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  1. Does anyone have a preferred Gear set up, or what is believed to be what the best in slot would be for each character? I like to play the assassin as a spell caster (as we dont have one yet) with force and fireball.
  2. Delivered

    I genuinely wasn't sure if there was some exotic pine that does grow white. I may add extra white to them but they do the job. I'm gonna go through my first solo play later today. So far me and the misses have played co op... Which spurred heated discussions to say the least
  3. Delivered

    That's correct. It has begun the process when it has a tracking number. Wood isn't naturally white... I'd imagine they are painted
  4. Delivered

    The tracking number was in backer kit. A new section appeared that was called "track your parcel". I did not recieve any email.
  5. Delivered

    It was roughly 13 days for me but partially shipped doesn't mean anything. When your tracking number say more than "advised" then you can expect it pretty quick. Mine still says out for delivery But it arrived yesterday morning
  6. Delivered

    My dancers off the base too but that was it... I get the feeling this would not have happened with the original dancer pose My box was a lot smaller too but had no packaging protection what so ever.
  7. Delivered

    Fingers crossed for you. Let us know the condition and how it was packaged
  8. Delivered

    I read this without the word "missing" In a funny sarcastic serious way. Entertained me for a minute. I'll post a picture of mine too when i get home
  9. Delivered

    It looks like it's just been shown packaging protection and then sealed up. Steamforged need to see this is how the packages are being sent
  10. Delivered

    Those hands are born for the dancer
  11. Delivered

    I opened the door once to be handed a card... that was an interesting conversation
  12. Delivered

    I just wanted to let you all know not to trust parcel force Mine has just been delivered and i have to go through full day at work before I can get my hands on it. The reason I say don't trust parcel force is that my tracking number wasn't valid until Saturday just gone. i received my tracking number on the 20th. I didn't recieve anything that said advised. I was in the dark. And then all of a sudden it was at my local parcel force depot. According to the parcel force website... my parcel has not even dispatched yet. So even if you can't see where your package is.. just chant "I am one with the force. The force is with me"
  13. Gameplay: The Grind

    I was thinking of the shop rule which i am really fond of for solo play... but I was also going to have a 6 sides dice and if i roll a 6 I get 1 free from the top of the treasure deck.. this is to just simulate getting random treasure from enemies. It won't flood me with loot as it's a low chance This was just for solo play at least to see how it goes.
  14. Unsure about UK deliveries

    I know what you mean... I'm not feeling fantastic either..
  15. Unsure about UK deliveries

    I think I'll be more patient for session 2. The worst part for me was judt having the bag over my head in limbo. Fingers crossed for no damage and complications. Granted I'll be ok if there is a little damage as I know it will be resolved and I'll still be able to die over and over Keep us posted when yours lands and it's condition.