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  1. Conditions question

    Sure thing!
  2. Conditions question

    Conditions are still applied, even if 0 damage is taken due to block or resist. This applies to both players and enemies. Only exception is dodge. A successful dodge prevents damage and conditions. Cheers!
  3. Dark Souls Live Stream Schedule and links

    Currently no really comprehensive description of the rules. Thermo is trying to get a video out for tomorrow, so be on the lookout then.
  4. US Shipping Status

    Sad to see another week go by without the game. Especially International Tabletop Day weekend... In this case, no news is bad news, basically the reason I haven't said more here and abouts. First place I tell anyone if I hear anything new is here. Good luck everyone!
  5. Unboxing Video DS:TBG

    Glad to hear it! Great to see this kind of stuff. Really like the fact that you respect the difficulty and complexity of the game, not just condemn it because of it. I'll be sure to keep an eye out with pushes and boss mechanics (if I ever get the game... sigh). Looking forward to your coverage!
  6. Rulebook - Unclear rules/mechanics

    Myself included. It's not super intuitive, but I suppose you're right saying they could stay in place. Given you're paying 1 stamina anyway, not moving is almost considered a 'waste' but clearly useful in certain situations. Weird, but I think you're right.
  7. PVP playing style

    This would be absolutely amazing.
  8. Rulebook - Unclear rules/mechanics

    You beat me to the punch! Was going to clarify that as well. Yes, this is what I concluded, as you can see. However there is an important clarification to make with what you said (in much better words than I did I might add). Remember the fact that the target of movement is chosen at the beginning of the enemy movement, not at each stage of it. So in the example I was trying to illustrate, where the Warrior is in the same node as LHS and the Knight is one node away, when the initial push resolves, the LHS moves towards the Warrior, because he was nearest at the beginning of the movement, despite the fact both characters are now equal distance and the Knight has more taunt. Just to make it extra clear. Also, in your description, there is another thing I want to point out, though this one I'm not 100% on. Following same example as above, LHS activates, Warrior pushed away, and now LHS is trying to move into his new node. I am fairly sure that the Warrior can choose to dodge before the push resolves onto him as a result of LHS moving into his node, because it is an attack, and if the dodge is successful the said push does not resolve. The way you describe it, he is automatically pushed and afterwards he gets the opportunity to dodge/block, all from his new node. I feel this is incorrect, but as I say, not 100%. Cheers!
  9. Potential Difficulty Issue?

    I would definitely go ahead and say you got really lucky with your gear. You got really advantageous stuff, plus with all that dodge, you're not mitigating damage, but avoiding it altogether. Also keep in mind that the game very organically adapts its difficulty to the number of players, because enemies activate according to the number of players. 4 players = 4 enemy activations in a round, and the trend is the same with all numbers of players. You can see how this drastically changes the amount of actions the enemies get to take. And I cannot see the game being balanced without the regenerating health as long as bosses have attacks that can do up to 7 damage. That's 70% of your health, not to mention the fact it's shared with stamina. I think it would be extremely difficult to pull out a win that way. As I said, I think the fact that you were going solo, combined with the lucky gear you got led you to this impression. I think you would have had a very different experience with just one more player, or even just playing as a class not dodge-oriented. Or or at least that's what I think!
  10. Rulebook - Unclear rules/mechanics

    Yes! Unless said boss is Vordt of the Boreal Valley...then he flips around and keeps moving! These mega boss mechanics are going to be awesome.
  11. How will you play the game?

    Hadn't thought of that!
  12. How will you play the game?

    Fair points! Will fiddle around with it and see. Can't wait to get my hands on it!
  13. Rulebook - Unclear rules/mechanics

    The Damage value there represents an actual attack. That is why it is under attacks in the rules. Therefore, the attack has a dodge value, just like any other attack. The basic enemies all have the dodge value for their attacks to one side. Same with the bosses, only this is on each individual behavior card. Just imagine it as an attack, not an add on to the movement.
  14. DS:BG Live stream in 10 min...

    Yep. Push only specifies you must be in a node farther away from the enemies current position. So if he moves into your node, and movement has push, you can choose any adjacent node. Careful, that's specific to boss movement pushing. For normal enemy movement pushing it functions as I stated above. Bosses are different because of the arc system.
  15. Boss Suggestions

    I'm inclined to disagree with you. I think their selection of bosses is great. I think it's awesome they have the Gargoyle. And heck, Ornstein and Smough are just the best/worst. The Dancer I think is a nice inclusion. Gaping Dragon on the way which I fin really nice, especially for the model. And Artorias, our savior and destroyer. I'm all set. In regards to poor old Vordt of the Boreal Valley, sure his battle in the video game wasn't the hardest, but I found the lore around him pretty awesome (The Boreal Valley in general I love). And SFG has already stated that they actually wanted to redeem Vordt in the board game format. His mechanics actually sound really cool. Aside from the frostbite and all else, he is very nimble. If his movement takes him into a wall, he will turn around and continue moving. He charges from across the room. He sounds a lot more interesting than his original fight ever was. I'm excited to play him. Another boss whose mechanics have been overviewed is the Pursuer. His ability is to play 2 behavior cards in succession. His initial behavior deck size is an even number (6 I think, not sure) so he sticks to pattern. But at heat up, you add only 1 new card, as per usual. This means his deck is now an odd number of cards, which causes different combinations of cards each time. It sounds just awesome. Moral of my story: Give these guys the benefit of the doubt. They know what they're doing, and chosen bosses because they have fun and interesting ideas about how their mechanics can work. I find it awesome for us to discuss mechanics and new bosses and more inclusions, but let's not be too hard on SFG. Cheers!