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  1. S4 arrives october 12th

    It's a bit strange but I don't think qualifing w/ season 3 rules and playing the tournament in season 4 is the end of the world. Everyone will have the same amount of time to learn the new rules. You gotta figure most of the players serious enough to qualify have model collections that can handle some buffs/nerfs within their guild. Probably most of the qualifying people even have multiple guilds ready to go if they wanted to pivot very hard. And from a spectator standpoint, it will be a very unsolved for meta. Which means we might see some fresh takes and weird ideas from top teir players. It also means (barring someone finding another king thresher situation) playing your fundamentals well should still be a strong path to success. It's weird and I like it.
  2. Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

    I think I would be fine if Kraken lost drag. It's a strong enough ability to be captain only. And it would allow them the chance to change his inf stat to something we'd all appreciate more while opening up his design space for something new. His playbook is fine after his last buff and his low speed and def should be enough to keep him balanced. The question is what is kraken supposed to do? I think it was originally to tar pit specific players, control the space around him, and protect Siren. I think maybe if he had a play that caused snared a-la skewered that would fit his theme and be useful for us. For vetSiren I would just like her playbook to go back to 3 columns. She doesn't need to print mp but I don't understand why she can't have the ability to cut someone pretty good when she's 1" melee and we officially have no offensive buff's with the loss of singled out. As far as Jac goes, his rookie cards have a ton of cool options and I hope they rework him in the image of some of those rules. Shark I sort of want to see get a rework. He's definitely not bad by any stretch but I absolutely loath stagger at 3 on his playbook. I also generally feel that some of the characters who were in the game since Kickstarter could be reworked to adjust to where the game is currently. Not that there is a pressing need, just that the space is there.
  3. Veteran Cinder

    I'm really excited about the prospect of this. I think it's possible we could have the hearth/alloy auto lock spot see some competition with furnace/vet cinder. With innate 2" on an apprentice, still apparently some fire effect, and the opportunity to take tooled up over instruction, it could add some variety. I think cinder is a good option for a vet apprentice model. Her current version is one of the few apprentices who can manage with minimal inf and will probably retain a place because of how unique she is. Presenting a choice between that and a solid 4 inf sink beater model with 2" seems like a fun design space. And being attached to a master as well rounded as Furnace will make at least one of her versions an attractive option into a wide variety of matchups.
  4. Veteran Sakana

    I'm happy that sakana is getting a vet version. As long as he's different and also a solid piece, It will force coaches to make a choice and I think that's an important part of the veteran system. I'm actually worried about the new one being underwhelming and getting stuck in a siren or spigot scenario where one of the versions is nearly useless. Opportunity cost matters and the vet system let's SFG have player that sit above the curve, but that are limited at least slightly in which other models they can play with. I hope the fact that the fluff has shark and Sakana basically pit fighting each other at practice and the crossed bones on the box art that he is very piratey and more dmg focused. Just what a Corsair team that's about to lose gutter would want... As far as Angel goes I would much rather see a reworked version than a veteran one from a playability standpoint. (I get that some people want her for fluff reasons). But if they made an awesome vetAngel that wouldn't solve the problem of the current one being very underplayed. I do not envy masons, if this chisel is good you might as well just mothball the first one. The blog post today about the solthecian order also made it sound like reworks were coming for existing models. So I think it's safe to assume that no one will be receiving any buffs or fixes before then. Between the faithful box, navigators, and season 4 incoming, we might have a very different environment come winter. I'm excited to see where everything goes.
  5. Pure Guild

    Gutter isn't going to rotate out until August so I think it's safe to get some practice in with her still if you're learning the game. Corsair uses her mostly for 2" melee and momentous damage, which isnt a bad thing for a new player to learn how to manage (also it's fairly forgiving). As far as Navigators go, I'm optimistic that the fluff's liberal use of "buccaneer" and "freebooter" indicates that at least a couple players will be piratey (so mp dmg similar in theme to Corsair). Whether those players are the dual ones I don't know, but I'm hopful that a sort of replacement emerges for Corsair. If you really want to play a pure guild Corsair game, try Corsair, tentacles, sakana, jac, vsiren, hag. You have to kill the ball pretty agressively and use siren like she's pre-nerf, but I've seen top-tier Corsair players do very well with it. Corsair, jac, and hag all move opponents models and you have to consistently make the game a positioning nightmare for the other team. It's not the old fashioned Fish Tank that was popular with corsair, but if you like the slow play, it can be successful.
  6. The Navigator's Guild

    Reading the fluff blurb their captain seems to be leaning more shark than Corsair, and SFG seems to be trying to get less used models some love. So I think Angel and vet siren are good choices. I'd like to see Kraken get a buff, and they didn't do that with the mort/rat crossovers, so I hope the have better plans for the big man then just trying to give him away like bonesaw.
  7. Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    Agreed. I'm hoping that they eventually package the major guild resculpts for sale. Even if it was a webstore only vault thing. I think people would at least be interested in picking up the extra sculpts even if they had the the full major guild. Only way I see them getting around this problem.
  8. vMinx card shown

    She seems a little bit overtuned actually. Her internal synergy is amazing. I wouldn't be surprised if she stands in cover against a bunch of people and ruins whole games, and then all those people start complaining. It is hard to see a reason to bench her. Her raw stats and playbook are great. And her rules only add flavor and power. I weirdly think Fahad is a much stronger mascot now too (and why she probably doesn't cause snare). Excited to see her hit the table.
  9. Veteran Decimate

    Wow. She outperformed in almost every category. The only thing that was super out of left field was swapping the 4+/1 line for 3+/1 with tough hide. Cause Hooper needed to ride the pine anyway? Regardless, I'm not mad about it. I'm very excited to slot her in with Friday, Spigot and Lucky. Also interested to play tapper/quaff with that lineup to see what fun movement nonsense can happen. Especially when receiving. Now that knee slider is gone I think second wind might low key just be better because opponents will start to forget what scoring with almost no overextention feels like, and it will be a bit more surpsing. Especially coming from a Brewers lineup.
  10. Any ideas about the minor guild

    I'm not a expert on fluff but I vaguely recall the entire guild structure and the reason these people play guild ball is because there was this giant war and the various nation's we're all attritioning each other into oblivion. (Also the blacksmiths guild retained a ton of power and influence I'm during this time cause they were making weapons) In the aftermath the guilds were able to consolidate power and basically wage a proxy war on the pitch. All this is to say I'm not sure they have a warriors guild exactly in the fluff. I would expect like a pugilist guild or some specific fighting style to be possible. But I think blacksmiths is the closest we'll get to a guild or armed and armored soilders.
  11. Veteran Decimate Speculation Thread

    I'm expecting 6/8 move, tac 6 w/5 columns. A 3/6 kick. 2/4 inf and 4+/1 defensive stat line. I'm also expecting some sort of bonus tac buff built in or maybe a KD synergy. Possibly life drinker for some reason (just a weird thought) Nothing flashy. My hope (that I'm not banking on coming true) is that second wind will morph into some other movement shenanigans. Theoretically quaff having it already proves that there is design space in the Brewers motiff for something like that. And she would be a nice model to include it on. Overall I'm expecting very much what butchers got in vetGutter. A model that hammers home what Brewers are about plus an above average stat line befitting a union transplant. The big question I think will be her dodges. Her original version has literally tons of them, but dodges are quite expressly out of the realm of stuff Brewers get.
  12. Running Fish into Blacksmiths

    In my limited experience(<10 games) playing into and w/Smith's I think I've realized that Ferrite doesn't intend to do much turn 1. I have been trying to kick in a way that forces Alloy or Iron to retrieve the ball if possible. Ferrite seems to spend her turn 1 activation pulling iron forward, but other than that, she runs pretty light. Iron and Alloy seem to be the biggest 1st turn threats and Ferrite is just looking to be somewhere so she can disarm the world at the start of turn 2. I haven't played a game with them in it with the new game plan cards, but if you can reasonably assure a 1st activation turn 2, I do think that focusing on her and bringing her low with the intention of finishing her early turn 2 is a valid option. If not though, I think you are better served focusing on alloy and iron. I've found that 1" and being capped at 5 keeps Ferrite in check. Obviously disarming the planet is a bad thing to have happen to you, but I believe it's a mitigatable risk. The strength of the Blacksmiths seems to be that they have a very spread out threat. They dont have a super solo activation, but they do pick up a reliable variety of activations. Identifying which one (alloy, iron, Ferrite, bolt, and occasionally sledge) is the most dangerous to your game plan on any given turn is going to be the key to playing into them well.
  13. Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    I definitely agree that this is an issue. It seems like not actually playing the game is a very effective tatic to win. And that's just plain unfun. At the same time though, I can't see a feasible way to fix this problem with any sort of core rule change that doesn't also include reworking a bunch of stuff. I sort of have just come to accept it.
  14. vGutter card shown

    Haha very true. I worded this poorly. I was trying to say I don't understand why people want the exact same model they already have by lamenting the loss of things like chain grab and life drinker. Even still, now that I think about it, I guess since oGutter will rotate out it's almost a sort of rework rather than a full veteran. So it makes sense that people would look at the differences like they were changes to her old self and not a new model. I was making an educated guess based on the size of that claymore she's wagging around. But I think I'm remembering an older sculpt, because I just took a zoomed in look at the exiles box and that doesn't seem to be case... That's a bummer. The forums always vary. And tone is tough. I feel like now I was maybe a bummer when I was more hoping to show that Gutter is worth being excited about. It does get grumpy sounding when I start in on "managing expectations." I don't mean for it to sound like "Dont get your hopes up." I do think that Butchers will see their time in the sun again someday, just not from a promotional box.
  15. vGutter card shown

    I mean vetOx has some enemy movement so she wasn't go to have that, and they weren't going to have her exactly the same as her old model so swapping life drinker for resolute seems fine. I don't really get the insistence on comparing her to her first version. Being friendly guild is super helpful and the original gutter is on the way out. Plus in the meantime, it seems like the overlap of vGutter and Minx will be fun. I think my larger point though is that people seem to be laying all their scorn for sfg at Gutter's feet. There was no way she was saving the guild. It seems to me that she's a perfectly effective model who's above average at basically everything. Decimate is going to be a solid model with 2", the chance to have 4 inf, average defense stats (read best defensive stats in guild) and some sort of tac buff. Very on message. Very usable. Nothing new. The Butcher's forum is a real rough mood right now and I get it. The guild has probably never been in a nicely balanced place. As tough as they have it now, they ran the meta in an unpleasant way for a while too. The main causes of their rise and fall over the years though has been season changes. I'm not sure it's reasonable to expect that anything will change until the season does. Not saying it's fair. Just that it seems most likely. The SFG MO has been mid season nerfs and full season revamps. And Butcher's coaches I think are asking for some sort of rework.