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  1. billbox88

    [W] Brewers [H] Hunters (located UK)

    Waiting for my mystery boxes to arrive, will get back to you after.
  2. billbox88

    W: Engineers/Hunters

    Looking for cheap teams. Shipped to Finland, but you can snap them off their bases for cheap shipping.
  3. billbox88

    Sakana...why use him?

    I understand that on paper, but he never seems to do anything on the table. Could be just my playing skills.... He even doesnt have a KD.
  4. billbox88

    Sakana...why use him?

    In my recent games I´ve been thinking about Sakana. Seems I get him to do absolutely nothing the whole game aside for some random damage and counter attacks. Do you use him? Why, what makes you take him?
  5. billbox88

    H: Painted Alchemists

    The alchemists pictured here without the ball. Located in Finland, willing to trade for another guild as well.
  6. billbox88

    W: Butchers and Engineers

    Looking for a whole Btuchers team and some engineers. I want to buy a bigger lot so i can get it a little cheaper since you can get rid of them all in one go International shipping to Finland. PM me with offers.