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  1. Any ideas about the minor guild

    I've been thinking this by myself for some time too and I've reached a conclusion that it would be the easiest way to balance if the dual-guild players were all apprentices. This wouldn't screw up the team composition of having half and half since the minor guild players could just have the [apprentice] keyword and the minor guild itself wouldn't have to care about these things. Even the low influence would be easy to balance because the captain could just have higher inf stats. *Edit And you wouldn't even have to consider the legendaries.
  2. Farris rules question

    Oh. I proudly stand corrected...
  3. Christian Metz wins Belgium Champs with BS.

    Could someone care to elaborate the curious case of Farris?
  4. Homellands Cup

  5. Non-Ferrite Blacksmith captain

    That's excactly my plan also. With plenty of burning going around and tooled up you have two reliable beaters in Cast and Iron.
  6. Non-Ferrite Blacksmith captain

    I sort of feel the same about Ferrite and Blacksmiths altogether. When the opponents tac is 7 and above (butchers, vRage) our armor and debuffs seem to be more meaningless. I've been toying with captain Burnish in some of these scenarios. As a captain he can do 12dmg to several enemies with tooled up, softening them up for Cast, Iron or even Alloy. If damage isn't needed it is at least unglidable rough ground limiting the opponents movement.
  7. Bolt + Good Marker

    Thought so. Aw these fiddly foreign words... But a free 12" I'm Open is awesome
  8. I'm a bit confused with the wordings regarding advances. Is standard advance a different thing than just an advance? I understand that every jog is considered an advance but am I correct assuming that being an additional advance makes it different than the one a model can make anyway, ie. the standard advance? In short and easier question: Does using the free additional jog from Stamina prevent Bolt from using the Good Marker completely?
  9. Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    That Memory is the stuff of nightmares.
  10. Blacksmiths Colors?

    None of the colours! Some still kinda wip
  11. Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    Great job with Ploughman! I've been slowly doing something similar and was thinking about what to do with him. Will steal the awesome axe conversion.
  12. Blacksmith basics

    This is great advice. I feel that the apprentices are made for great stuff but your setup should be one activation max. As a rule of thumb I have found it useful to think a blacksmiths team to actually be just three really slow superplayers rather than the usual six. The apprentices want setup and masters provide. Wherever you can break this mold with something unexpected great things will happen.
  13. Anvil and Sledge...a disappointment? Any Tips?

    This has been my feeling too. I have kind of missed them every time they have not been on the field but not because I couldn't do anything they do with other players. In my first game with blacksmiths and first activation with sledge, he just smacked friday off the field with two hits. It was so glorious and somewhat unexpected that we both laughed quite a while. But that's really it. I think sledge needs anvil and anvil is a bit meh. Sledge is also easy to play out and the inf is wasted. All he really does is create a 9" bubble of "I dare you" and then anvil stands there just for tutelage. Piledriver is cool and can be really good but I feel I can use the inf more efficiently in other places. *edit Don't get me wrong, the "I dare you" bubble is sometimes really good too but that's not the point
  14. What makes a captain?

    If we expand the influence debate a bit further: Would people take vOx as a captain if we only changed the inf stat to match the original? Would he need a legendary too?