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  1. So Steamforged released the expected months of release for the mega bosses. Do we know when the other expansions are coming out? such as the other playable characters or the invaders or spirits. I would love to know when I can get these expansions on my hands and didn't know if they had told us when those expansions were coming out.
  2. Just wondering what the rewards cards were for killing the Titanite Demon? The two I have arethe Titanite Catch Pole and Titanite. Should there be a third?
  3. Herald's Talisman

    I think his point was if he had say a Pierce shield on his left hand, and the talisman in the right hand. He could attack, then use the 3 stamina move to heal six stamina. So in a sense, you would never run out of stamina. I may be wrong, but that's what I got out of it.
  4. Dream Sort of 'Mod' for This Game

    me if that happened
  5. Request for models

    Hey guys, does anybody have an area where we can see all of the renders of the mega bosses, character models, and invaders models? I'm trying to find out what Vordt looks like as a miniature because he is honestly the most exciting mega boss that we haven't been shown yet. Anybody have links for those or maybe somebody working on making the renders able to share some secrets? I remember seeing a Kirk render but I can't find it now :/
  6. Piercing Shield

    I don't think it gives an exact example, but I think we are both in agreeance (Diamond Souls and I) that you can equip one SINGLE-handed weapons into both the left and right slot. So to clarify, the Pierce shield is a one handed shield(weapon) so it can be placed into your left hand, the Dragonslayer's Axe is also a one handed weapon so you can place it in your right hand. Say you had two shields, both single handed. You can equip both at the same time. Say you had two weapons, both single handed. You can equip both.
  7. Piercing Shield

    You can't dual wield two single handed weapons? I'm almost positive that you can... but then again I might be reading it wrong as well
  8. Piercing Shield

    Ahaha yes! You can dual wield singel-handed weapons and have on single/double handed weapon in your backpack. Certain shields also allow you to equip them even when you have a double-handed weapon such as the effigy shield! Hope that helps
  9. Piercing Shield

    Each attack phase you can use both weapons in your hand. So say you had the pierce shield and a short sword, you would first roll for the short sword, then roll for the pierce shield.
  10. Retail backers

    Pictures as in the stuff that is coming out in Wave 2? Because those have not come out yet
  11. Retail backers

    Have any retailers that backed the KS received their copies yet, US or outside doesn't matter too much. Or have any stores near you received the games that didn't back it that are just getting general release copies?
  12. Yeah apparently I can't read either, my bad lol
  13. Oh no, I completely agree with you that it is not coincidence. It is 100% error on the shipping centers, the packaging centers, and/or the quality control center. I was in no way disagreeing with you, and looking back on my post seemingly made it looke like I was and wish to tell you that was not my intention. I can see that it is a large problem, one that is honestly bigger than it really should be. I hope as more copies of the game comes out the number of problems dwindles and becomes smalelr in comparison. I do hope and I do anticipate that SFG will replace any damaged parts and I think they will make it up to those who have been given broken games. Missing dice is terrible, wrong sets of figures is terrible as well, missing limbs or figures is also awful, those are things I blame steamforged for and will ask them to focus on. Models off of bases or arms or limbs that can be glued back on is disappointing but im willing to fix them and not complain too much. But things like box damage and weird shipping damages is a tough one, because do you blame SFG or the shipping company? Anyways, to wrap it up I just wanted to apologize agaon for sounding more rude than I intended.
  14. I would say that only the ones who are disappointed are voicing their opinions. This is good thing so their games get fixed, but I doubt that more people recieve broken games that are unfixable, than those who recieve ready to play good condition games.
  15. US Shipping Status

    Oh shit same! And yeah no worries, I won't come and invade you