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  1. the rulebook translation was announced and uploaded 10 days ago
  2. Bonko

    Card printing error?

    It was mentioned in update 103 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/steamforged/dark-soulstm-the-board-game/posts/1851409
  3. Bonko

    Germany starting to Deliver

    the statement is that the packages will be out of their storage until the end of the week, not that they will arrive at the customers
  4. You just have to look into one of the other shipping topics: the status changes when delivery process is started
  5. Bonko

    Tracking information?

    The last statement from steamforged regarding this was that all packages are sent at the same time
  6. Nice review, can't wait to get my copy :-) As I stumbled upon this before while reading the rulebook: In 4:27 he said that you are able to put 3 weapons into your backpack/backup slot. As far as I understand the rule, you can hold 3 weapons at the same time at all. So, if you have a 2 handed weapon equipped, you can put two 1 handed weapons into your backpack and vice versa. (Or equip two 1 handed weapons and put one shield into your backup slot) So.. who is correct here?