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  1. Hoju

    The Scarecrow Goal

    I once used Grange's legendary to give Jackstraw two markers to play with. Then at Jackstraws activation, after teleporting to a marker with his trait I had enough inf to teleport again, sprint and kick a winning goal. That caught my enemy off-guard. Ofc I had the momentum from previous activations of the same turn.
  2. Hoju

    Wellrounded Tapper 6 for a beginner

    I've grown quite fond of Pintpot. For example his beer tokens don't count exactly as influence so he can attack a model with one beer token even if the model has fear. Also the fact that with 2 inf he can choose to attack 2-5 times depending on the situation using the beer tokens an extra attacks. It's been quite a surprise to my enemy sometimes. Only downside is he feels not so useful after you've used all the beer tokens. But on the other hand, if he can hit an enemy ten times in the first two rounds (2inf+3beer tokens per round), I think he's done much.
  3. Hoju

    Share your paint jobs

    Skatha looks great!
  4. Hoju

    [spoilers] Season 3 Brewers Fluff

    Is there a way to read the fluff for free or do I have to buy the book?
  5. Hoju

    Beating the Butchers

    I actually managed to beat the butchers, thanks to Stave! The whole game Stave's only mission was to throw a barrel at Boar so he could not get into charge range. Meanwhile my Tapper lead scrum was knocking down and beating other team members one by one. Last round Boar was almost able to charge Tapper, but Scum managed to get between them so Boar had to take the cat out Q_Q While Stave is always a risk to play with, he can surprise your enemy with a barrel to get them off the field if they're not careful
  6. Hoju

    Who Dis.?

    But his right hand might now be the right hand of a captain.
  7. Hoju

    Who Dis.?

    Is the hand really cut off on purpose?
  8. Hoju

    Newbie questions and tactics

    Hey man! I'm quite a noob myself. I've got about six games with Brewers guild, but I've found few articles to have helped a lot. 1. http://ozball.club/category/brewers/ <-- scroll down and look for the ones with a yellow Brewers guild logo. 2. In the thread "Winning Ways for Your Guild Ball Plays" one guy links his articles about certain characters in the Brewers guild and explains how to play them correctly. Hope you find these as helpful as I did GLHF