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  1. morris

    sBrisket 10 Player Roster

    thanks for the advise, i will try that!
  2. morris

    sBrisket 10 Player Roster

    Masons and Morticians. What would you change against beater teams?
  3. morris

    sBrisket 10 Player Roster

    i played sBrisket, Coin, Harry, Mist, Decimate and Minx the last two games. won both with 2-2. With Brisket and Mist we have two of the best strikers. Harry suports the ballplay and has a very good toolbox, counter attacks and when he is crazy he is also a good damage dealer. Decimate is also very flexible. very fast, not that bad in kicking, two good character plays and a good damage output. minx is my inf battery. with her free charge and snared she can support the the attacks of the others without having inf on her. And even with Brisket you can do a lot of damage (mom 2 damage on third column) with some support of the character plays (from minx and decimate) or crowding out she can do 12 damage which also generates 6 mom. The other 4 Players for my 10 are oRage, Averrise and Greed, Gutter and Grace. But i haven't tried them out with Brisket.