friday (London, UK) so they are leaving their depot. i am deeply confused about the whole thing, and don't think Knight works for solo play but it was a pleasant surprise on arriving home.
  4. Iteken

    Treasure Deck Balancing

    I've been playtesting this 10card shop a bit in a 4-player game and the simplest version described at the top of this thread works absolutely fine. start with 10. when they get bought, draw a new one. when you get chests, add them to the 'shop deck' and get on with it. The thing with pre-stacking with weapons is they are incredibly powerful and provide a much higher boost than armour does which upgrades incrementally. Loading a shop with all the tasty weapons early on will diminish the difficulty curve of the game, essentially allowing parties to 1-shot their way through most tiers of encounter which will lead to a different form of stagnation where the game just becomes easy and then gets shelved.
  5. Iteken

    House rules ideas

    Ran last night with the lootstore idea and it all went pretty smoothly. Having a larger base of cards availible that we could spread out and investigate every time we re-bonfired was excellent without being too broken. It only consisted of Tier0 cards + Class cards too which helped.
  6. I've just knocked up a bunch of envelopes to print, cut and stick for: 4 starter classes loot cards inc starter loot Encounter Deck Creature Card Deck Loot Deck (split into 2) 4 mini boss behaviour cards + loot cards Smough/Ornstein & Dancer behaviour deck + loot cards. Just print them onto anything - I did mine with normal A4 printer paper though thin card should work well, cut out , stick together and voilla, an easy way to keep your cards organised. .AI version: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkCtiZBdMRN9yirOAxhqQuSwVqgI PDF version: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AkCtiZBdMRN9yjJvwFMEdjF9cvdc the artwork is pretty terrible soz - i'm a better engineer than graphic designer. if you take them and make them better - please re-post.