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  1. Stave Redux

    Man, I really want Stave to be good. He recently won me a game against Ox butchers pretty much single-handedly by barrel lobbing some guys into awkward positions, but then again he's also single-handedly lost me some games as well. He's always a tonne of fun though, which is good enough for me
  2. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    wow beautiful! Quick question how do you get the whites to work? Every time I try white fur or cloth it just comes away really dirty looking...
  3. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    That seems to be a really sound strategy @Edek. I'm definitely going to try it. Last time when my fish playing friend kicked off to me with Siren I was able to grab the ball with Tapper, dodge him off the pass and annihilate her, but that was all down to a lucky ball scatter. Your plan seems way better any day
  4. Possible Masons and Blacksmiths Identity Crisis?

    Ah, I think I read something along the lines of [one master/apprentice pair will vary wildly from the next] so here's to hoping that Anvil/Sledge are accidentally the Blacksmith's Mason-y duo and other couples will be really different. You know, these guys are armor makers, some other guys are really good at making swords; they are unarmored because why not and therefore fast, may feel more like butchers, then there is something else again? That would definitely mean that the guild as a whole would not infringe on the identity of other guilds too much, though individual players might..
  5. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    Yeah.. I suppose this happens way more often than any of us like. Esters is equally screwed in this situation as Tapper though, so not really a reason to play one or the other. But, just the other day in our local big league I witnessed another brewers player still score with Friday after the fish dude did just this, closing out the game for him. It was a huge middle finger to Shark and his mean stuff and everyone was really cheered by it. Well, most of us anyway. Good times!
  6. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    @Redmaw that is awesome! I really always miss Friday and Scum whe I'm not playing them; can't say I've ever had Friday score 14 points though (12 is my current record I think). I'll be raising one for the lass this evening at any rate.
  7. First turn goal, sure! But what then?

    Sure but what do you do after he counterattacks you 4" away and KD? I'm still convinced Mallet is safer with his 3"melee.
  8. First turn goal, sure! But what then?

    In response to this, if they are playing Mash (and to a lesser extent Scum) I think you REALLY want Mallet, because 2"UM can really destroy your chances of retrieving the ball with any other player (provided they don't let you get into B2B with him, otherwise you get to have a party with the fat man ending in more goals for you)
  9. First turn goal, sure! But what then?

    But what if the brewer doesn't bite? In the lineup described above, if he has the ball he gets to dictate where the game is being played yes? Goad can only do so much... So you try to stay out of range of tapper with your important guys and try to lure them in with brick or tower, but surely the opponent is not going to go for it blindly? Instead, they might also hover out of your killing range, trying to maneuver a favourable position for them (which is easier with the ball than without, by far) and slowly setting up either a giant scrum (not what you want as the mason player) or some other way to close out the game, either way winning the momentum race through passing and therefore keeping control of the pace of the game. Or counterlure you, because why not? Sure if you isolate a brewer or take their group apart you are in a good spot for scoring some takeouts, but the same goes for them, and in the lineup described above, I think the brewer had the better tools for achieving a break in the mason lineup than vice versa, so the positioning game just becomes incrementally harder I think? May be the plan should be to have a tooled up mallet go really far across the pitch and try to takeout an important piece such as spigot or mash? But that is risky if your target survives (and to be honest, if he lets you eat spigot he is either messing something up, or has some other nasty thing in mind for you that is worth sacrificing spigot for), because you just gave him 2 VP and he will likely just heal up the damage after.
  10. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    This is certainly true and feels amazing when you pull it off. But now Tapper gets goaded to the table edge and PintPot is on the recieving end of a gut and string and what do you do now? I really enjoy both captains honestly, just not equally in all matchups, is all I'm saying
  11. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    I dunno Edek... I really like Tapper, but I find that if you time Esters' legendary right, it can often decide the game on the spot. Also she just brings a bit more versatility wich allows for a change of plans, a bit better than Tapper. I hardly ever need her heroic, as you say, but the rest of her package is pretty much golden in my book.
  12. Vs Fish

    Huh. I never even considered that. That is scary though
  13. Vs Fish

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not arguing that this is at all easy , and I'm well aware that the scenario I described above may well be once-in-a-lifetime. However I am not (yet) as put out by shark as many berwers plays seem to be. I think that we have <some> options against him, especially since you know exactly what is coming right? I'd be happy enough to make that coin flip once and lose it on the second go, because that will likely give some opportunities to get some work done. You really have to make sure to sacrifice a healthy goat to the Dice Gods before the game though
  14. Vs Fish

    Yeah he did play her and he went for the oSiren kickoff with the intention of immediately seducing the ball back into his team. didn't work out for him as I got Tapper into melee with her after retrieving the ball and dodging off the pass. Regardless, 6 defence Friday should be able to hold the ball against seduced most of the time right?
  15. Vs Fish

    Played a game against Shark fish yesterday. Parked the ball on Friday with oSpigot close and Hooper's tough skin up at all times, making her a 5+/2. Kept her out of range of Shark in turn one, and watched him waste 10 (!) influence trying to get the ball off her turn 2. Needless to say, this brought his guys in range of Tapper, Hooper, and Scum who made quick work of Shark, Siren, Jac and Sakana, after which Friday moved in for the goal and a 12-0 victory. Now, I do believe that if my opponent had gone earlier in the turn with Shark he might have used the legendary to some effect, making the game harder. But all in all I was quite pleased with how Friday kept the ball, 6+/2 on a charge is nothing to scoff at I suppose. And with Esters she could be a 6+/2 every turn if need be.