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  1. Frankanelli

    S4 Captain Choices

    Dude what? She has never been part of an 8 inf activation before. I'm not saying she's for sure in now, but to say she's identical is just false. She definitely offers something new and I think there's a chance it's impactful. Have you tried her with Fathom yet as a tool to close out the game with linked? Cause I'd love to hear how that experiment went.
  2. Frankanelli

    S4 Captain Choices

    I'm not so sure that's the case. I'm definitely going to give angel a shot with Shark when Fathom drops. The basic hypothesis here is going to be, 1) find a first turn goal, 2) Shark w/6 inf activation gets the next on eon the second turn, 3) You have an 8inf activation left to get the ball and put the game away, I have no interest in using linked to score 8 points. It's a cool style move but it's very unlikely. What I am interested in is seeing if full stacking Fathom/Angel is pretty much going to get 1 goal all the time. Angel is also a solid model to score turn one when you receive. You can pretty reasonably keep everyone safe and spread out, build some mp on passes, score with Angel on your last activation, and end up in cover with 6+ def. Unless your opponent has 2" melee with an early KD for their last activation, you shouldn't give up much mp and make the fight for initiative turn 2 still possible. Anyway, all of this is just some scattered ideas I've been putting together. But I think Angel definitely gets one more look before she's benched indefinitely.
  3. Frankanelli

    Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

    Kraken and some reworked damage on sakana1 are the highlights I think. I think Kraken is going to be a real staple. Even if we werent prepping for 12 man rosters, he makes every 10. Corsair seems exciting but I'll want to play around with him a bit more. Angel is definitely better. And I see her having alot more relevance then before. But with sakana1 picking up better damage, I don't see her making many fish lineups. Initial reaction to Jac is...huh? He seems worse. Actively worse. And he was already not seeing play. Maybe the speed boost is relevant? Or without close control on Corsair his counter attack makes him the place to put the ball? Hes a big disappointment for me. Hopefully I just need to play a bit and see what he does. Also, now that Skatha is changed, Shark has the worst play on a captains card. He's still good. And he'll win plenty. I'll keep playing him like 70% of the time. But why God why does he have stagger on 3? When is it ever the result you're trying for? Its not a rhetorical question I honestly need someone to tell me what it's for.
  4. Frankanelli

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    I do not understand the love for Cutlass at all. It seems like a trap that SFG is laying for us. "She plays the ball and has a Pirate name!" Why does anyone want a goalie? The mirror and Navs are the only places I might even want a goalie. All goalies before now have been meh and our general strategy is "score faster." Having a goalie will just make people kill the ball even earlier. We want them to score because all Fish want is a live ball. Who has it is less important than it being live. I think we should all start playing with Compound for a week and see if he actually adds anything. He's the best goalie out there right now. It might be a useful experiment. I think we should be going after Kami or maybe Champ. A strong all rounder sounds good. Tech to deal with ball killing seems good. I also like Knuckles for punching stuff and Amber for sounding like she wants to play the ball and punch stuff. If we do get Cutlass though I just hope she has some dmg on the card and 2" melee. Might be able to pull a serviceable Corsair buddy out of that. But still would rather a few other people before her.
  5. Frankanelli

    Free Cities Draft

    After today's vetSiren post I don't think we'll see any models with momentous dmg as that is fully outside of our identity now. I wouldn't count on Cutlass to cover that gap. Or any of the damage dealers for that matter. We apparently are allowed dmg but not momentum for it. Which is good...cause pirates.... I doubt the rules for these players are set in stone and they will be adjusted according to the guild that chooses them. I think that means if we take a player like Knuckles, he will be decent at takeouts, but isn't going to have momentous dmg. But if Butchers get him, he might print MP. Personally I am opposed to a goalkeeper. Not because they are traditionally bad, SFG could figure out the concept in S4. I think we dont want a goalie because I cant see a matchup where I want to take one. I suppose it might be useful for the mirror and Navs in season 4, but up until now, it hasn't been bad to let an enemy score and use our better counter-scoring ability to win that race. It's hard to know the best choice at the moment because we don't know what tools we will have. Corsair could go through some hefty changes. Jac and Kraken will hopefully change a bit. I think until we have more info, we should just pick what's cool. Of the scouted players so far I think Kami is the coolest. I also think that Nomad might be fun. It's definitely something we have plenty of, but I sort of don't want anyone else to have a model with "football legend" in his description. And I also like Knuckles. I hope Jac and Kraken cover his role, but if they stay meh, I would love a midfield brute.
  6. Frankanelli

    Gut and String

    Very nearly anything else at all would be better than stagger.
  7. Frankanelli

    Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

    I'm holding out hope that Jac, Kraken, and vetSiren are re-explored. Pretty much all of the players in fish who fit with Corsair's portion of the guild's identity are outdated, underpowered, or both. I'm hoping that with navigators focusing on a narrow skew of the fish identity, that means that fish will end up in a slightly broader place. And we have the characters for it, those characters just don't have the rules. Hopefully they rework some of those players and give Corsair some useful tools. Even if it isn't a reskin of gutter.
  8. Frankanelli

    Minor Guild Season 4 Woes

    I think once most/all major guild have their minor counterparts we will see a change to roster sizes/style. I don't think minors will be stuck in this place forever.
  9. Frankanelli

    Resin Hunters

    I'm bummed they didn't take the opportunity to make skathas sculpt more than just "hey pigtails!"
  10. Frankanelli

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    As a theme, I don't understand why fish get absolutely no momentous dmg. Its not like butchers don't get any models with a good kick. I guess we have to see how jac and kraken shape up in season 4. From what we can tell with navigators, they won't be a source of it either. But we don't have a complete picture. The original Sakana was personally very dangerous, this version seems more like he makes another one of your models dangerous. Which I'm fine with, but will definitely take some practice. I'm not throwing out his original version just yet. For the limited time that we have vetSakana and gutter I think he'll be strong though. On a personal note, I miss singled out. Please give me singled out back. Haha. If you could manage to get 6 hits a couple times on someone in the Corsair scrum, your dmg would be sweet.
  11. Frankanelli

    Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

    IMO Snared and Gut and String do not even live on the same planet as each other. I'm not sure it would be innately broken, and definitely feels in theme. Not every guild gets a access to a condition but if Fish were to get one, snared seems like the obvious choice. If his legendary dropped from -4/-4 to just snared I would be pretty bummed. If there was some other component to it as well that could be fun though.
  12. Frankanelli

    Veteran Cinder

    Agreed. I could see her picking up shadow like. Shifting her from a backline to a Frontline role while retaining some of the slippery-ness.
  13. Frankanelli

    The Navigator's Guild

    Haha yeah I did remember that the wording was in the new style. I (maybe wrongly?) assumed falconers wouldnt have any changes to their cards either. Either way it seems a bit odd that she has no way to momentously trigger the play, so I was hoping it was even better than eye spy somehow.
  14. Frankanelli

    The Navigator's Guild

    That's what I thought at first too considering her mascot seems to be a bird, but eye spy doesn't have "while attacking" in it. So I'm thinking it might be an ally buff instead of an enemy debuff
  15. Frankanelli

    The Navigator's Guild

    What about those plays? It looks like windfinder has a 2 cost play that let's an ally charge for free w/+2". And a singled out sort of effect too. Horizon looks like he might have unexpected arrival which lines up with comments I've seen about him coming on from strange table edges. Azimuth has disarm. Also tac 6 w/ a kd on 2 and those rerolls. I really hope he's dual guild. E maybe has a play that does 2 damage? There's no plus/minus or ". Someone has acrobatics, which seems very on theme. Also the captain and the mascot are the only 2 that have momentous options before the 3rd column.