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  1. Watching the other entries, I though I wasn't going to have any price!!! Thanks for those amazing mascots!
  2. Beto

    My Engineers

    Hey! I've just purchased one Locus
  3. Beto

    My Engineers

    Hi! I post the only two minis I have painted, Mainspring and Hoist. I hope you like them, the rest of the team will go in this Golden/Dark steel NMM + Clear blue with some OSL in blue... and mud in the bases .
  4. Better ask how I did it, and I kindly ask your doubts about the process. You NEVER have to be embarrased of your work
  5. My entry!!! I wanted to give more life to the wodden parts, so I put some red tones on the shadows but the NMM on the legs, body and gears took me about 70% of the time to finish it. I also added some blue OSL lights to the eyes to give it the colour of my Engineers team. For finishing, since I'm spanish I gave to the ball the strange colours of the ball which is played in La Liga.