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  1. Building a bigger base

  2. Guild Ball Sculpting/Goal making

    I ordered from Zealot Miniatures, I think they are very pro! This was that I ordered, they are looking good enough for me! Gravestones And this is so cool too: Coffins
  3. The Goal Post Thread

    Hello All! I'm a real rookie in painting, and I started the GB with the Kick-Off Masons. Today evening, I finished my first Goal Post, and I'm very pleased and happy Goal Post 1 Goal Post 2 Goal Post 3
  4. Need advice

    Finally, I finished my Kick-off starter team Honour 1 Honour 2 Honour 3 And here are THE team Team And today evening i finished my goal post too... Goal post
  5. Hey All! I know KS Honour is a very rare model, but somebody has got one and want to sell it, please notice me! Thank you!
  6. Jacc's Hunter's Guild

    I think they're really nice, it is a very good start! God job!
  7. Newbie in the Masons Guild

    @Napoleon Thank you very much your comment!
  8. Hello All! I'm a new player in the game, and the Masons Guild too. I've got the Masons part of the Kick Off, and I really enjoy all of the three game, that I played. But I've got a problem with Mallet. I don't feel the style of him :-/ Can you give me any advice about him? Or the another idea that I switch them to Minx, because I want to play football more than fight against anybody In that case, my idea about this team, that one side, there is Honour and Harmony, the other is Minx, and in the middle, there will be a "bubble", Marbles, Flint, Brick. What do you think about this? All C&C are welcome!
  9. Harry the Hat

    awesome work, congrat! ?
  10. Need advice

    And there is Mallet, and the team before I finished the old hammer Mallet 1 Mallet 2 The core of my team @burroboskov thanks your advice about the Imgur!!!
  11. Need advice

    Thank you, i will try that ?
  12. Need advice

    Hello All! I finished another two models, Flint and Marbles, here are they Any CC are welcome! p.s.: how can I enlarge my upload limit? Flint 1 Flint 2 Marbles 1 Marbles 2
  13. Need advice

    Thanks your advices, I will try the washes. I painted my ball yesterday, and I washed it w gryphon sephia wash, but the picture is too big to upload here ? EDIT: I can switch the picture about my Brick, so I can upload the pics of the ball, where I tried to use the technic of the wash. ? Ball 1 Ball 2
  14. Need advice

    Hello All! I'm a new player, and I don't play any GB match yet. But I decided to start painting my Mason Kick Off team. I painted Brick, but I need advices, what must I do, to get a better finish w my models. Any c&c are welcome. ? Brick 1 Brick 2 Brick 3 Brick w wash