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  1. Zozo

    Alchemist - our nemesys?

    I really appreciate for you this post, next time, when I have to confront an alch player, I will try this. Counter to what you wrote, my line up was this: Hammer, Wrecker, oChisel, Tower, Mallet and Granit (because I want a lot of 2" melee's player, and want to try out Granit). It was a horrible line up for me, so next time I will switch Hammer to Honour! Thank you again, I will write my experiences!
  2. Hello All! Firstly, I wish you all a Happy New Year! Secondly, on 29th Dec, there was an event at my local meta. In S4, that was my forst event with my biggest and first love, the Masons. I did a 2-2 rate, but there was a very sadly matchup, against a Smoke team. Have you got any idea, tip, or something, what can we do against the Alch team? Thank you!
  3. Zozo

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    Brick loses his 2" melee
  4. Zozo

    Ideas about minor guild

    I think it isn't a bad idea, but as @The Old Buzzard said at the top: it will take too much time for you...and the -2/-2" MOV to take +2 TAC...well, this would be too strong IMO.
  5. Zozo

    Couple of Millstones

    Fantastic Joker style
  6. Zozo

    Any ideas about the minor guild

    Maybe Oreminers 😎
  7. Zozo

    Killing the ball with masons

    I had a game, when Mallett take the ball in the left side/corner, after when he came back from TO, and Brick protected him for three turns But it is quite a possible situation.
  8. Zozo

    Veteran Chisel

    A captain style vChisel, 2" melee, furious, and some nice heroic AND legendary play
  9. Zozo

    Vs Ratcatchers

    Wow, it could have been a nice match!
  10. Zozo

    Vs Ratcatchers

    Yeah, that's what i'm thinking...pick Burnish to a captain, and burn the heretics And w Furnace and Hearth, we've got two 2" melee models, Alloy and Cast than may clear Miasma and/or Pelage. Good idea, next time I will try this, thanks!
  11. Zozo

    Vs Ratcatchers

    Hello All! Now that the Ratcatchers are available, what do you think which are the biggest dangers for us and which are the best line-ups and/or tactics against them? For example, Miasma, Pelage and Piper are the most dangerous models IMO, but none of them will die in a single activation automatecally (or we must have lucky dices).
  12. Zozo

    Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    Congrat again!!! Your team was the best! My vote also received you!
  13. Zozo

    Mason Player Summaries

    Hello All! These are my own remarks, and don’t general truths J Honour (C) She’s a very versatile captain. Can help other model to take another activation (for example the Mallet-missile, or to Flint, oHarmony, perhaps herself). With her monkey-buddy Marbles, she’ll be a very dangerous TO-maker, or alone can make a goal too, but she can die easily if you don’t careful enough (but in her legendary turn, she can choose [+1] ARM). Good into: line ups, which are want to make a 2-2 win // Risky into: teams, which are want to make 3 goals, or can make 4-6 TO’s. Hammer (C) Hammer-time, that’s tell everything J w Tower’s Tooled up, he can take out easily anybody, or can make a goal easily too (but after that, they will die). Good into: against fragile teams // Risky into: teams which can make goals easily and fast, and can kill your team remotely. Marbles (M) Goad, Assist, Loved creature, 4/1, CC w Brick…he is the number one mascot in the Mason Guild. Good into: w Honour, sometimes w Hammer too // Risky into: against teams those who have enough the 1 VP. Wrecker (M) I like the idea of the armadillo, and his rollerball and ramming speed are very good, if you have to go far, or you really want the 2” pushes. Sadly he can push only enemy models, but he is the best choice if you want to free your models, or want to cheat with the distances. Good into: w Hammer // Risky into: nothing, Marbles just better option, thats all. Brick I really like the big guy. CC, tough hide, knockback. The biggest drawback his 2 DEF… Good into: when you really need the zone-control // Risky into: against teams, which can operate CPs from afar, or football teams, which are really need MPs, because he is a very good MP factory. Chisel I’ve never tried her out Flint Our #1 striker. W Honour, he is very dangerous. Usually I played him w a Honour team. Good into: if you want to take minimum 2 goals // Risky into: against female teams (for example a Fillet Butcher team…) oHarmony Honour’s best friend ( of course, theye are sisters! ). W a team, when you bring Brick too, try to keep her near Brick, and w the Linked ability, after Honour did her job, oHarmony finish anything you want to do. Good into: I only bring her w a Honour team // Risky into: if I don’t play w Honour, I don’t play w oHarmony either. vetHarmony I only bring her w a Hammer team, but not always. Her most important abilities the Smelling Salts/Team Player/Breaking Play. Good into: if you have to play against teams which operate w AOE’s // Risky into: anything else. Mallet The good old football player. 3” MZ, his playbook is awesome, just like his CP’s and CT’s. He is a core-member. He is so good w Honour and w Hammer too. Good into: if you have to make hurt, but you don’t want to suffer counter attacks // Risky into: against fast teams. Tower The best supporting team-member. And that’s all. Sometimes you can pust out enemy models from the Pitch (3 hits and knockback…muhaha), but sadly he’s got only 1” MZ. Good into: w Hammer always, sometimes w Honour, if I really need his HP against teams who can give a lot of KD // Risky into: i don’t know, he is so good. Granite I’ve never tried her out Lucky I’ve never tried his out
  14. Zozo

    vs Engineers

    Hey All! I really want to know what do you think are the best tactics against a Ballista, and Pin Vice lead Engineers teams?