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  1. kegslayer13

    Veteran Decimate

    just don't use it if you think it'll hurt you. i have won plenty of games with lucky where i never use it. give him a go, i think you'll be pleased
  2. kegslayer13

    Veteran Decimate

    gotta say I think your all sleeping on Lucky. I'm running tapper, scum, Ospigot, vet decimate, Friday, and lucky... the team is fast and good with the ball. the whole team is a goal threat. tapper, spigot, vet decimate, lucky, and scum do more then enough damage especially under commanding aura. luckys extra influence for going second is always helpful. he turns influence into momentum as good as anyone and is the only momentous 2 on 2 other then scum. the free condition clear is just a bonus and raise the stakes can just be game ending. I love this team.
  3. kegslayer13

    Veteran Decimate

    I oddly would in local events as she cant work for brewers in that iteration meaning there's only one set of rules for her in that guild. keeps it fairly clean.
  4. kegslayer13

    Veteran Decimate

    I think more hooper then mash. there's no real substitute for unpredictable. she is only a 3/1 so a charge from a good striker should get them everything they need to get away.
  5. kegslayer13

    The Hunters match up [kicking]

    have you tried Tapper? have you brought Lucky? From what I see here it looks like your tiring to play the hunters game into hunters. I'm not sure how that's going to work. They are a control team which is difficult to start with for brewers as our generally low defense means they tend to hit. try scum Friday and lucky for better defensive stats. spigot and tapper are your killers. target priority is super important as well. aim for Chaska and Hearne as there defense should allow you to build up some momentum. you kinda have to use the PAT cat turn one or your just slowly walking up the field. try and pick I side where your kicking into an obstacle close to mid field. try and get the ball to be inconvenient for them to retrieve and in tappers threat range from kick off, or close to it.
  6. kegslayer13

    Tapper - why ever bring him???

    what was the rest of the team you brought to these matches?
  7. kegslayer13

    Brewers Player Summaries

    regardless of this take every time no matter what!
  8. kegslayer13

    How do you stop a Mexican standoff between two bruising teams?

    have to be honest, I'm not sure what were talking about here. the clock absolutely stops stand offs 99% of the time. if your playing brewers you have to give a little to get a little. there not a team that shuts other teams out and often finds success when the other team scores some points either through snap back goals or loosing a player and capitalizing on there positioning. you should absolutely start a scrum hopping the butcher player comes into it. I unapologetically smash Tapper into anything all the time and ya sometimes people get him but its usually harder then they anticipate. conversely sacrificing pint pot is a great way to break a stalemate. he can use beer token's to generate a bunch of momentum and put up come on then which even though is a small deterrent is enough the make sure boar is not the one that come into him. now you have some momentum and still a bunch of influence on the rest of the team. make good use of the momentum to heal and counter attack forcing the butcher player to take KD or other non damage dealing results and you should be fine.
  9. kegslayer13

    Lucky feedback

    definitely Stave. I run that starting 5 with lucky a lot and very much enjoy the versatility he brings. as you stated he's fast and adds another scoring threat and under commanding aura he can dish out the pain super reliably.
  10. kegslayer13

    5 months of brewers

    depends on what your playing but I would say I can consistently generate 3 with tapper vs just about anything. so if your leading with him and he ol jakes more influence out, there's at least still 2 more momentum in the bank and 9 influence roughly (assuming tapper took 6, and stave is not on the pitch) to make some more. 3 to 4 heroics should be easy enough.
  11. kegslayer13

    Stave, new teams same problems?

    I see where you are going here as far as use and matchups but pint pot is arguably are most efficient model with the beer tokens and Stave is least efficient as he does not even bring the influence to use his own play I think that's a really tough swap to make.
  12. kegslayer13

    what I truly feel Brewers need

    ya he sure is. I hope he lends some knowledge before he departs. I would be interested to get a player brake down from him although he seems to just does not even want to talk about them. I guess its time to find a new king...
  13. kegslayer13

    what I truly feel Brewers need

    I just don't see the reasoning to be on here saying she's perfect. do you think what I would like to see changed on her makes her worse? she can be your favorite and as I had said before obviously people can win with her but like you even state "She is certainly not in the category of superstar captain" so what can a bump up hurt? I agree metas are all different which is kind of why worlds is not a terrible indicator as no one from any of the 8 qualifiers took brewers. also if we look at PAX Philadelphia which was a couple weeks before steamcon US, no brewers showed up. steamcon UK had a real bad showing for your cause as tapper went 3 and 0 wile Esters went 2 and 5. I'm covering a lot of miles here and by no means are these three places metas the same but brewers don't seem to be doing so hot at any of them. masons are at 49.8% which is as close to perfect as possible and still 7 whole percentage points higher then brewers who now have the lowest win rate of any guild. the last round of nurfs/ boosts saw very little actual boosts. 80% was a straight nurf and what I suppose could be considered a boost was extremely minor tweaks for the most part, quality of life change for Theron as he should have been light footed the whole time. they do that on purpose because if they were to make drastic swings up they have a much higher potential of breaking something and needing to do it all over again sooner then they would like. its easier to bring things down to a baseline. Stave Vet spigot and sure the dog might need something but that is not going to be enough to change a whole lot. its captains that make the most difference and if you don't think its Esters then lets buff Tapper which I am all for as he is my favorite and nothing would make me happier.
  14. kegslayer13

    what I truly feel Brewers need

    good point that may help a little. certainly gives him some more flexibility in his usefulness which I like "generally fine" is just not good enough... I get you don't want to hand good abilities out so there not unique anymore but something has to give right? I mean she try's to play a similar game as them she's just not as good at it.
  15. kegslayer13

    what I truly feel Brewers need

    well Tappers my guy so I definitely would not be upset about him gaining anything but I can not see that happening. though CA and some damage even if it was only 2 on the 5 column would be amazing... isn't sturdy just worse then glut mass? I mean I guess I would take it as anything helps.