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  1. Cyberfizz

    House rules ideas

    That looks a nice balance of souls you get, its certainly more in line with the game and different levels depending on the enemy you face.
  2. Thats pretty cool, bit expensive though. Cant you make it any cheaper? Do you ship to the uk?
  3. Cyberfizz

    Let's talk about the 4 heros for now!

    Lol. Nah, I like a mixture of up close and personal and to be able to strike from afar. Done me proud completing every souls borne game and add ons so far. Sure it will work for the board game too.
  4. Cyberfizz

    Assassin Starting Armor

    hmmm, and you couldnt have just played along?
  5. Cyberfizz

    Let's talk about the 4 heros for now!

    I cant wait still for my easy mode sorcerer!
  6. Cyberfizz

    Dream Sort of 'Mod' for This Game

    I think they only thing which you could take from it would be the switching weapons. Effectively a two handed weapon could have 4 different moves, i.e. switched or unswitched. I dont see how weapons would work, purely because they are so underpowered and would literally be nothing in DS. Although the idea of having vials to beuild health as an inventory item could be useful.
  7. Cyberfizz

    First game with the kids!

    Rules don't mattter as long as they are having fun! If they weren't able to rest as much and you failed the kids might have been less likely to play again. A little house tile in place for you now and you can get the kids involved so win win
  8. Cyberfizz

    How are People Liking it so far

    Thanks for clarifying @Danny as i thought i was missing all sorts of campaign rules!
  9. Cyberfizz

    How are People Liking it so far

    Am I being silly but it looks like your dragon tooth requires 37 strength and you only have 32? Are you cheating mr?
  10. I sent an email 3 weeks ago regarding my postcode. They finally responded this week saying sorry for late reply but they see I have the parcel delivered so enjoy the game. It looks like they just have a massive backlog on emails, hang in and it will happen.
  11. Cyberfizz


    Does it matter as long as you can distinguish them from the black and red ones. If people are that bothered they can sit there and use top ex to colour them in, or paint them themselves.
  12. Cyberfizz

    Journey into the painted world.

    Well that was lucky! Hope it comes soon then you can do it at weekend, assuming you have time at weekend to paint?
  13. Cyberfizz

    Journey into the painted world.

    LOL!!!! Did you get you mini all shiny before realising?