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  1. Post-Errata Corsiar Team and Tactics Ponderings

    Corsair can still get 2 takeouts against most teams just fine. Gutter does well at dealing chunks of dmg in scrum that Corsair sets up. The issue is that he now has no answer for tough hide. A&G was overkill in a lot of situations, but he was actually mandatory for some matchups. I honestly don't see how a Corsair team manages to go 2-2 against Masons, Engineers, or Brewers. If your opponent smartly jams his tough hide models forward, you will not kill them, it's just not happening. The straight swap of Gutter for A&G will do fine against guilds like Hunters or Butchers, where the 2" reach is more valuable than +1 dmg. I haven't had the time to do the legwork on what the final 6 is, but I think you start with Corsair, Tentacles, Hag, and Gutter. The 5th slot is going to be one of the Sirens, I think it's worth considering both of them again as each can be big matchup issues. And then the last slot is going to be between Sakana and Jac (Greyscales too if that's your personal preference). This is the first time I'd consider leaving Sakana at home in a long long time. But I think in matchups where vSiren is used, Jac might be the better compliment. His heroic helps non-strikers score, and having him and Hag on a team is just silly. Without any dmg buffs, you have to lean hard into the attrition play, and unpacking your enemy's set up a couple times can go a long way. That lineup also has fairly straightforward allocation, as Hag and Jac will mostly battery Corsair, Siren and Gutter. If you do include Sakana, and are receiving, your first turn should absolutely be bent towards scoring a turn 1 goal. I find that's a good way to get tentacles his Blind inf and can be very helpful in certain matchups. The issue is going to be dealing with strong ball killing. But the danger zone of Corsair and Siren usually make it a little hard to hide.
  2. Salt ftw!

    Dire otter anyone? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_otter
  3. Farmer Errata has landed

    Sad to see they didn't fix the obviously OP fallow interactions. Everything was pretty on point. They definitely didn't overdo it though. I'm excited to finally be able to play with the models I've had for awhile now. Haha
  4. Another Errata, another Fish nerf

    Yeah wow I didn't see this coming. It's a massive disappointment considering how absolute trash some of the underused models in guild are. How did this change not also come with a fix for Kraken or something? Soften the blow a bit. Super disappointing.
  5. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    I agree that it stinks to be stuck in this halfway point but I don't think the minis gamers are suffering too bad. I've seen great conversions and paint jobs for the new stuff. Some of the sculpts are meh but others are pretty sweet. But more importantly, I think that's what the constant stream of special edition sculpts is about. Providing fresh new stuff to paint and inspire conversion ideas, without having to destabilize the game with constant rules releases. I think some of SFGs decisions have been right and some have been wrong, but I think the overall direction they seem to be going is positive.
  6. How to Shark like a pro?

    I will not discourage anyone from trying something themselves, but Kraken is basically useless.... You're going to have to explain to me what he's supposed to do. Because he doesn't make enough resources, his playbook is very meh, and he's just begging to be farmed off. I see the use of Kraken, Jac, and Siren to basically lock half the board down, but I don't think it's stronger than being a team of aggressive fast moving pieces. I think SFG is learning that there has to be a really good reason for you to generate 1 inf or less. Balancing that has been tough and when a change comes to Kraken (I'm thinking Kraken and Siren2 will be our duals with the minor guild and get updates) I hope they just decide he's not a candidate for being a 1/3. Sort of like Kat1. I mean if the goal is to isolate Ballista and beat him up, then I already have a captain for that. Who also brings some tech against deadbolt. And momentous dmg. And a way around the close control that engineers as a guild have a bunch of. I'm not saying its bad plan, and if you find yourself in this situation then it might be the only answer. But it just seems like Corsair is better equipped. This is my prefered method of Shark. Except take tentacles cause he's an actual god in cephalopod form. Shark can score in super janky ways. So put the fear of those crazy goals into your enemy and leverage that. You'll know you're doing it right when your opponents start defending against phantom goal runs you cant even actually pull off. I've said a ton in this thread cause I've been loving Shark lately but I can't believe I forgot to say this! I've said you get to 8 first because your opponent basically can't score except to win, and conversely, if your opponent does score, its almost always fine for you. It's really interesting when you start to look at the game this way, but basically, Shark wants the ball to be live as much as possible. He doesn't really care who it's live for... He's the BEST at scoring goals. As long as the ball is available to interact with as a resource, he's not out of the game. If your opponent keeps the ball somewhere to make a goal run, you can take it from him. If your opponent takes the goal run, you just get the ball (with some exceptions based on timing and positioning), meaning you don't have to spend the resources to take it back. And lots of people on your roster are able to score with the immediate activation after your goal kick.
  7. How to Shark like a pro?

    A good Obulus player will leverage his Legendary and Puppet Master to basically keep Shark from participating in the game. His speed is used against him and he struggles to have any MP at all. 2" unpredictable makes things tough. Silence can also stop goal runs with some reliability. And Morts rely on a bursty sort of dmg, (as opposed to attrition) and Shark's team is susceptible to a player being blown up sometimes. Ballista has access to Deadbolt which is miserable for Shark. He also has the tools to hold onto the ball better than most and his legendary used right is a goal. His team can also leverage its INF without needing to be in melee which means that Caught In a Net is less effective than usual. Theron also has the ranged character plays to make Shark struggle. He's the least of a lock against Shark though. His plays throw less dice than Obulus and he has to spend resources to generate MP unlike Ballista. The plays are effective when they hit though as I'm sure you've seen. Shark has the playbook dodges and plays to still make a game of it, but its a still pretty tight. Basically Shark's strength is his ability to play his game despite what your opponents do. He doesn't have the ability to pivot like he would need to when he finds his hard counter. And even though Shark does have his struggles, basically everyone hates him and a good legendary turn, so don't think you are only on the receiving end of that feeling. The good news with Obulus and Theron is that Corsair is happy to take them on. It's not a huge blow to the strength of Fish as a guild that these Shark matchups exist because Corsair covers him so well. Ballista is just tough all around. I think the answer there is a goal focused Corsair team, but it's always a grindfest and not a matchup I love.
  8. How to Shark like a pro?

    That list is going to be Shark, Tentacles, Hag, Siren, Sakana and A&G. Hag is an important part of making A&G work. I would also recommend testing out that list with gutter. You keep tentacles with her and Shark or Sakana can slide in and help them out as necessary. The gameplan with Murder-Shark teams is to put the same aggressive goal pressure on early, and set up for takeouts after your opponent overextends. You have to remember that you're still Fish and you can't fight toe-to-toe. But you can definitely sneak in and grab a take-out before bailing back to safety. On sort of another note, Shark's strength as a min/max style player means that he does have some harder counters. I wouldn't recommend playing him into Morticians, Hunters, or Engineers. If your two main opponents are Theron and Obulus you aren't getting a well rounded view of how Shark works.
  9. How to Shark like a pro?

    Obulus makes Shark nearly impossible to play. Theron is a close second.
  10. Fishermen PVC

    Super pumped for this. Really hope it gets backed. I heard that the pics are just renders at the moment and subject to change. Im hoping we get a new sculpt for Angel. I would love one of her running with her stick behind. Sort of an homage pose to KS Shark. How do I convince everyone this is a good idea...
  11. Fishermen binary?

    I guess it depends on your version of variety? I play Shark because he does one thing really well. He is a classic min/max character and his team is constructed to push one aspect of the game as far as it can go. This means that his focus is extremely narrow, but his tools towards that end are, imo both strong and complex when played at a high level. Anytime you pick up Fish, you will have to devote focus to the ball. And when you play Shark, your method to victory is fairly set. Despite this, I think how you manufacture your path can vary greatly from game to game. You can run your list though aggressive play from Shark or Sakana, or Greyscales, or Siren, depending on your preference. But you will almost never even be trying to do dmg to anyone. Shark is always trying to do the same thing, the variety comes from how your opponent attempts to deal with the question Shark poses, and how you smack that down. Corsair is a lot less narrow than Shark and has quite a bit of adaptability. He can play different styles into different people with great success, and captains a wider range of normal players with more ease than Shark does. Corsair games can feel very different even into the same guild based on what combination of A&G, Gutter, reg/vet Siren, Jac and Greyscales you pick for your final two slots. (pretty sure you take Sakana and Hag 100% of the time). Corsair can really be as varied of a captain as you are willing to try new things as a coach. Its also worth it to point out that, compared to other guilds, they are contenders for the two most varied captains from each other. Even if you don't find a ton of variety in the Shark game itself, he definitely breaks up any boredom you experience from 15 games in a row of trying to Corsair FishTank people.
  12. How to Shark like a pro?

    Shark has a really interesting learning curve. If you pick him up early and play other newbies, he has the power to seem incredibly oppressive and impossible to beat. Then you start to run into people that have an idea of whats happening, and that final goal is hard to come by. And then, after you work your way through that wall, Shark can be a huge monster again, particularly in certain matchups. Here's a couple tips and tricks to focus on: 1. Get to 8 first. This is pretty standard advice for every team, but for Shark in particular, he wants the threat of the killing blow looming over the opposing coach as long as possible. @Mootaz is right that killing the ball properly here is an art form. And forcing the opposing coach to focus on that instead of fighting is an important first step. Every activation spent on killing the ball, is an activation that your opponent is likely not working efficiently to advance his own win condition. 2. Starve your opponents of MP as best as possible turn 1. This can be tough, especially if you kick, but when Shark receives, you should make is as difficult as possible for your opponent to make any MP at all. How are you using his Legendary? The goal should be to win the MP race turn 1 and then net as many opposing players as humanly possible on the top of 2. The goal here is to have 2 turns where your opponent is really starved for ways to interact with you. 3. Run away. Seriously. Your opponent is killing the ball to prevent you from scoring, which means he likely doesn't want (or straight up can't afford) to score and put the ball in play. That means that he needs to be into your models to score points. Deny him right back. You're likely faster and Fish counterattacks are usually all pretty live. If he doesn't want to play with you, just don't play with him. Shark is not easy against knowledgeable coaches. But he is strong. You have to pressure early and often. If your opponent can weather the early storm and go into turn three down only 4-0, sorry but Shark's probably already lost. At the very least you're going to be taking janky shots. But Shark definitely has the tools to be up 8-0 before your opponent activates turn 2.
  13. Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    Fixed that for you
  14. Shark vs Tapper's Brew Crew

    Alright so I'm going to vote for "you screwed the pooch." Hate to break it to you. The good news is that Tapper can really clean up from time to time and he is definitely a big fan of the snowball. Theres no shame in falling into that trap first time. A couple early decisions go a bit different and you'll turn the matchup around. While you have knee slider its pretty easy to set up a free goal for sakana in this list. You can spend the whole first turn building up mp with passes, getting sakana safely in some cover with quick foot and the ball is definitely possible. Then you score and knee slider 12" back. (Which is usually overkill anyway) Thats probably the safest 1st turn you can manufacture. If you want to use Shark that's still and option though. And in situations without knee slider, greyscales can be safe to score late in a turn because UM is fairly difficult for Brewers to handle without any dodges. Either way, your two strategic goals for turn 1 are to starve brewers of ALL momentum and to score as late in the turn as possible. This is basically just managing threat ranges and being patient. Excellent Brewers players will manage to get mp from the cat, giving Tapper a fairly big threat bubble. But you are so fast that you should be able to stay out of it and still score. Also, this a matchup where you definitely follow the pirates code. Players that fall behind get left behind. If the Brewers manage to pounce on someone, they are left to die. A Greyscales or Sakana in cover can manage to stay alive for longer than they otherwise should from time to time, but the only model that I ever recommend sending in instead of fleeing away is Tentacles (Salts probably fine too). And the only time to heal a model is when you are absolutely sure it will save them. MP is to thin a resource in Shark to use on that unless absolutely required. Kicking off is also pretty viable in this matchup. You can usually manage to end turn 1 with Shark and open turn 2 with his legendary, which puts Tapper into a pretty big hole. Also, don't sleep on just buying a Tidal Surge occasionally. Moving Tapper back and out of the Spigot aura can help you just burn 6 of your opponents inf in a turn. Whether you kick or receive though, if you can manage to go first turn 2 you should open with Sharks legendary. You'll get the hang of the matchup soon. It's definitely in Sharks favor. When plot cards change and GIC comes in it might become a more even matchup. Tapper was also probably the most happy to see G+S go. He was fully oppressed back then. It takes more patience from Shark now he has Stagger (seriously still bitter at that boring ability) but you should be happy to throw Shark into Tapper.
  15. Kicking/Receiving Change

    I think it helps to settle our opponents choice a little bit more and give us some insight that way. I don't think many Butcher's will be electing to kick with Ox for example. It's definitely not quite as strong as being able to pick captains at any point in the process. But definitely a welcome change.