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  1. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Jackstraw is looking quite grim there. Never realised until your close-up that he looks more like a reanimated corpse than any kind of mechanica Nice work.
  2. What are we missing?

    Oh gawd YES. This is what the fishermen are missing right now.
  3. Double Sentinal

    Oh how they would be a thing if it was possible But the reasoning is the same. They won't stack and so they are not a thing.
  4. Just to clarify: There's nothing that prevents Cinder choosing Tackle result when using hotshot, right?
  5. Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Not the one who wasasked, but I have one cool advice. As stupid or strange it might sound at first, try watching some make-up tutorials for contouring from your streaming service of choice. This gives you some idea about the defining facial features so you can focus on them when painting faces.
  6. sturdy and thuggery

    So we can potentially use the same ruling in other instances also? Meaning simultaneous (as in wrapped) results are not counted against the "first suffered" condition because the active player could decide the order they were resolved? Does this apply to wrapped attacks the same way so that for example gluttonous mass would only ignore one of the wrapped results?
  7. Poised

    Yeah that's what I originally thought and feels like it's the intention. The question came up today and as we skimmed through the rulebook after the game I wasn't really sure anymore The argument of "may make" against "declare" with the timing table in the rulebook is quite convincing.
  8. Poised

    If Sakana gets charged and declares a free counter but is then knocked down or pushed out of melee, is the trait then used for the rest of the turn or can he do a free counter to the second model trying to attack him? Poised says the model can make a counter attack without spending mp but the model in this case is unable to actually make the attack. I understand that mp is spent when declaring the counter but the trait seems to be triggering at the step when the model is making the attack, ie. is able to roll dice.
  9. I tried to search this but didn't find anything similar. Can a model snap to the ball if it is placed within 1" of the ball but does not move? Hearne can teleport to a forest and jackstraw can teleport to a harvest marker. If jackstraw teleports so that it is within 1" of the ball, can he snap the ball and teleport to a next harvest marker and move after that or does he have to move 0,000001" at the first harvest marker?
  10. Ropecon Guild Ball Finland

    First bigger tournament in Finland. 16 players regional cup with 50 min clock. https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/ropecon/
  11. Sakana...why use him?

    Thank you for this. I can see that we are kind of aiming for the same thing from different angles. My usual Corsair list has been Salt, vSiren, Hag, Greyscales and Sakana. No AG because I don't yet own them nor am I going to in any near future, and because the concept doesn't really intrigue me (I know... My choice). But Avarisse brings singled out which is basically the same effect that I achieve with the extra crowd outs and weak point when necessary. Two good goal threats are harder to contain, especially if I'm receiving and am able to pull out a first turn Salt goal. I generally try to aim for a 2-2 and with all the dice from the scrum Corsair and vSiren can usually achieve that quite easily by themselves. That leaves most of my efforts to try to shove Greyscales and Sakana up my opponents throat and the goal pressure is really huge for the psychological effect alone. I do see the point though. When drafting, Sakana is usually the first one to get benched for Jac if I think one more tough hide in the middle will annoy my opponent more.
  12. New Errata?

    The rules forum mentioned a new errata coming regarding the harvest markers but there was no menton of any dates.
  13. Sakana...why use him?

    Would you care to elaborate? Your corsair list maybe? For me sakana has been great with corsair. Applying easy extra dice for the beaters and occasional weak point. He's just coasting the edge of the scrum and waiting for the opportunity to whip out a goal using his great speed and kick stat.
  14. Bestiary of the free cities?

    I've just started painting the heralds and hearne really wears a kind of strange pelt over the furry one. It clearly has feathers but but it's shaped like it has arms over his shoulders and it even has fangs in there. I haven't read all the fluff and I don't know if it has been covered, but it kind of reminded me about the classic owlbear Also both theron and ulfr wear scaly lizard skin or something similar. This got me thinking about the world these characters live in. It's not clearly a fantasy setting, but we have semi-sentient mechapersons and bears on the pitch. Are there any mentions in the fluff about the more unusual animals? Maybe the blacksmiths will have an owlbear as a mascot?
  15. Corsair. . . New player looking for some advice

    Fangtooth in a sock is a solid choice