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  1. S4 arrives october 12th

    Absolutely agree that it would be cool for it to be available. Especially since I am Canadian and we don't have a Steamcon haha.
  2. S4 arrives october 12th

    but it would be the same if it was the reverse everyone in NA would be waiting and getting the info second hand. I could understand a sense of ownership because Steamforged is "local" but you can't make everyone happy unless you hold one steamcon and alternate locations every year OR make it known that the major season update will release in alternating locations every year. Either way your still getting the info + anything extra you can get at the UK Con. I think your preorder solution would be great and I hope that it would be offered to NA players if the situation was reversed.
  3. S4 arrives october 12th

    I am pretty new but last year I watched and payed attention to each con as much as possible and it seemed more like 1 con spread over distance and time then two separate cons.
  4. Best "Killy" Teams?

    So more like hit and run tactics?
  5. Best "Killy" Teams?

    Falconer's definitely are peaking my interest, we will see how they shake out.
  6. Best "Killy" Teams?

    Hi, I am looking for a third guild in the future and want to know who are the best (maybe top 3?) "Killy" teams after the Butchers (my main opponent plays them)? I currently run Fish main and just want a guild that plays on the opposite end of the football scale.
  7. Resin Spooks

    I think I may for future resins. Even though I love the mort resin casts more then the metal ones I just purchased all of the morts in metal. Also I am a littler worried if my LGS has to order at full price directly there will be a mark up bringing the price to something I am not going to want to pay. Either way this is kind of my issue and is not Steamforge's problem haha
  8. Resin Spooks

    I almost re-bought my whole Mortician team. . . stopped myself because it's a direct order. If I could get it from my LGS easily it would help a lot with this kind of purchase especially being Canadian. Side note: When is the mort pitch going to be up for purchase? if it ever will.
  9. SF Email: Announcing the End of Metals

    Question: "LGS that decides to support this direct range", does that mean my LGS has to order it directly from Steamforged?
  10. Butchers problems

    Ya I think Grange should be a better drop. Except that I still don't have the tactics down to win. Last night I played Grange, Harrow, Millstone, Tater, Fallow, Peck. I made a positioning error with Tater early on and basically handed him the game. Maybe it's my line up, maybe I just need more practice with positioning. I am not sure, but all I know is that Brisket gets a goal and everyone else kills me dead.
  11. Scalpel's time is now!

    If you don't mind me asking. What does your typical Scalpel team look like?
  12. Model distribution needs to change

    I mean for me the models range from $10 to $30. So I have purchased 2 models that have come to an amount of $40 or more. A minor guild costs me $60. So for an extra $20 I get 4 extra models I could play in a team of their own, a piece of terrain and a goal post? It's worth it to me just for the dual guild models and the terrain.
  13. Butchers problems

    I beat butchers a couple times with Bushel and Grange. Now my opponent wasn't playing the most optimized list but having the score potential is good.
  14. Initial thoughts after first proxy game

    Do you feel the disease condition is a problem with Scourge and no Miasma?
  15. Initial thoughts after first proxy game

    I just bought the second Mortician box and I have the Ratcatchers on preorder. Piper + Bonesaw was one of the first things I wanted to test. Am I right to think that Bonesaw can activate first, use his heroic, and then Piper can get him to sprint and make a shot? Allowing Bonesaw to move through enemies? If so that is an awesome little interaction.