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  1. Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    That Memory is the stuff of nightmares.
  2. Blacksmiths Colors?

    None of the colours! Some still kinda wip
  3. Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    Great job with Ploughman! I've been slowly doing something similar and was thinking about what to do with him. Will steal the awesome axe conversion.
  4. Blacksmith basics

    This is great advice. I feel that the apprentices are made for great stuff but your setup should be one activation max. As a rule of thumb I have found it useful to think a blacksmiths team to actually be just three really slow superplayers rather than the usual six. The apprentices want setup and masters provide. Wherever you can break this mold with something unexpected great things will happen.
  5. Anvil and Sledge...a disappointment? Any Tips?

    This has been my feeling too. I have kind of missed them every time they have not been on the field but not because I couldn't do anything they do with other players. In my first game with blacksmiths and first activation with sledge, he just smacked friday off the field with two hits. It was so glorious and somewhat unexpected that we both laughed quite a while. But that's really it. I think sledge needs anvil and anvil is a bit meh. Sledge is also easy to play out and the inf is wasted. All he really does is create a 9" bubble of "I dare you" and then anvil stands there just for tutelage. Piledriver is cool and can be really good but I feel I can use the inf more efficiently in other places. *edit Don't get me wrong, the "I dare you" bubble is sometimes really good too but that's not the point
  6. What makes a captain?

    If we expand the influence debate a bit further: Would people take vOx as a captain if we only changed the inf stat to match the original? Would he need a legendary too?
  7. Fisherisse

    Thanks guys. I finally took some pictures of the finished model: Can't really see it in the pic but the fish is also covered in gloss varnish for extra slimyness. The magnet is still there, I just didn't use the strange box-thing that came with it. I guess I could still use some extra time with Greedes eyes.
  8. Last game of the tournament and I tried something totally different. A fully footballing Corsair list against Masons. Corsair, Tentacles, Greyscales, Sakana, oSiren, Angel. Corsair was fully committed to just drag people in and keep them out of the game while the rest got most of the inf and put full pressure on the ball. Doing the job well having 2/3 of the team KD'd around him. First time playing a team like this and it showed on the clock. Again. The score was 6-4 at the start of the last turn that started with a goal from Angel. 7-8. The goal kick went straight to Mallet who scored easily. 11-8 and I was already ready to shake hands when I realised that with a good scatter from my goal kick I could get the ball to Sakana. With a minute activation it was quite a scramble but the scatter was perfect and Sakana got the ball. Three inf on Sakana who moved around Brick who was engaging him to get in goal range. This move triggered Wreckers follow up and Sakana had to take a 2inf goal kick with one dice to close the game. The dice stopped rolling the second my minute activation is over and shows a 6. End result was the closest 12-11 I ever had.
  9. Lost first two games of the tournament so I sort of started experimenting. I wanted to see what happens if I try to force the scrum a bit more forward. Totally overcommitted Corsair in the first turn and just couldn't get the scrum rolling properly. Maybe Blacksmiths weren't the best team to experiment anyway. Also A&G don't really work so well without support. They seem to hold their own well enough in 1-on-1 (or 2) but really need help in the scrum. Tough hide helps though. I had a few really good places for a goal but ended up losing 12-10 on the clock. It is just too much work trying to chew through the blacksmiths armor with our tac.
  10. Beaten by the meat

    Another game from the tournament. The opponent played Ox butchers and I knew that if I can survive the legendary turn I can win the scrum. Got to a really strong start and easy goal with Sakana. Weathered an early legendary turn really well but then got too excoted and made some bad choices. After I forgot unpredictable movement and sent a fully charged Avarisse after Brisket I realised that I had broken my perfect Corsair scrum myself. The last couple of turns kinda dragged on (ehheh) and I just couldn't turn it around anymore. End result 12-4 for the Butchers.
  11. Felt really strong in this match. Really controlled the firat few turns without breaking a sweat. Highlight of the game for me was Corsair taking down both Rage and I think Gutter or Minx in one activation. Then really just one failed goal run with Corsair himself and the whole game started to fall apart. It still was a really great game and a really close one that I eventually lost on the clock. End End result 12-8 for the Union.
  12. Fisherisse

    Nothing fancy here. Just wanted to share my WIP for Corsairs best friend
  13. How did you choose your Guild?

    Yeah The more I played Corsair the more I began to appreciate the flexibility of the 2-2 game he brings. The ballgame is still what keeps me playing the game though! I have slowly been painting the engineers lately and those kick stats are a thing I guess. Really interesting team but I have a feeling that they will stay on the bench for a while because of the blacksmiths
  14. How did you choose your Guild?

    Actually I have played Corsair exclusively since his release (tried Shark once and demoed with him once) but my point still stands With every other model being at least an average or a bit above goalscorer I can concentrate on Corsair and A&G giving the beating and the rest just do their fish things.
  15. How did you choose your Guild?

    Heard of this new cool game called guild ball and checked the art. The fishermen caught my eye and I just loved the aesthetics and the figures. Then played one demo game and realised that finally I can actually play a miniature game without trying to kill the opposition. Have loved it ever since and even as the guild collection grows I'm still loving fish.