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  1. New Home Field!

    Whhaaaaaat am i looking at.... I love it
  2. Plastic Fisherman interest registration.

    I think people's problem was assuming it was a survey.... It says click here to register your interest. Not click here to take a survey. They only meant for you to even click the link if it was the sort of thing you'd be interested in buying. So much for keeping it simple...
  3. Fish 10.

    Counterpoint: A&G is (are?) a super important piece in certain matchups. Specifically tough hide but also his access to singled out. He's currently the only real source of offensive buffs in faction and Corsair, Siren, and Hag all enable him basically better than anything in the game. I would be interested to see how much Blacksmiths and Farmers make it into the meta. I think that Gutter is probably a better pick if you start seeing a lot of them. It's definitely interesting.
  4. what I truly feel Brewers need

    This is a plan I like. It even almost justifies his 1/3 inf cause its like he's getting the play for free. And it adds some extra speed to the rest of your team in exchange for how slow he is. I think i'd still like him to get Glut Mass/Sturdy, but this is one of the more clever ways I've heard to improve him. As far as vetSpigot, I dont think anyone wants regular Spigot to change, and I don't think Keg wants that either. There is room in his design space to just make him better because he has to directly compete with ogSpigot. I think adding some more reliable movement to his card, normal poised, and a bit of a playbook rework might get him to see play. With models like vetSpigot i think the goal is for them to just be a reasonable pick for those of us that want to be a bit of a special snowflake. He's not bad right now, and I don't want him to be better than the first version, but I'd like him to be better than he is. And then Esters. Oh Esters. You mystical creature. Are you an amazing dark horse captain under appreciated by most? Are you an actual turd destroying the otherwise decent and hardworking Brewers coaches lives? ..... Its much closer to the second one. Esters is one of the worst Captain in the game*. I've explained a bunch of times why I don't like her and despite the preceding sentence I'm not looking to start a flame war. I do want to know though, for the coaches who like Esters, why are you opposing people's efforts to get her improved? I'm not being obnoxious I'm honestly curious why people who like Esters wouldn't want her to be a little bit better. Especially with Keg's suggested changes, which mostly are about switching her Legendary and her Heroic. It's not like he's suggesting to rework her drastically. Plus, people seem to be playing her as this support piece, so why turn your nose up at Momentous Inspiration? I guess I was just hoping to see some more of the thought process behind why Glut Mass is so important on her card. Or for someone to explain which matchups an every turn condition clear is mandatory for the health of the guild. And then my last question would be, if Ester's is perfect, what other players would you like to see to improve other parts of her team? *Thanks Brisket3!
  5. Kickoff Strategy with Scoring Shark and Murdering Corsair

    Corsair's kick off depends on way more variables than Sharks does. Shark is looking to kick off in such a way where he personally projects a strong threat. And this threat is very specifically to score a goal. Corsair on the other hand, depending on your own team comp and your opponent, has a decent threat to set up a scrum or threaten the ball. Hag helping Sakana jump into some cover to launch into a ball carrier is definitely a strong play. Ranged ball stealing on Corsair and Siren also project decent bubbles of ball retrieval that your opponent might miss. You can definitely set up to play the ball and not go for a kill. But you can also put 5 on A&G turn 1. Get a drag and/or lure off and crack some skulls. Personally I like to get Siren and Sakana most of the early inf and set up to fight turn 2. That's not to say that Corsair won't get a drag in to try and set up a favorable board state for next turn. If I kick off into a goal focused team and turn 1 ends with a valuable enemy piece KD'd at Corsairs feet and the rest of my team kept the score 0-0, then I feel like it was a decent opening turn and I'm in a fine position. Shark really cares where the ball goes after he kicks it off, but Corsair is more concerned about where he ends up after the kickoff. The main difference between the two is that Shark threatens the ball and Corsair threatens players. So try and set them up with those sorts of targets in mind.
  6. When to draft Corsair/Shark

    I've played against the 1st box of Blacksmith's a couple times but I still don't have any experience against box 2. I think they can play the ball a lot more with the two boxes mixed together than is currently released. I agree that Shark has a fairly comfortable game against what is already out there, but I think when he has to deal with Alloy and Iron and Ferrite plus Bolt and Farris, he might struggle. That many fast pieces might be able to keep pace with Shark's team. At the same time, Corsair will just eat apprentices. I think if you are comfortable with your board control abilities, Corsair certainly isn't a bad pick into them. At the end of the day I think this is going to be a comfort matchup. Certainly until we get some more exposure to them. The no-captain (which is really just 1 captain since it seems like all Ferrite, or at least Ferrite into Fish) thing really helps them not tip their hand on what models they plan to play. If you're looking for a recommendation, I'd say play your favorite captain for the moment. The margin seems to close to call now, and maybe it will stay that way.
  7. W: Alt Art Shark Card (w/ stagger)

    I will definitely take the scans. You're a champ as always Pending. I managed to get vetSiren but that's the only one so far. I have every single version of Sharks cards except that one....
  8. W: Alt Art Shark Card (w/ stagger)

    Hey all. Title says it all. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to part with one of the Shark Steamcon cards that have his current rules on them. Thanks for reading.
  9. Yeah that could be it too. It could go a couple directions it seems. I'm also not sure how much the "Dual-guild" nature of these players is like Lucky and Compound and how much is more like they are temporarily loanable as in our current usage of Union. For example, Compound is very much a Enginner/Alchs mash up model, but A&G never had anything particularly in common with all of the guilds, but almost everyone could take them. And while vetGraves seems well suited to the Ratcatchers, Bonesaw doesn't seem to fit the motif much. All this is to say that I think they will look to give the minor guilds models that will be used. And less about which ones fit perfectly fluff wise.
  10. I could see the Navigators Guild or the Carpenters Guild being thematically related to our beloved Fishes. I was thinking about the fluff though too and which models might go dual guild and I think something more surprising might be coming. Fluff-wise, Corsair is basically running the place like a pirate ship and the whole practice culture is more vicious than in previous years. Greyscales is dead. Siren is real grumpy. Shark and Sakana are pit fighting each other. The whole thing is a bit dark. I was wondering if our minor-guild will be Corsair backed and lean even more heavily into the pirate king theme, or if we will get some intrigue and maybe some higher power in the Guild will ally them to a less violent bunch. I could see Angel being a dual guild model if its the latter. Since vetGraves and Bonesaw are probably the least desirable dual guild models you could get from morticians, there's some speculation that they will be getting some updating. I'm hoping that's the case and that some of our lesser played guys go dual and get an update. It's going to be interesting for sure.
  11. Is vetHonour confirmed as a captain? I saw her new sculpt but I was thinking it was more like vetOx and she's just a player now.
  12. When to draft Corsair/Shark

    Haha in my defense I have tried to get a real avatar before but it got mad at the file size and then I gave up. I don't want to derail this thread but man I hope they dont touch Corsair. It seems like at the big tournaments all sorts of guilds are making it to top tables but I dont know if he's menacing smaller events. I definitely don't think his power level/un-fun-ness is approaching the Shark/Midas/Fillet/Obulus levels that saw some of the more famous nerfs and changes we've seen.
  13. When to draft Corsair/Shark

    I also frequently agree with Fearlord
  14. When to draft Corsair/Shark

    This is all pretty true. Deadbolt alone is pretty bad for Shark. Corsair doesn't like tough hide, but as long as you have A&G his team has the tools to handle it. You can also go for the goal scoring Corsair team. The engineers don't necessarily have the best damage output, and a more defensive based ball game is an effective option. How? and why? Obulus ruins Shark in my experience. He's really the only captain in the game that when I'm tempted to go all Shark I remember I shouldn't do that. He's the boogeyman that requires Corsair.