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  1. If Harriet charges someone, passes the TN required for the attack, selects the non-momentous character play result on her playbook and uses sucker punch. Will momentous inspiration still trigger if she is in range of Ballista?
  2. Guy_fawkes

    Demo in Edmonton

    Hello all, Thunderground Comics and Collectables will be hosting a demo on Sunday April 16th starting at 1pm. We are excited to expand the fan base and is planning on having many more events in the future. Thunderground is located at: 31 Fairview Blvd # 102 Saint Albert, Alberta (780) 459-9548 Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pg/Thunderground-Comics-Collectibles-130217807009777/about/?ref=page_internal
  3. Hello, I'm a new player from Canada. I had my eye on Guild Ball for a while and was hooked after seeing an event at my FLGS. I'm in the military (an engineer by trade) and saw that the Engineer play style was something I could really get behind. I used to play 40K, and left after I couldn't stand the business model of Games workshop. Then I started playing Warmachine, but I'm not a fan of the 50+ point games. Which is why Guild Ball's low model count, dedication to the fans and great rules won me over.