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  1. I finally found some vallejo matte varnish at my hobby store, but i want to know if i can brush it on since i don't own an airbrush. I was using krylon matte finish spray, but due to hurricane season, it has been far to humid to spray.
  2. Behold, the McKnight. As of right now, he is just about done. I have to clean those dirty wings and paint the base. My friends and I have have code named him McKnight as well...red and yellow fabric. It wasn't on purpose, but it has become my favorite mistake. And as always, he was painted using apple barrel paints. Then we have an older pic of McKnight next to the other creatures in wave 2 that I am painting painting. Wave 1 was Demons and hollows, featuring: Titanite Demon and every hollow soldier type. Total=9 figures Wave 2 is Guardians of the path, featuring: McKnight, Dancer of the Boreal Valley, Gargoyle, and Outrider Knight of the Boreal Valley. Total= 4 minis Wave 3 will be knights of Anor Londo, featuring: Dragonslayer Ornstien, Executioner Smough, sentinels, and every silver knight types. Total= 10 minis Wave 4 will be The Hero's Journey, featuring: Knight, Assassin, Warrior, and Herald. Total= 4 minis
  3. Retired

    Painting the core game

    Bravo my friend. Love the capes
  4. Retired

    what sealer is better?

    Make matters worse, it is hurricane season and the humidity is through the roof
  5. Retired

    Painting update

    Sorry for all the edits. had to get the pics on and fix things
  6. Retired

    Painting update

    All of my minis were painted using apple barrel and folk art paints.
  7. Ok, I live in Florida otherwise known as the humid state so sealing is risky, but I have worked too hard on the minis to let them crack and fade. What sealer is best. Letting you all know, I painted my minis using apple barrel and folk art paints (acrylic of course). through my own tests using Krylon kamar varnish, modge podge, and krylon matte finish, the matte finish is the only one that didn't get a sticky layer on it. any tips or sealer suggestions?
  8. I'm back. I am in the process of getting good pictures of my painted minis. so far, I have 10 minis painted and 3 more on the way. I've painted every hollow type, the titanite demon, and the boreal outrider knight. Sadly, all of my cameras kinda stink so getting pictures are hard. Also, Florida has entered hurricane season, were the humidity, heat, and rain make it impossible to prime minis and test sealers. To pass the time, I have been designing new game tiles and mechanics to improve the game. My favorite tiles so far are the mega tiles (which are about the size of 5 normal tiles) and the cliff tiles. I get into that later though.
  9. Also, you may select multiple bosses
  10. What DS 3 boss do you want in the game one day. I did not include certain bosses either because they are already coming to the game or if the boss is impractical. I may miss a boss or two (i am human). Enjoy I left out the Deacons of the Deep b/c it is not worth it
  11. Retired

    US Shipping Status

    I can now proudly say that my copy of Dark Souls: The Core Board Game has been delivered, and in perfect condition.
  12. Retired

    US Shipping Status

    The game arrived at a Fedex facility only an hour away. They pushed the scheduled delivery though back from today to Tuesday. My shipping info still says it should be here today. I really hope it comes today, there is nothing going on and I have finals next week. Pray for a speedy Fedex man. If they can make it from pensivania to florida in just over 2 days, then they can deliver to a house just an hour away in no time.
  13. Retired

    Painting for beginners

    Ooh... That is cool. Do you have any plans to add a black to the armor or any extra affects to the sword.
  14. Retired

    US Shipping Status

    Here in Florida, received my tracking number last night/ this morning. Says my label was created and the estimated shipping delivery is Friday the 12th.