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  1. Diamond Souls

    Ornstein and Smough heat up

    Oh my gosh, so I won back then, I set my Smough to 45 and lose at 15
  2. I would like to imitate is the base painted with sponge or sand paper or some other tools to give that a rough texture? Btw could you give some advice on the color of paint for the dancer? I am actually going to US next month, so I would like to visit certain paint stores by myself and buy those I need. Your help would be much appreciated.?? thx anyway The best painting skills I have seen so far. The shiny blue washes on the dancer's cloak seems lively.
  3. Wish my gpa go as high as I would be when this dude slashes me into the sky https://ibb.co/miKEy5 https://ibb.co/n0hZy5 https://ibb.co/hLrPWQ https://ibb.co/ncZNJ5 P.s. I adapt its actual appearance in ds 3.
  4. Diamond Souls

    Herald's Talisman

    Yea but it's an infinite stamina for nothing against stronger enemies if u only have two black dice per attack
  5. Diamond Souls

    Let's talk about the 4 heros for now!

    In the current state, ranger/ spellcasters can die easily when solo.
  6. Diamond Souls

    Temporary Sorcerer for 5th Man

    1. You notice that the soul gain from boss multiply with your number of spark right? 2. Perseverance is in the video game, man. Either, I was not criticizing the name of the ability you bring up with but its mechanic sounds weird. You do spell buffs and using spells to buff others, but never enchant your own ATK on others, that's what I think you should pay attention to, a game of dark souls after all. 1. Presuming the character is a "Sorcerer", both dex and str should be lower, yet dex is always higher than str. Consider giving him tier 3 stats like this: str 27 dex 32 Int 40 faith 31
  7. Diamond Souls

    Temporary Sorcerer for 5th Man

    Oh I didn't mean to ?. My English repertoire may not be sufficient for me to avoid that but I am sure I don't have that intention:). Just tying to be critical, not mean.
  8. Diamond Souls

    Temporary Sorcerer for 5th Man

    No, srsly, how is infusing your "attack" onto others makes sense in the dark souls universe? And the problem of tracking that hero-powered-state if it is not used right away is also true, and would basically mess things up without a proper index. I appreciate and love people creativity but it has to be at least in a traceable way I supposed.
  9. Diamond Souls

    Solo play - I'm disappointed :-(

    Still the game is okay in general, however, houseruling can solve the two major problems´╝Ü 1. Rewarding system - Gaining souls - spending souls 2. Strategy implementation - Gear-reliance - Terrain and enemy behavior - Dodge?
  10. Diamond Souls

    Temporary Sorcerer for 5th Man

    TBH I will rate this as bad houseruling unless you make changes on these things: 1. 5-character game would make the map a little bit densed. Besides, you will have to think through how much spark your team has with 5 people. 2. The hero power is strangely designed, how is that even "dark souls"? The unused text is like redundant and is hard to trace without another token to mark that particular stat which means inefficiency. 3. Stats in tier 3 sounds all-rounded unlike other core characters who have have their shorthands.
  11. Diamond Souls

    How are People Liking it so far

    Yea houserule is a must
  12. Diamond Souls

    How Do You Organise Loot?

    Yea you get the idea, that's to me is the simplest way to better this game for now.
  13. Diamond Souls

    How Do You Organise Loot?

    Ember in the game works like a modifier of health, so it should be count as the armor category if it is really needed. Anyway, I think seperating the decks into different loot pools sounds pretty nice, however would add unnecessary messyness on the table. Because the current problem with the deck is that, possibly not a real problem, just our bias that the game takes way too long for grinding the "proper" gears. Even the deck is now separated into 2/3 loot pools, the possibility of drawing something unfavorable is more or less the same while you have to memorize the deck placemenst for different loot deck. To a greater extent, I always refuse the idea of splitting deck into smaller ones. The trade-in rule in campaign mode is pretty good but would ruin the fun of drawing RNG in such short normal playthrough of a single boss. So, I think the best way to qualify your draws in normal mode is that you will have to pick one out of the top three cards of the deck. The unchosens will go into the bottom of the deck. Each time you die/ beat a boss, shuffle it.
  14. Diamond Souls

    Let's talk about the 4 heros for now!

    Speaking of that, the knight miniature of my copy holds a curly fingernail-like sword in stance.?? lmao
  15. Diamond Souls

    Solo play - I'm disappointed :-(

    It's actually logical to think that certain objects like barrel and grave stone can block enemy vision or attack trajectory so to utilize the turrain to a greater extent, to cover both tactics against melee or ranged enemies.