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  1. Hi Again, I have a complain about this poject. The WAVE 2 was suppossed to be shipped a few weeks ago and I don't have received any mail of confirmation. I read an update in the Kickstarter page that explains that have been problems in Europe, I wrote an email to the support account the tuesday explaining all this and, again, I have not received any answer. I have an additional problem. In 20 days I'm moving and I don't know if the shipmen will arrive to the old direction because I don't know if it was sended already or not. It's amazing that with every single part of this project I had problems. The first shipment I had the problem with the spanish translation and somebody forgot to include half of the dice set in the box. Finally, the problem was solved... 3 months after. I wonder if it is possible to do the things worst as you are doing.
  2. Tildom

    Missing Dice

    Hi. Rage thread here. I received my Dark Souls game the October 1st. Beside the issue with the spanish misstranslated cards, it happens that somebody forgot to include the red and black dice in the box. The first answer I got from your support team was: "I have passed this information onto our replacement parts team and they will be sending out your replacement dice in the coming week". Weeks passed. I send more mails to your support team and I always get the same answer. Yesterday I got the correct translated cards. But not the dice. I don't want extra dice. I want a essential piece to play a game I paid for one year ago before its realease. I had to wait six extra months than the rest of backers because the spanish and italian translations, and we all know what happened. But in my particular case I'm still waiting two extra f***ing months because you've been unable to put a bunch of dice in a plastic bag and send them to me to solve a situation that was totally your fault. I don't know how you have managed your past projects and how are you going to manage your future ones, but based in my personal experience, you have not the slightest idea to treat yor backers and manage the post-selling service. I just want you to send my dice, the SG content in the next year and don't see you in the rest of my life.
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    Missing Dice

    Last update: today, I finally got my missing dice.
  4. Tildom

    Missing Dice

    Little update after 15 more days: I still don't know nothing and nobody can tell me when I'm going to have the missing dice. More than 2 and half months.
  5. I can't understand this situation. Probably Steamforged trusted in the wrong translating company, but there are control tests to see if everything is OK, specially when we are talking about a license like Darksiders. Having the boardgame almost finished and ready to launch (my status is Answered right now) I can't believe that we are living this situation. I just wanted to know if there is a way to change my version of the game to an english one. I rather playing in spanish (specially because the people Im going to play with) but with this translations I don't want to.