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  1. supertzar

    Tournament Trays

    The guy is awesome and will make custom inserts if you just ask. I have one with two 50mm slots and they fit on the tray just fine.
  2. supertzar

    Ratcatcher's hopes for s04

    Clean and simple. I like this and it would fit in the S4 mentality of cleaning up the rules. Less names for traits is good. Someone also suggested to make Bonesaw tac6 somewhere. I like this because it would make Bonesaw unique and also let him get his playbook dodges more consistently despite all the crowd outs from being on a 50mm base.
  3. supertzar

    Updraft Duration

    I believe 'once per turn' interacts with this somehow...
  4. supertzar

    Pay the piper and bonus time

    In addition, are defensive stance and counter attack two separate incidents netting two momentum for ratcatchers, or are they both a response to the same trigger and therefore paid at the same time and only netting one momentum for the ratcatchers?
  5. If you bonus time a shot when pay the piper is active, does the ratcatchers player gain one or two momentum? It's a timing issue I think. So basically do you pay the piper once when you declare a shot and once when you declare bonus timing it? OR Do you pay the piper once when you actually use two momentum for a bonus timed shot on goal?
  6. supertzar

    Model distribution needs to change

    No I meant that you'd have all the metal models in blisters so if you play a minor gulid you could just get 2 blisters and have all available models. And if you wanted the metal guilds as a whole you could buy the big box and get everything with a small discount. It would improve the situation to a point where the only problem models would be the minor dual guild players. I'm not really sure how to fix the whole situation but I never REALLY understood the choice to ditch blisters and sell only boxes. I just don't understand the decision why we can't have both.
  7. supertzar

    Model distribution needs to change

    Best of both worlds: Sell single blisters AND have the 6 player boxes at a slight discount. This is a problem that exists only with the old metal guilds. Plastic 6 man boxes are fine. It's the random missing metal models and buying an expensive box to get one model that is creating the problem in the first place.
  8. supertzar

    Veteran Cinder

    I thought Cast was furthest in the apprenticeship.
  9. supertzar

    Who to kick with?

    I sort of feel like Piper goals are a trap. At least for the first turn. It's pretty easy to setup a situation where haunting melody either gets Piper into goal range or feeds the enemy model to Scourge, but if there is any risk to lose Piper in the process I would advice against that. At least for me, Piper seems to be the one model that carries the team. Both Scourge and Miasma do amazing work but Piper turns them to 11 either with reverie or momentous double pushes and pitch manipulation in general. Still, Piper kicking off is a great threat and opens up many options. Just reverie Miasma up the pitch to throw rataclysms or get up, steal the ball and try to dodge to safety. A lot of options and really flexible to when to activate him.
  10. supertzar

    What to do with Hammer?

    I've had a few games with the rats now and I seem to have a problem. How do you control/counter Hammer? He seems to always come from downtown and just delete models at will. If I go in for the goals I get double counter charges applied to the face. If Itry and hang back it just seems like I am playing just the game Hammer wants where he will get all the buffs he wants and then just casually stroll in, take out a model and probably getting a goal in just for laughs. I know Scourge is perfectly capable of deleting Hammer but he's usually quite easily dodged with knock back. I don't like sacrificing Piper with haunting melody just to keep Hammer back for one turn, but it seems to me like it's kind of the only option?
  11. supertzar

    The Navigator's Guild

    I also thought of something like this. Maybe if they all have low mov (maybe 3"/5") but gain a cumulative +2"/+2" for every friendly model within 4" when they start their activation. The first few to activate will be super fast but the rest would gradually slow down during the turn. Not sure about the balance but something along these lines could be fun. Even just for one striker it could be interesting to have a variable mov stat. Maybe start with the 3"/5" and gain +1"/+1" after every friendly activation like Fallow. Could be too strong when receiving though.
  12. supertzar

    Vet Honour?

    Wouldn't they also become friendly harvest markers at that point since the original is removed and honour is the friendly model placing the new ones?
  13. supertzar

    When to vet graves?

    Miasma for me is almost essential doing ranged damage with rataclysm and setupping those snack break take outs. I got three take outs with just rataclysm alone in two activations the other night against masons who happened to be pretty clumped when trying to take out pelage. 4 inf for Miasma every time for the first couple of turns just for that double rataclysm
  14. supertzar

    Another Errata, another Fish nerf

    What this guy said. A&G was better with Corsair that he was with anyone else and Corsair was already above the curve. I'm eagerly waiting for the whalers with vKraken
  15. supertzar

    Sakana...why use him?

    I've played three Shark games ever since Corsair was released but this is the exact Corsair list I've been playing with the only exception being in the flex slots that I switched to blacksmiths before A&G stopped being an option.