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    Season 3 card confusion

    Just got kick off and also got the player season 3 card deck, as I prefer to look at physical things than on a screen, that and I collect stuff ? Anyway - my query is that I know you can easily tell if it's a season 3 card due to only one icy sponge icon now, however on the backs of the cards they still have a I OR II in a circle in the bottom right corner above the base size. i assume that means season, if so should all the cards not have a III to denote they are the season 3 cards? Just seems a bit of an issue not having season 3 anywhere on the cards so you know in a game you are using the correct ones, also if they do a season 4 and the changes aren't obvious like the icy sponge then again how are you gong to be able to tell! or does the I and II not mean seasons on the cards and I'm missing what it does mean?
  2. Must have missed the response confirming it's always base values, sorry and thanks for replying.
  3. I played my first demo game the other day after buying the kick off set. The rules are by and large nice and simple but I can see the interactions and tactics being complex and the real depth of the game, ace stuff. The main query I had was using Family to copy stats from honour to harmony. Mainly when honour has negatives already applied. My example was that I had given smashed shins to honour, making her kick -4/-4. Now when we triggered family, we played it that the stats copied were reduced by -4/-4 so harmony gained the higher tax but ended up having worse kick. we felt this played ok, but also seemed a bit overpowered by being able to use one modifier to affect two players, I know they can choose to not copy the stats. my issue is I cannot find a timing structure of clarification post on if family always just takes the printed card value regardless of modifiers on honour, and then copies across and then any buffs/debugged for harmony then work against her new base stats. or do certain debuts that clearly are aimed at changing the base stats of a model, like smashed shins, do affect the copied value. apologies if this has been answered but I could not find a thread that gave a clear examples of this interaction, which seems like something that would benefit a lot, as I found quite a few puzzled people. so what I'd like to know basically, is does family always just copy the printers on card values. If not under what conditions does that change and an official examples of the different condition types and how they affect this please.