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  1. Soul

    Expansions arrived :D

    I didn't get any sort of tracking number or notification it was coming.
  2. UK backer and my expansions arrived this morning Darkroot Asylum Demon Kalameet Dice pack Everything seems to be intact which is good news The miniatures are fantastic. I knew Kalameet would be big but when you actually hold it it's something else!!!
  3. Was playing tonight and we weren't sure how these attacked. The card states they attack the position directly opposite. Does that mean only the position in the front row opposite and if nothing is there they miss? Or does it mean they attack that position but if nothing is there they follow the normal rules (so then attack highest taunt in front row, and then same for back row if still nothing to hit)?
  4. Or you could just have some patience and wait..... Have you really got nothing else to play in the meantime? Yes things have been delayed but I would not say I've been ripped off. All the wave 2 stuff should be shipping really soon as they said it was arriving in the global hubs.
  5. I'm guessing you must be able to play 4 player with that box or they couldn't state 1-4 players on it? Although if the player board is ok for 1-4 players why does it have 6 slots? Wish there was more info on this game somewhere before I drop the cash...
  6. As per the title really, the description on Backerkit says a set comes with 1 player board etc. Does that mean I'd need to buy multiple sets if I want my family to play with me??? Makes a big difference to the cost.....
  7. I think the rulebook states something like 'Give the aggro token to whoever you want, as it's like denoting who went through the door first" i.e. who get's their attention.
  8. Soul

    How are People Liking it so far

    The video game has you dying a lot. However the board game really limits how many times you will actually die. On a 4 player game 3 deaths and it's game over. Which doesn't feel like the video game so much..... Now this might be a perfectly reasonably trade off to another medium, just *feels* a bit odd. I thought you'd die more often and encounters would reset more often, to match the feel of the video game. However that might have made the board game less fun and take longer to play. We spent 3 hours completing the mini boss last night (though I was the only person that had played it before).
  9. Soul

    How are People Liking it so far

    Well this is something I mentioned in another thread. After every encounter (pretty much) we just returned to the bonfire and spent the souls. We only died once and we only dropped 2 souls since we kept spending everything. And getting the souls back wasn't exactly hard....
  10. Soul

    How are People Liking it so far

    Yes true - I've only played 3-4 players so far where it didn't seem to be a problem. We did have a bunch of things we couldn't use, as they needed Tier 3 stats, but we also had a bunch of things we *could* use, just from 2 rounds through encounters.
  11. You only pay a spark to rest - to flip luck/estus etc over which also resets the encounters. You don't have to pay a spark to go back to the bonfire to spend the souls.
  12. Soul

    How are People Liking it so far

    I'm a bit confused by the grinding argument though. You only reset the encounters if you die, or decide to spend a spark to rest. In a 4 player game you only get 2 sparks up to the miniboss, and assuming you want to keep a spark back in case the miniboss kills you on the first attempt, you're only going to have 2 runs through the encounters before you take him on. After the miniboss you get new encounters. So from my plays so far the opportunities to grind feel actually quite limited?
  13. Soul

    Herald's Talisman

    2 black dice with pierced shield isn't going to get you very far. We did find another shield last night that had blue dice damage attacks on it though.
  14. Fair enough. I guess we were lucky in that we didn't seem to need to ave up often based on the loot we were getting