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  1. zero_flatline

    Good models vs each team

    So far alcamist is my most tested match up. I have tried both graves and found vet graves is the better. You dont need the tooled up as scalple can easily take out most. The close control and early kd are great. The 2 armor hurts when most of their team is tac 5, trying to hit the 3rd column. I also take ghast vileswarm and hemlock. Smelling salts was only useful twice. Her strong suit was midnight offering. That allows scalpel to do pretty much what ever she want. And last slot goes to bonesaw if in kicking. Turn on goal is almost automatic. And usually skulk if I'm kicking. He can usually stop their turn on goal run.
  2. zero_flatline

    Season 4 token changes

    Tag along, but could always use the one from squeak. Possibly add blind. So we dont have to but every token from the exiles .
  3. zero_flatline

    Second game with falconers

    A few thing i take away from the game. Devana does not need a huge amount of set up. Only assist and one harrier, if any, can do the trick. Ikaros, tho not expecting much in the first place, did nothing for this match up. Didnt have the influance to spare and the times he was in range for the goal there was a fish near by to steal the ball. Mataagi is great and holding the ball. He can stay far enough away for the scrum to not get bogged down. But at the same time is fast enough to get in there when he needs to. Rundaas is a tool box, and is no jacar. He sets up he kills he scores! I would say he was the mvp of the game. Didnt get to use Menirva to her full potential but just the threat of the setup got the job done I needed her to do.
  4. zero_flatline

    Second game with falconers

    Yesterday I played my second game with falconers against my friend Gabrile Rosaure, who is currently 2nd ranked fish player in the US. Going in to this game I knew it would be a hard and was not feeling very confident. I won the role off and drafted straight falconers figuring I needed as many harriers I could muster to spread. Giving me options and making it hard for fish to just slip out. Last pick came to Vet Herarn or Ikaros. Last light is amazing but I thought I would need some one fast who could get the ball away form my goal. He drafted Shark, Tenticles, Hag, Jack, Greyscales, vet Sakana Turn one Shark kicks off. Minerva scoops up the ball kicks to devana dodges in to shark. Attacks twice doing KD and harrier. I dont think to measure Hag who has enough room to shadow like sprint to get to Minerva doing a momentus fisherman real disengaging Shark, Then puts up decoy. I move Rundaas up to try and cut off potential "ecsape routs" for shark. This point he pulls Shark trigger (cause you cant stop shark) Pays to clear dose shark thing scores. Kick the ball out lands on Ikaros. Mataagi walks up hotshots and dose momentus harrier then misses snapshot. Jack walks up bringing the squid. Squid blinds Devana. She then walks to shark uses hack back and starts to work on shark. I miss the KD and shark counters to double dodges out. Death from above attack pushes shark back in now and now engaged by Rundaas as well. Final attacks leave shark on 9hp. Vet Sakana, and greyscales run up the pitch. Ikaros kicks the ball to Mataagi. 0-4 fish Second turn i play go for the knees he plays back in the game. I go first. Rundaas shadow likes kills shark. And walk to annoy Geryscales who activates next attacks to disengag walks and fails to get the ball of 5/0 mataagi in cover. Minvera hits hag and drops a 2nd harrier. Tenticals misses a bonus time on Devana. I move up Frelsi to engage Hag. My goal here was to try and force Hag away so she could not mess up my setups with her shenanigans. This is where I forget the order of activations but Jack and Sakana come to Devana. Jack pushes Devana away and heroics breaking up the scrum trying to gain center control . Mataagi hotshots Greyscales to drop a harrier onto Jack. And passes the ball up the pitch to Rundaas who has a open goal run. Divana walk back to Jack, call the bird and removes jack from the table. 4-4 Tied game In to turn 3 I play keep the ball moving for extra kick dice(that I forget about and miss a pass) he uses offside trap(really messed up my plans). I start with Rundaas with the goal being to risky I decide to go a different path. I shadow like and fail a pass the ball to Ikaros but was able to snap to him.Than charge in to vet Sakana hitting him with dirty knives. Tenticals Blinds Devana. I go with Menirva KD and eye spy Hag. Shark grabs the ball off Ikaros and passes it to Greyscales. Pops legendary hitting my entire team besides Menirva. Making Devana -6/-6 move...... yea so that's a thing.... she was in range fo a 2inch charge into Sakana who was engaged by the bird and Rundaas he declared counter. I Wrap (thanks to the dirty knives)hitting Kd and 3 damage. Now at 2/1 Devana makes short work of him. Next activations are just moving players burning activation till Greyscales scores. I kick the ball out putting it right within walking distance of Mataagi. He grabs the ball hotshots Shark for 1 and bleed and hits snap fire. 8-6 fish Turn 4 and last turn. I play Full back he plays wingbacks. I go first again. Mataagi charges a fresh icy spounged Sakana. He counters. I do 2dmg harrier putting him to 6. He only get one hit on the counter. Next 2 attacks do mom3 killing Vet Sakana again. With the last inf I boot the ball as far down the pitch as I can. In fear of losing shark again he get him to safety and gathers the ball at the same time. Passes to Jack who dodges back. Rundaas is just barely in range to shadow like sprint to Jack. First attack gets the momentus takle second attack does 2 push dodge that gets me to tap in range. 3 dice tap in for the win????? Nails it Falconers win 12-8
  5. zero_flatline

    Stratagy against fish?

    Fish are really heavy in my meta. Has anyone thought of ways to deal with shark being..... well shark?
  6. zero_flatline

    Locus: Where and When?

    With remote controls distance and ball path are measured from the starting location of the free ball. Not locust. So he can intercept.
  7. zero_flatline

    vet. Cinder

    I dont see her killing 2/3 models in one activation. And definitely dont see and 8 VP activation. That situation requires you to set her for 4 turn and all of your resources.