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  1. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    Tried out Pay to Win today and it was meh. It effectively earned me 2 mp. That was it. I suppose it could have saved me against a bad roll...but that didn't happen. I actually missed a pretty crucial pass where it might have been nice, but no luck there. I'm going to force myself to play it a couple more times but boy was that uninspiring. I'm honestly not understanding the distaste for slippery fish. Was there a secret meeting where we all agreed to complain about the best card we have so SFG buffs it? Is it because it's just once per turn? If everyone could use it once per acitvation SFG can put the heal at 1 and I won't complain... As is, it's basically a guaranteed disengage opt for our whole team of 2" melee dudes with dodges on 1. I wish it was heal 3 cause then maybe Corsair would like it, but Shark doesn't have the mp to spare on heals usually, so dodging to safety seems like a fine alternative to the heals I was barely using anyway. (Ground work is probably the best card but Its just only really helping sakana and a siren in my normal Corsair list. Sturdy on Corsair plus A+G don't benefit. Hag and the mascot are probably dying regardless. The heal 4 becomes the draw...)
  2. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    Most important question... Can I tidal surge and slippery fish an opponents model 6" in the mirror. They would be friendly and guild, albeit temporarily....
  3. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    Happy with Groundwork and Slippery Fishes. I do wonder if i'll be able to proc the dodge when I need to, but certainly I think a free dodge has value. I think it turns on whether or not we can get that value when we need it, and less about 2" of dodge being bad. Definitely think its a card that would get used literally every turn, and that seems good. Still dislike "pay to win" almost as much as "deflection." It doesn't solve the problem of being fairly boring and basically only provides Shark with insurance. Personally i'd rather have something like "one free long bomb a turn" than shoring up my 95%+ shots. I have a sliver of optimism that this card makes snapshots more threatening? But for a straight up shot, if i have the mp, I'm already pretty okay spending it to bonus time. And Shark stashing 1 or 2 extra mp a turn (cause he made a 3 dice kick and didn't bonus time) seems like the definition of negligible.
  4. Hearth Preview

    Possibly do a search for "guild ball blacksmiths hood" He's the guy in the hood...
  5. Hearth Preview

    She looks pretty sweet. Like Blacksmiths version of Hag. I question how often Use This's 2" melee buff will be relevant and worth the set up. But Instruction will just take the need to roll any dice off the table on occasion and that seems strong. She also seems like she wont care much who her apprentice is and is happy to throw her buff to all of them. I think she swaps for Furnace nicely when high Arm isnt a problem and I think she may replace Anvil when receiving for the speed boost the kicking aura gives. Inspiration seems good on Sledge but I think it also looks fine on Iron and i'm hoping that we haven't even seen the best place for it yet.
  6. GIC rankings

    Would Tactical Elimination work if it was +2vps once per game? Just having a deterrent for where the ball can be might be helpful into goal focused teams. And also help speed up the butchers game plan, which tends to take a bit longer than your opponents in that matchup.
  7. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Does anyone think that rapid response is okay? I like the overall concept of GICs and I'm hopeful that the bonus vps work out well but balance seems strange here. I like the ability to adjust team balance in a meta with these cards, but some of them seem to be shoring up powerhouse teams. Honour is an absolute monster in this meta and rapid response is the best card in the whole GIC. It lets both Mason's captains do waaaaay to much. I already cant stand that Honour can literally spend double the inf I can without any response from me, and now youre adding 4-8 extra inches of movement for me to deal with? I actually dont see how to adjust to it. Im hoping this card gets completely scrapped and they start over.
  8. Big League Player Loans

    I've seen him once or twice yeah haha. Stand by what I said though. Sakanas slightly more flexible and can participate in Corsair's scrum whereas mist is more of a one dimensional contributor. Also, at some point there are diminishing returns on threat ranges. Not saying I wouldn't like more range, but I find Sakana's threat to be well above adequate. Oh and to be clear, when I said "striker" I meant model type, not ability to score. Mist is slightly better at scoring for that loss of flexibility. And I value that flexibility more.
  9. I'm interested in your guys opinion of this card. Im still feeling like it offers no actual benefit and is purely insurance for Shark in missing a goal when trying to 3-0. It feels outright bad.
  10. Big League Player Loans

    Sakana speeds himself up without the ball, has the god tier version of free CA compared to spigots peasant version, and spigots playbook has the momentous tackle on 1 and starts to disengage on 2. Just like Angel. Sure they have higher tac but melee range is so important that its not a comparison. Sakana is the best striker in the game. vetSpigot is the 3rd most useful model typed striker in brewers. I honestly dont think that Fish would take him in faction if we could. And i definitely dont think that he helps Corsair into butchers. Which is sort of the matchup in question i thought.
  11. Big League Player Loans

    also we already have access to a fast 1" melee model with a great kick and we all hate her...
  12. Fluff And gameplay (where's shark now)

    Sakana seems to take the exact design space that a player version of Shark would take up. I don't think he will be getting the vetOx treatment but if he did I would like him to live up to his name a bit more and take bites out of people. Not actual bites... but you get what i mean.
  13. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    I'm not entirely sure thats how it works. You only get the +1 def until the current activation ends. So it can be played around by KDing a model at the end of the activation. It feels better than the blacksmiths version though because our counter attacks are usually pretty live and it will force people to take kds early for a very minimal benefit. Still very good. But it's not just endless bonus def for days.
  14. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    Yeah that sums it up pretty perfectly. It doesn't amp anything up, it's just some insurance in case you're on the wrong end of 93%. I mean I guess that is buffing a strength? Which seems to be what GIC is about, reinforcing something core to the guild. Deflection sure isn't buffing our takeout game. I think it's fine as a card. It has a use. But I just wanted to temper expectations that it was a top tier card. I think It's agressively okay. We have to get some time with it and see if it makes a difference to the bottom line. I suspect only rarely, but if someone finds a good way to leverage it I'd love to hear about it.
  15. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    Yeah I see that. I guess my issue is that it's not helping me pivot to a 2-1 scoring breakdown like a flat +1vp to a goal would. It's taking the times I have to go 4-0 and making it 4-1. The 3-0 game is unaffected.