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  1. Advices to an event

    No, the players at the upper side have three rounds, and they play only each other, and in the lower side just the same. So there will be two champion, one in the upper, and one in the lower side.
  2. Advices to an event

    Dear fellow guild members! In my local meta there will be a one day event on next saturday. There will be upper and lower side, and i'm in the lower. The other players will bring alchemists, brewers, blacksmiths and union. My questions are the following. 1. Against these guilds, wich captain would be the better choice? I think the gamers would bring these captains: Union: Rage Brewers: Tapper Blacksmith: Ferrite or Burnace Alchemist: I think it will be Smoke. 2. What tactics I choose in these games? 3. What squaddies will be the core of my team each games? I know, this is so theoretical, but I would really appreciate any advice, ideas or help
  3. Advices to an event

    There will be 16 players. The players will be ranked according they Longshanks ranking, 8 players with the most points make up the upper side, and the other 8 players make up the lower side of the event. There is the Longshanks link: http://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=832
  4. Masons and the Guild Plan Deck

    That's correct, but for example I never played them . Is he good enough? Which captain would prefer him better? Honour or Hammer?
  5. Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    Wow, nice report, thank you!
  6. Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    It would be great!!!!
  7. Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    Please write a match report after that
  8. Against other guilds

    Wow, nice write, thanks all of your advices, they would be very useful for me, next time i will try to do all of this things!
  9. Hello everybody! I would be very interested in your opinion of the other guilds, which are the greatest threats to us and why?
  10. Any ideas about the minor guild

  11. Any ideas about the minor guild

    I think everybody is looking forward to it But I think the Burnace/Cinder or Sledge/Anvil pairs would be funny (and fluffy btw) too
  12. Any ideas about the minor guild

    I think a third blacksmith box (3 masters, 3 apprentices) is not fair against the other guilds. Maybe the new minor box have six new models (3 masters, 3 apprentices), and one master-apprentice pair can work for them. And the new box style maybe the weapon or armor blacksmith, so the pair, who can work with them can be the Furnace-Cinder (weapon) or Anvil-Sledge (armor) pair.
  13. All of my Blacksmiths

    Btw, that face is amazing! I really respect those who can paint it so!
  14. Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    I think this young Chisel is one of the most beautiful models! And I really like the young Ferrite model too.
  15. All of my Blacksmiths

    Wow man, that Furnace are awesome! And the tattoes on his face...nice!
  16. All of my Blacksmiths

    They are great, I can only repeat myself
  17. All of my Blacksmiths

    They are great!!! I like your blue-grey armorcolor idea!
  18. Against other guilds

    Thank you. In the second match I picked all models with 2" reach to made Smoke difficult to took goals and went wherever she wanted to.
  19. Against other guilds

    Wow, thank you, i will try this next time Wow, nice trick, thank you
  20. Against other guilds

    Thank you
  21. Against other guilds

    Why do you think Farris has the best option to control vetKata? (and what does it means "opt"? )
  22. Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

  23. Against other guilds

    Well, the first match was a classic line up from Alchimist (Midas, Naja, Vitriol, Calculus, Mercury and oKata). I thought my opponent want to brought Smoke against me at first, so I picked a football line up Ferrite, Iron, Alloy, Hearth, Burnace and Cinder. And the exciting thing that Burnace was my captain, because I like the "projekt Hell" at his legendary turn (3 3" AOE, muhaha). My opponent was a rookie player to with Alchimist, but the other hand he has a very good emotion for this game, and really see the tricks of this game. Returning to the game, neither he nor me kicked a goal, and it was my biggest fault. Instead to go and try to beat his team out, I should have tried to made as much goals as I could w Alloy and Ferrite. After all, his time was passed, so I won 12:8 or 12:10 maybe. The biggest experience for me from this match that if you pick a football line up, never ever try to do TO If I had done everything to scored goals... maybe next time. The second match was the real madness for me. The first turn I felt myself in the Hell, and I thought I had as many chances as a snowball in hell. His lineup: Smoke, Flask, vetKata, Calculus, Mercury and Vitriol. I wanted to try the models that I never play with before, so I picked the Farris, Bolt, Anvil, Sledge, Alloy, Hearth lineup Bolt is a very funny and interesting model, but I absolutely didn't feel the style of Farris. Anvil and Sledge were a good pair, but I think there are better masters and apprentices in this guild. The biggest mistake in this game for me that I hadn't got any idea what I wanted to play. Football, or made a lot of TO. After all, I won this game with clock too, but if my opponent was fast enough, I hadn't got any chance. So I have to practice a lot, and after I have a theory, in a match I have to insist on it //I hope it was understandable that I wrote, my English is not perfect //
  24. Against other guilds

    I asked it because I had two matches against them at the last weekend. I won the games with clock, but against Smoke, the first two round were hell...four of my teammates had a lot of damage from AOEs, and I really didn't know what I had to do :-/ So I pick up this question here EDIT: but it is true that i ain't a skilled blacksmith player, this were my 3rd and 4th games with them
  25. Against other guilds

    Very interesting opinion, thank you! And what do you think, what can we do against Alchemist, especially a Smoke team? There are a lot of AOEs, and we haven't got high DEF :-/