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  1. New Brewer from Pittsburgh

    Yep. Already a member of GuBS and I sent you an FB friend invite yesterday, Nat.
  2. Apologies that this isn't a show of painted models, but this seems to be the most appropriate section to ask in... I'm just starting to paint up my Brewers from the Kick Off box, but I live in a place where spray painting is pretty much a no-go. No basement, no garage, no safe place to spray outside (and weather conditions here usually suck for spraying anyways). So I use brush-on primer (Vallejo AV acrylic-polyurethane surface primer). I notice that, even after scrubbing the models with soap and a toothbrush to remove any mold release, the primer still doesn't adhere easily to the surface. These are the only models where a second coat has been necessary. I'm sure that etching primer spray is the best solution but in the absence of spray primers, how do I best prep these models? I'm not even sure of the material - they're clearly not styrene, and don't appear to be the same "restic" or "Rentonite" that I've seen in Warmachine or Warpath minis. I'm not sure how close they are to the "Trollcast" that Impact uses. Has anyone else found a good way to successfully prime these models without spray or an airbrush?
  3. New Brewer from Pittsburgh

    Drawbridge would be great - it's about 6 miles from my house. I'd love to get to Phantom more often but that traffic!
  4. In desperate need of bristle wisdom...

    I searched "painting tartan" on YouTube and found quite a few videos pertaining specifically to Brewers.
  5. Season 3 Hunters

    Hunters would have been my second choice if I didn't go for Brewers. Soooo... looks like I'll be buying this box, too. The theme is right up my alley.
  6. New Brewer from Pittsburgh

    Spoke to you on FB earlier in the week. Perhaps if you and I are both in the Oakland area some time we can get a game in - I don't know if Phantom has tables or not. Great store but the parking in that area is awful. Which is a shame because I'd like to take my girlfriend to Union Grill so she can try what I've been raving about. Thank you all for the warm welcome! My box arrived yesterday, the minis look great but it will probably be a while before I can finish my painting backlog. I might try Clan Scott tartan because it's my family.
  7. Hello all, Completely new to Guild Ball. I've heard of it before but never really checked it out until I read an article comparing and contrasting it to Blood Bowl (a game I've loved for three decades). This is a totally different experience but it seems to appeal to a similar type of player. The models are amazing, and as I looked over the Guilds I realized that Brewers were the only ones for me. What could be better than Scottish hooligans who swig ale and whisky and occasionally set people on fire? I don't know if anyone plays in the Pittsburgh area but I bought myself the Kick Off box (and Esters and Stoker) anyhow. Looking forward to painting them up and maybe getting a game in some day.