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  1. Afternoon, please if you have time take a moment to check out a recent match reports. This was from a Captain Con Qualifier event from 9/9/17 at Top Deck Games in Haddonfield NJ. Captain Con will be a gaming convention in February 2018 with some guild ball ! The qualifier helps seed a few players for the Masters event. Hope you enjoy. Please comment, share, and offer feedback as you see fit .
  2. Happy Friday Guild Ball folks ! I finished a recent match report and wanted to share. This time its kickoff Mason's with post errata Theron and Hunters . Feel free like, share, and comment as you see fit. Any feedback is helpful, and please let me know what you might like to see next.
  3. xerxis

    From box to built, Crucible.

    Game 1 for me this week. Into fellow Alchemists. Me : Smoke, Naja, Harry, Vitriol, Crucible, Calculus. Mate: Midas, Flask, Vitriol, Crucible, Mist, Compound. I typically run Midas, wanted to try Smoke. I was not wild about my lineup choices, lineup struggled a lot. Crucible was the bright spot ironically. When my mates midas scored, he went legendary, and snared my crucible. This turned into a huge amount of fun. As she was already engaged. So I went fire so she had fire and snared. Then she cast slip past, jumped into melee with a mist and wailed him snaring and setting him on fire for a huge movement reduction. I ended up losing, but having crucible hit someone causing fire / snare, then reactive solutioning 4 inches to engage another player became really fun the rest of the game. It created a odd " you have to kill her or your team is not moving dynamic. She has some interesting tricks and applications in game.
  4. xerxis

    vKat, educate me.

    Vet Kat to me is all about clean up. This took a lot of learning and trying. He is really good with Midas. Lure of gold can get him to spots he cannot be easily crowded out. When I have been successfully, usually its a combination effort. As an example, typically harry goes and beats on someone while knocking them down. Harry is pretty solid for 6 damage it seems. Vitriol is typically up field being vitriol, hunting goals, drawing attention, hiding in cover when able. Midas is doing the Midas thing. Vet kat , typically I leave for last in order to go for the witness me last activation OR 1st activation the following turn. The key is really getting him off the pitch to prevent the momentum battery happening. His healthy is deceptive as he loses the 4 a turn. So lets say your lineup is : Midas, Vitriol, Vet Kat, Harry, Naja, Compound / Crucible. If you can get that goal with Midas and Vitriol, then you want to be thinking " who is somewhat squishy that is possibly over extended, preferably without tough hide ? So lets saw you see a 3/1 or 4/1 with roughly 14 health you can probably get. Thoughts might be... do you go Midas and push dodge the player to your end ? Might be good, generating momentum, the odd point of damage here or there, plus your keeping your players safer. So lets say midas does 1-2 damage, harry then does 4-6. Vet Kat can likely then clean up that knocked down player who may have taken 5-8 damage. It might take a next turn 1st activation, but it might not. The key, witness me to get him off the field. I run naja to get the extra crowd outs and maximize 2 inch melee models. I presently prioritize Compound, but there are many matchups that running Vet Kat vs Og Kat is ok. Its less of a influence resources. You will have 2 extra influence. I actually put these on Naja. With crowd outs vs non tough hide models, she actually gets damage in, and that means a poisen. Adding Crucible those knocked down players are spending 2 themselves to get up , OR 3 from a friend. With an early goal, plus momentus results you can bully the game for first turn IF you can keep Crucible alive.
  5. xerxis


    I just am not sold on her presently, it may be due to personal play style. When I look at my competitive experience, here is my typical line up, which I feel is really flexible. Midas, Naja, Harry, Vitriol, Og Kat, Compound. Roles are fairly obvious. Midas and Vitriol up front. Typically kick off with Midas, vs non fish I go Vitriol to immediately pressure or retrieve the ball. Harry and Og Kat typically hunt to bully a model and try for a take out. Pending how turn 1 goes, sometimes its Vitriol going late to apply those last few damage points. Naja and Compound help with crowd outs in my end and goal defense. When its a mid field game, Compound with rush keeper comes in play a lot here. A few games I have rush keepered up to steal the ball and get a 2 inch reach locking an opponent down. Then shift naja over to simply engage them. Combo that with Harry then walking to right, your talking 2 crowd outs. For Harry that can turn into a lot of damage fast. Factoring he goes crazy you then have Tac 7 + 2 crowd outs for 9 dice on a 6 playbook. If that's against a model who does nto have touch hide and gets knocked down, that's either a lot of momentum OR lots of damage for a model to then clean up on. As Alchemists are typically hunting for 2 goals, 2 take outs. It helps a lot. The question is can crucible do what compound does ? Same base size, more mobility, possibly helps in ball retrieval but that 4/0 and low HP is killer to me. Compound is not really going to get 1 rounded in most games. A knocked down Crucible will. So she has to play back. That base size without 2 inch reach could be problematic for crowd outs. However, with Og Kat, she could be REALLY annoying to opponents who will burn and likely not bother clearing conditions. Where I see her impacting the game is if a Alchemist player gets up 1 goal and a take out early, and then using her and OG Kat to get fire out there, and slow the opponents advance. It will be all about play style. Not really sure she fits mine. I would have preferred her to be 4/1, or 5/0. Maybe instead of nimble have given her acrobatic
  6. xerxis

    Calculus ?

    I agree with many of the points offered. Hemlock vs Calculus may look a consideration but its unfortunately really not. Hemlocke would take that every so important Union slot for a 9 man Roster. While you may think 9 is a lot of players, it really is not. When looking at Union : Harry offer's a lot to the Alchemist team. 2 inch reach, solid HP amount, solid momentous results, respectable damage, and a fire AOE means he works well with both Smoke and Midas. A&G are really your next thought ( I personally find Mist redundant due to the near auto include of Vitriol regardless of Smoke / Midas ). A&G have great goal threat, good crowd out, and respectable tackle when needed. Hemlocke offers : duplication of abilities if your considering taking Calculus. Lower HP, decent football skills, and healing. Here is my present 9: Midas, Smoke, Naja, Harry, OG Kat, Vet Kat, Vitriol, Compound, Calculus. I am presently even considering dropping Smoke completely, possibly dropping Vet Kat as I almost never take him in competitive play over OG Kat. The question then comes, does Hemlocke fit ? Answer is no at the present time as Harry becomes too important with all of his benefits, along with Rising Anger to help the momentum race, followed by clean up duty. He is also a great goad model on low def models. Goad + Blind is sometimes necessary late game to freeze certain models in place ( Brick, Seenah, Colossus ) where you do not necessarily want to prioritize to them as you may already have 1 goal and 2 take outs and your hunting for the last goal, but they are centrally located on the board being a thorn in your game plan. Hemlocke to me is in the unfortunately place, great for fun, fun for that occasional all in AOE / Condition lineup ( Smoke, Flask, Vitriol, Calculus, Mercury, Vet Kat ) . But really not a great fit for Alchemists right now. Even in that all condition lineup, one could argue Harry is a better fit then Mercury )