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  1. Bear

    WTB: Limited edition Minerva

    Looks like she'll be available direct from the black Friday sale
  2. Bear

    S4 Farmer Preview

    I’ve not had much luck with Jack until today, but I kept running him because I could tell he had a lot to offer. I was just using him wrong, and I’m feeling much more confident after he hit his first goal for me (and kept following it up). I feel like he’s becoming an mvp. I’ve been forcing myself to change up my lists to explore the gameplay a little more, though. Bushel and Windle have been pretty amazing so far too. I ended a game by scoring with her twice in my first and second activation of turn two. She is probably the player I have the most difficulty benching. Windle pulls through for me, and he’s so reliable that even my garbage rolls get somewhere. I can count on him for a cheap pile of momentum and that really helps me control the flow of the game. The only player I’ve not used yet is Fallow, and every time I try to reach for her I just shake my head and wonder why I was even considering it. Am I missing something?
  3. Bear

    Crazy 4 Reaper team idea for Season 4

    It took me four attacks to get a single success against a 4-1 with grange on Wednesday, so I'm pretty sure everyone does have better dice than me 😅
  4. Bear

    Crazy 4 Reaper team idea for Season 4

    Your dice must be much better than mine
  5. My main game is tournament Malifaux, so I can't help but view guild ball as a "casual" experience (No offense, but the scenario system in Malifaux has become incredibly dense). Not in saying it isn't as competitive or it isn't as well put together, but I can play to a medium level without hurting myself. There are several of us locally who like to pull out figures and screw around a couple times a month, and it works great for us. Guild ball is a big step up from 40k or similar games, and I don't think that mindset would work as a casual baller. So I guess what I'm saying is your "casual" might not mean the same thing as the next fellow, and the folks most likely to be talking on the official forums are those who lean towards the competitive side of the game.
  6. Bear

    Mystery box!

    Finally arrived and I'm really happy with the results! Farmers, the Hunters 8, alchemy and farmer dice, campaign deck, plot cards, Theon and Esters Chibi cards, obulus pin and Easter fang tooth. Wish the communication was a bit better, but the end result left a smile on my face. I almost bought the farmers on Saturday, too. So glad I didn't!
  7. Bear

    Mystery box!

    At least you know what's going on with your package. I'm about to start writing "The Twelve Days of Fulfilled"
  8. Bear

    Mystery box!

    I've got a day on you. I'm in the US
  9. Bear

    Mystery box!

    Yeah, I'm logged in. At least one person posting above has the same issue.
  10. Bear

    Mystery box!

    I don't have any of that. No fulfilled date or time, no ten digit code anywhere. My order has been listed as fulfilled for over a week and I'm just plain confused.
  11. Bear

    Mystery box!

    Mine says fulfilled, but there's no tracking number. I'm going to assume that means it's been boxed up but hasn't been sent out yet.
  12. Bear

    Mystery box!

    Well, that's awesome that there's a second wave. I've seen so many folks bragging about having bought five boxes that it was a little sad to see people who wanted them to get into the game unable to purchase them.
  13. Bear

    Mystery box!

    Yeah, I was super bummed too. I guess when they say "limited" they mean "We've got ten in the warehouse. Good luck." And seeing this, I'm pretty sure the Blacksmiths Guild is going to be limited to the first three customers at GenCon.
  14. Bear

    Escalation league kit and 'Lucky'

    Will blacksmiths be playable with these campaign rules? You start with three players, there's no way for that to be evenly split between masters and apprentices.
  15. Bear

    Future Guild

    Don't get my hopes up.