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  1. team comp Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Spigot, Lucky vs Theron, Fahad, Egret, Hearne, Jaecar, and Zarola kick off with Tapper, who ends up getting pined but getting to Theron and putting a hurting on him. my poor opponent could not make a pass for his life so I end up with the ball and the momentum. turn two sees Theron get taken out and this is the start of turn 3 Tapper has that stack of influence with Hearne, Zarola, and Jaecar all KD around him. he triggers Commanding aura and takes out Hearn and Jaecar - 6 - 0 Theron coms and tries to get the ball but misses another pass and gets demolished for it. ball scatters so Hooper can intercept. he smashes Theron down to one life and drops the ball off to Spigot. Spigs Finishes him off and runs up to score for the shut out.
  2. first game with Blacksmiths kick off went fine, down hill after that shark scored, then shark scored, I fiddled with the ball and took out Sakana then this he got the ball back to shark and I decided that was enough. 12-2 Fish I'm fairly proud of the formation I was able to keep with them though.. nice and tight right up the field.
  3. Lucky feedback

    i agree with all of this except raise the stakes. its not a trap but knowing when to use it is obviously important.. I use it if lucky is being crowded out by two or more models to get some distance and if they still want lucky engaged they can only follow with one, I have also jumped him in with a full stack and gave my opponent the option to run away with some one and beat up the other.. I'm not saying its useable in every game or scenario but its a cool mechanic that I do not think is a trap.
  4. Getting curb stomped by the sidewalk repair guild

    ya I agree with Jedianakinsolo mostly. maybe we should be telling you how to destroy Esters, which you can definitely do with masons. have you tried playing Hammer wrecker tower mallet brick and lucky yet? just ramming speed esters with wrecker the whole game. use Knockback (which 3 people in this list have) to reposition and mitigate the mov penalty. you don't need a striker because hammer lucky tower and mallet are all reasonable goal threats and under football legend are as good as anyone. any way I can definitely say as versatile as people think esters is she is not doing enough of any one thing to make her viable and truthfully I think that's her problem.
  5. Getting curb stomped by the sidewalk repair guild

    ya that line up looks solid. could use hemlock as a ball holder as well with def 5 and a T on one for counter attacks (plus flint is only def 3 vs her). that may allow you to keep Friday in there and threaten counter goals. hemlockes target priority is hammer or honour fist every turn. everyone. don't be afraid to smash him in and see how he does. you'll be happy most of the time. sometimes it does matter when your putting up commanding aura or not but the more you smash him in you will see what work you get out of him. I'm not sure there's a mason out there that tapper hasn't taken out for me at some point (except granite as she's newer and not being played much by me)... take what they give you and put them in the ground.
  6. Getting curb stomped by the sidewalk repair guild

    couple things. first, there is a recent thread about hemlocke I recommend skimming through as blind is good vs masons. though staves barrel is a range of 6" it does not require a target. the center of the AOE is just placed 6" from him so if brick is who you want to hit you can stay just out side of 6" and place it right in front of him to knock him back. if you opponents are good though he still may not be much of an answer for you. I am one of those who believe that Esters is the answer to questions like "who could use a buff" and "who am I leaving out of my ten" so unfortunately you will never get that recommendation from me. there definitely a rough game right now but keep at it. if you smash you head into a wall enough you'll eventually break through.
  7. Hop-Locke. What is Hemlocke doing for us?

    could not agree more with the logic here. masons specifically have been a problem and blind does seem to slow there super solos down enough. I would still rather pint pot vs corsair if there bringing A&G which seemed to be the case a lot. but other then that I would say in the current meta Hemlock is the best union choice available.
  8. Alliance?

    you sure you don't like fish? this sounds awfully Salty?
  9. Alliance?

    nice! my friends play fish so I am sure I will be helping out a bit in that department as well and (with no official leadership roll to represent this guild in its entirety bestowed open me) accept your purposed alliance..
  10. The Cat Pat and Another Round!

    ha! I think you still use the play but now scum can go even further and possibly have tooled up on him if your so inclined. the activation order changed a little but really for the better. the play, no matter what you call it, is still super effective and possibly more so.
  11. Decimate?

    it's hard because we cant take her now but after looking at her I really really want her to join the team.. obviously the vet version will change a bit but I mean if she keeps half the dodges she has she will still be the most shifty player we have by a lot.. we can guess based on the other veterans that a majority of her stat line will remain untouched so her speed and defense will be top notch in brewer world. if her playbook gets brewed and she keeps tac 6 and anatomical were looking at a real superstar under the buffs we have available to us.
  12. Story Wise who would Decimate side with?

    that could be the case or was she just content? if she was good with black heart maybe even though Tapper is a good guy there's no reason to go back but now that Rage is just going nuts and the church is taking over she's realizing its time to forgive and forget. I mean based on luck's story I would think Tappers got lucky no? or because Lucky is dual faction does he not get a vote?
  13. since were going to win Decimate, I have faith. who would she end up voting with as far as beer naming goes, Tapper or Esters? I know she was a brewer and do to a regime change she was ousted. was that the same group that put Tapper in charge of the team or an older one?
  14. Decimate?

    I'm not that worried. hammers aren't always the answer
  15. Decimate?

    I am not opposed to it. it does seem strange to offer up another instance of second wind as its already in faction. even thousand cuts isn't new as dirty knives is the same idea.. I do not hate the idea of being able to bring another 4/1 but part of me hopes this is going to work into some changes they are planning on cards maybe?