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  1. For a first topic in the Resident Evil 2 board game Forum, I thought it would be good to hear what kind of ideas or wish lists everyone has for the campaign. There's about 2 weeks left of the kickstarter, so there's a lot of opportunity to unlock more goals or add-ons. We're close to reaching the social goal, if we can reach 6500 backers. I still think it's possible, with enough backers sharing and spreading the word about it. The quality of Steamforged Games' board games has been quite impressive. I backed and received the Dark Souls board game core game and was impressed with the miniatures and gameplay. What about Resident Evil 2 the Board game are you most looking forward to? What do you wish to see as a stretch goal?
  2. So now that the mega boss expansions are coming out, I'm looking forward to getting to use the Dancer's treasure, and Ornstein and Smough's treasure. My question though is this: After beating O&S, do I get both of their treasures, or just the treasure for the one I killed last (like in the video game)? I'm hoping both their treasure is available to the party, for use to go after the mega bosses. Has there been any clarification on this? In addition, it takes me solo about 2.5 hours to beat the game (from fighting the mini boss to beating main boss). Hopefully the mega boss expansions will have some rules added to skip the beginning part of the game and beef your character up so you can get a game started right at the beginning of the mega boss encounters. Otherwise, it will take me 4 hours to play this, just solo. With every added person playing the game, it's been average of adding 25 minutes to the game's play time. This is by far the longest board game I own now. What are other's experiences with the time of playing this through?
  3. YrNotYrKhakis

    Card printing error?

    I think the Knight should not have the starting gear of a Kite Shield. This seems to be an error thematically in developing the gear for the game. If SFG wants to correct this, that would just make sense. The Knight is holding a Knight Shield in his model, and the Herald is holding the Kite Shield. It doesn't make sense they both start with the Kite Shield. It seems like this could be a misprint, and we're all missing a Knight Shield in the core game instead of the Knight's starting Kite. Anyone else notice this and find it strange?
  4. The kickstarter campaign also mentions the mega bosses will have unique treasure too. Those treasure will see even less play time. You'd have to have some epic custom campaign to take advantage of those.
  5. Tonight I finished up my first Dark Souls 1 board game campaign. The gargoyles were tricky, for sure. I didn't "reset" anything after beating the first gargoyle. I didn't move my character back to the entry nodes, or clear stamina or health. I wanted it to play out like the video game does, where you have that moment of, "Oh crap!, there's another one now!" Titanite Demon took me 2 tries. However, it took me like 6 or 7 attempts at beating Ornstein and Smough. I used the Dragon Tooth plus Blessed Gem and Effigy Shield. My only question is, is the whole thing one campaign all the way through with the same character? Or are there 2 campaigns that you start over from the beginning? Dark Souls 1 vs Dark Souls 3 campaign rules in the rulebook. I'm assuming I'm supposed to reset and start over from base level and everything when pursuing the next campaign. It's too bad though, since the treasure earned from beating Ornstein and Smough is so awesome.
  6. YrNotYrKhakis

    Unique Custom Bosses (Batman)

    Hi guys, I had this idea seeing a small Batman figurine toy my 3 year old has. He sits on a plastic base and is roughly the size of the other minis in Dark Souls the Board Game. I though it would be fun to create an AI card, and moveset for him and fight him in the game using the Dark Souls fighting gameplay. I tried it out and it's pretty fun. If someone wants to help me with this endeavor I think it would be great to have the actual cards photoshopped to have his information and moves on them if you know how to do that. I figured I'd share with the community what I created and see what feedback you have- and in addition maybe inspire others to create custom bosses that would be fun to fight. Batman's AI card info: Taunt level 10, 30 HP, Main Boss, 5 cards in his deck, 3 Phys defense, 1 Magic defense, 14 HP Heat up, 2 medium encounters and 2 hard encounters to reach him, and his special ability is: Lights Out: After heat up, running costs HP instead of Stamina AI Moveset list: 1. 1. BatarangsDodge difficulty 1, Range 2, Move 0 to face nearest enemyHit 3 physical damage Front, Left, and Right arcs. Weak behind. Back up 12. Grapple AttackDodge difficulty 2, Range 0, Leap to Aggro player, Hit Aggro for 4 Physical damage causing push. Weak arc behind3. Explosive GelPlace trap on node, Move 1 forward pushing heroes. Weak arc in front Repeat total of 3 times. 4. Shock Gloves Dodge difficulty 1, Range 1, Move 1 towards nearest player, Do 5 magic damage to nearest player, pushing them if hit 5. Dart Gun Dodge difficulty 1, Range 1, Front and Right Arc attack, Weak left arc. 2 physical damage. Cause Stagger, Back up one 6. Into the Shadows Dodge difficulty 1, Move 3 away from Aggro, Pushing for 3 damage 7. Back Kick Dodge difficulty 2. Attack right and Back Arcs for 6 physical damage. Range 1. Weak on Left Arc, U turn 8. Smoke Pellet Dodge difficulty 1. All arcs are attacked for 3 magic damage, Range 1. Leap to three spaces away from Nearest player.
  7. Was this question ever clarified? If dodging into a boss from an outside node, can the character choose which arc it lands in?
  8. YrNotYrKhakis

    Souls Earned calculations

    Ok, here's the souls calculations for the bosses if you use a Tiered schedule. Assuming a solo, 1 character, run with 5 sparks. Compared to the 48 souls earned above, you can see how they will increasingly give you souls. I also ordered these below in boss order of easiest encounters to hardest. Gargoyle 3 Level1. 1 Level2 (3 x 2) + (1 x 3) = 9 Souls 6 attempts x 9 Souls =54 souls Winged Knight AND Outrider Knight 2 Level1. 2 Level2 (2 x 2) + (2 x 3) = 10 Souls 6 x 10 = 60 Souls Titanite Demon 1 Level1. 3 Level2 (1 x 2) + (3 x 3) = 11 Souls 6 x 11 = 66 Souls Dancer 2 Level2. 2 Level3 (2 x 3) + (2 x 4) = 14 Souls 6 x 14 = 84 Souls Ornstein and Smough 1 Level2. 3 Level3 (1 x 3) + (3 x 4) = 15 Souls 6 x 15 = 90 Souls It's certainly not bad, but with the extra souls earned potentially this way, you could get a little more treasure to work with than the standard game, though not necessarily a shorter game than doing Double Souls and Half Sparks. So in summary, DS/HS method is fastest way to play without cutting difficulty (since souls potential is the same as base game). Tiered souls method is a good way to play if you want it a little easier (and more thematic) approach to the game, with the same amount of time as base game. Thoughts?
  9. I'm doing some calculations and need some assistance. I don't have my game in front of me at the moment, but am trying to figure into account how souls earned affects gameplay. For example, I found out that doing Double Souls / Half Sparks will equal the standard game total souls rewards, but in half the time. Using the a Solo, one character game as an example, here's what I have. Solo standard rules (5 sparks): 16 starter 48 for max mini boss attempts. 0 souls earned for mini boss 48 for max main boss attempts 112 total possible souls Double Souls / Half Sparks (2 sparks): 16 starter 48 for max mini boss attempts 0 souls for mini boss 48 for max main boss attempts 112 total souls possible You must add an attempt in there to the spark count to get the max # of tries, since you still get a try when the spark counter reads "0". This looks like the best way to shorten the length of the game, without decreasing the difficulty. For house ruling souls rewards, as another idea that's been going around, is to tier the soul rewards based on Encounter difficulty. So, Level 1 is 2 souls/per character, Level 2 is 3 souls/per, and Level 3 is 4 souls/per. Seeing as how every boss has a different combination of encounters, I want to do some calculations to see which bosses would be better off or worse off doing the tiered play. Could someone provide what the boss cards read with respect to the encounter #s and difficulties, and I will do the calculations?
  10. When it's my activation, can I do more than 1 of the attack options listed on the weapon card? Some weapons have 0 cost, others cost stamina, so can I do the zero one, and follow up with an attack for X stamina cost of a secondary attack? Or vice-versa? Here's a situation: I think if you look at the Bountiful Sunlight card, that's the one that heals 6 stamina- For 0 stamina you can heal anyone, and for 3 stamina you can heal all others in range. So if you do the range one first (paying the stamina), everyone takes their six cubes off, then can you do the 0 stamina one to remove the ones you just used to pay for it? That seems broken. Also, when dual wielding weapons, can I do one attack on left-hand weapon, then do an attack with the right-hand weapon, followed by ANOTHER attack with the left-hand weapon? No movement between. I ask because this situation came up with the assassin yesterday.
  11. I'm not a painter myself, so I'm going to have to hire someone to paint all the minis in the board game. I will need to provide the painter with reference images of each of the enemies from the video games so they can paint them to look accurate. I prefer them in this case to match the video game, since it's the theme of it, and will be more immersive that way. Anyways, I thought creating a thread where people can post links to enemy images or post them here on the forum would be helpful to others that are in my situation. A one stop shop for all the references for painters out there for hire that are unfamiliar with the video games. Thanks for your help guys!
  12. YrNotYrKhakis

    Conditions question

    If the boss (or any enemy) has poison or bleed, do they block it when it activates? Or, does it automatically do that damage to them without taking into account their resistances? Poison especially is confusing, since it will do 1 damage at the end of their activation. If they get to block it, then poison is pretty useless since everything has 1 damage resist. I've been playing it that when those activate, they can't block it, it's just automatically applied. In other news, I beat the game in one playthrough for the first time. I beat the Outrider Knight (third try), then proceeded without dying to the Dancer of the Boreal Valley and won! Any thoughts to how to use the Dancer's gear, since I beat the basic game? Do we have to just wait until the mega bosses come and use it on the way to that?
  13. Hi guys, sorry if this has already been answered- For enemies that have a movement push (like the Large Hollow Soldier), when he moves onto my character's space, and there's an enemy on the node with me, do we both get pushed? I'm guessing not, but not sure. I know the rules say bosses can't be pushed, except by other bosses. What about the lesser enemies?
  14. Ok, so I was fighting Ornstein and Smough last night and was confused about the health they can get when the other one dies. The cards say they gain health, but if they were already at full health, do they get ABOVE their top starting health? The dials don't have that as an option so I'm hoping it just means they would gain health UP TO their maximum health. Any assistance on this clarification question would be great!
  15. I have a question that came up as I was watching a streamer play this game. He interpreted this rule from page 19: "Once the party has entered an encounter, it cannot leave the encounter until either the party or the encounter is defeated" to mean he could still backtrack to tiles that have encounter cards face up. That would be more like the video game, but I'm not sure if the wording here should have said something like "Once the party has entered an encounter TILE, it cannot leave the encounter TILE...etc". Which way is correct or intended? How much would it break the game if you could run back through previous tiles that were defeated?