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  1. Simple Gems decrease the Stamina of the weapons heaviest Att by one, but what if there are 2 different Att with equal Stamina? Are they both reduced? Or do you have to choose which one? For example the Great Axe has two Attacks costing 3 Stamina, are they both reduced to 2 or only one of them?
  2. Cool ideas, although vordt (as a mega boss), manus and kalmeet have already been confirmed. i don't know about having Gwyn and soul of cinder though as there would be some crossover with moveset, although leaving one out would seem wrong. Also I think Aldrich might be a mega boss though. also I would like to see nito and chaos witch quelaag.
  3. Can anyone help me out with the state requirements for the moonlight greatsword? Just need to settle something.
  4. Retail backers

    I pre-ordered retail ( as did a friend albeit from a different store) we both received our copies last week. Before anyone gets their pants in a twist about 'omg I backed on ks and you received before me' these stores also backed the game to get these copies. I only bought retail as I missed the ks, I'd much rather wait out any delay and receive all the stretch gosld for free. *UK based BTW.
  5. Best solo class

    Ah okay, we were doing it right ( I think) then. Just I was making the assumption that a. you were only fighting 2 knights and b. your atts were coming after they had made successful att against you. My bad
  6. Best solo class

    How do you manage to get them all on one node though? When we played through we moved and attacked with each enemy one at a time, even if there were two of the same with the same 'aggro'. Therefore say I was playing against 2 silver knights the first would move and attack me plus pushing me with his attack off his node. Then the 2nd would complete his move/attack set ending up on my node to att if possible. This would mean the silver knights end up on different nodes so I was unable to att both. Did we do this wrong? Are all pieces with the same 'aggro' move and att in unison?
  7. [Campaign mode] - Dashing Through

    Yeah, I (and the person who I was with) really enjoyed and appreciated that mechanic. It was subtly done, but definitely added to the immersion.
  8. As far as I know.... 1. Yes, the boss will attack you, thin air, an innocent wall every activation of the boss you complete the actions fully. 2. It's your choice, much like the video game if you are clever you will use your evasions to your advantage to place yourself where you can best att.
  9. [Campaign mode] - Dashing Through

    In my single go at the campaign, deciding where we dashed through had a lot to do with enemy placement in said room. Where a sentinel with one movement was placed on the opposite corner we dashed through as he would only have one activation with a movement of one. Where there was 2 before the next boss fight both within range of getting their hits in we felt we had to stand and fight as we couldn't go into the boss a disadvantage.
  10. Pursuer,Sir Alonne and Smelter Demon

    I would be sad if Alonne gets 'relegated' to mini boss status. He was one of the best fights in the series. However, he has no memorable 'heat up' like the main bosses in the base game at least. Also the fact that he has been moved to the old iron keep expansion, so it stands to reason he will be the mini boss in that expansion campaign.
  11. Gameplay: The Grind

    Hi all, just thought I'd share my first experience(s) with the game. Saturday just gone a friend and I played through a mini boss (Gargoyle) to get to grips with the game. Probably the easiest mini boss, I can see why they would suggest fighting him twice in the DS1 inspired campaign. We died a few times but through a little ambivalent luck we got through. I was a knight, he an assassin. We chose the same characters the next day and decided to take on the DS3 campaign (Winged Knight/Outrider/Dancer). It was long ( about 10-11 hours, although I expect that to about half in time) but great fun. Both of us are veterans of the video game series and knowing (and enjoying) how they work decided to grind the level 1 encounters a bit for loot/stats. We got very lucky in that a lot (if not all) of the tiles leading upto the first mini boss had treasure chests. At that low level I think we were a bit too blasé with one room and got killed on our third farming loop to a level one. It woke us up a bit but we both appreciated that, much like the video game, you cannot take anything for granted. The drops weren't kind in terms of stat requirements early but that was negated by the souls acquired by the grinding. The first level 2 room immediately before the Winged Knight was a lone Sentinel, whom we barely defeated with the aid of an estus. Deciding to rest because we knew estus would be needed on the boss we fought 2 level ones again and dashed through the sentinel as he spawned on the other side of the room, and thus out of range. We promptly died to the Winged Knight. From then on it was good going, apart from a level 3 with 2 sentinals that spawned in the centre of the room prior to the Outrider that handed us our asses on a platter a few times. By good going, I mean we squeaked through each challenging encounter we faced (both Outrider and Dancer were beaten with both estus used and a sliver of health remaining, and all the level 3's required a reroll or heroic action apart from when we faced 6 silver knights and I, as a knight, was rolling 3 blue defence). Overall, the game plays brilliantly and I think they have captured everything I love about Dark Soul's mechanics in fun and challenging way. (From knowing when to back off or press the advantage to the dash through encounters). Also, time and your sanity willing with ability to buy sparks the game can go on indefinitely in campaign mode, much like the game. I think this will be my preferred option of play going forward, especially for groups. The only downside I can find is the RNG loot that has been mentioned before and the difficulty of the mini bosses. Now, in theory, the Winged and Outrider Knights are giving equal pegging in terms of difficulty (by this I mean that their is nothing to indicate a difference between them in the rules or on their cards, although the Outrider is definitely a little harder). My point is that without tiered mini bosses that first encounter is a bit of a doozy and thus requires a bit of grinding. I wouldn't mind that if, for campaign purposes, maybe mini bosses had different levels you could choose that reflect the point in the campaign you play them. For example, take 5 off their health and only have them have a behaviour deck of 3 not 4. This may make the difficulty more of a curve, and along with tiering of weapons, could speed things up. However, conversely, it may ruin what made the campaign a campaign. *Edit* Just seen that each invader has their own behaviour deck, much like what I was proposing for the mini-mini-boss, think these might make an excellent ending for the first set of tiles in a campaign when they are out. These are nitpicks though, it is everything I hoped for.
  12. A question on movement.

    Ah okay, that makes a load more sense then. That was my only real concern with that so thanks for clarifying. Also that means that if you try that room multiple times you can adjust what door you go independing on the enemy type. So, using the same example, if it was archers spawning instead of the sentinel then you would want to come through the adjacent door not opposite.
  13. Attack move attack question.

    I think the only way to do this is either have a weapon equipped that uses movement in it's attack or use the warriors heroic att. Then you could move, att with shield, move again with the special ability and att again using the same. I did think steam forged clarified this about half way through the yogscast stream. Normally you can only move then att or att then move I believe.
  14. A question on movement.

    I get that it has been play tested a this is the most balanced way of playing that they have found. However what I am saying is that when yogscast fought the sentinel he spawned on the other side of the room yet could still move towards and hit the players on first activation. Therefore my argument is that he might as well have spawned on top of them for all the good the spacing between them did. I don't know, maybe I just need to play the darn thing and not over analyze. Also it was their first play through I imagine that once you become familiar with the mechanics it will be fine. I just have to stop comparing it like for like with video game. Whilst they will share similarities I suppose what I expect in that would not make a fun board game.
  15. So each standard tile is configured 3 nodes by 3 nodes with a further 2 rows of 2 nodes offset in between (as you are all probably aware) . On the demos I have seen this means to move directly across the board it takes 2, moves where as diagonally it requires 4. My question is should we not be 'snaking' between nodes rather than moving in straight line? meaning to go from one side of the board to the other requires 4 moves also. I appreciate that the method I am proposing would lengthen encounters but I also think that it would be way more tactical and you could `kite' less mobile enemies better. At the minute I feel it doesn't matter what node an enemy spawns on they can hit on their first activation regardless of whether they are placed due to the limited movement requirement to close the gap.