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  1. Philthy Lad

    Reading the game

    Thank you
  2. Philthy Lad

    Reading the game

    Veteran Spigot's Reading the Game heroic play allows a target to make a pass immediately without spending influence. If I use Reading the Game on a friendly model that is within Harry's Inspirational Hat Aura to make the pass, and it is successful, can the friendly model that performed the pass make a Move & Pass for free?
  3. Philthy Lad

    Veteran Fangtooth Trait

    Thank you.
  4. Is Veteran Fangtooth's potbellied pass affected by Harry' the hat's Inspiring Hat character trait? If this has been answered, can you point me to the post? I couldn't find it?
  5. Philthy Lad

    No Grace card?

    you are right. weird.
  6. Philthy Lad

    Muse on Minis Order tokens

    I know but it would be nice to have the dice and tokens as a set for them. I do not like the union playstyle but I do have a Order team. just a thought.
  7. Philthy Lad

    Muse on Minis Order tokens

    I don't know if this is the best place for this but is Muse on Minis going to repackage the tokens for The Order Minor guild and make dice for them?
  8. Philthy Lad

    Ratcatcher Player Summaries

    I have made to update to the post and will be apologizing to some people later today.
  9. Philthy Lad

    Ratcatcher Player Summaries

    It may be a while before I make reviews for the squaddies as I feel I do not know enough of their match ups to give conclusive advice on them.
  10. Philthy Lad

    Ratcatcher Player Summaries

    Time for the mascot. Going forward with the squaddies I will put the good into/bad into as those models can be selected for specific matchups Mascot: Squeak The adorable mascot of the guild come is some mixed stats. He has a slow MOV (4”/6”), low TAC (3) and slightly lower than average DEF (3+) but has a much more reliable KICK (2/4”), good Health (10) and average Influence (1/3). Squeak’s role in the team is act as screener for other team mates and crowd out model. · Character Play: Dreadful Shriek o Costing 1 Influence or can be triggered from the playbook with a Momentous result on 2 but only having a RNG of 1” shows that this play is really meant to force the opponent into a Dilemma (see what I did there?). When triggered on Squeak’s activation, it can help reposition enemy models that might be just out of range of a team mate’s threat range. · Character Trait: Tag Along o To alleviate Squeak’s low MOV, This ability allows it to make a jog toward a model that is activating and moving its melee zone. Having two separate 4” jog may not seem like a lot but this offer a lot of flexibility in Squeak’s positioning the pitch. o Additionally, Squeak has a unique advantage of retrieving a loss ball after a model has been taken out. If used to crowd out an enemy model with the ball marker and is taken out by a team mate, if the team mate move and Squeak follows. If the ball marker is within 1 inch of Squeak’s path is can retrieve the ball. This is great as it gives your team the ball marker and it is on a model that didn’t just finish its activation. Cool stuff · Character Trait: Predatory Instinct o A situational trait that allows Squeak to get more damage on models with less health than itself. On the charge, this can lead to wrapped damage results to finish off a knocked down model. Final Thoughts: Squeak is a mascot that plays a much more active on the pitch then other Mascots. He is role is being a Dilemma mechanic. Tag Along combined with its MOV stats allow it be in a position to have the enemy make a heard choice. With DEF 3, ARM 1 and 10 Health, the enemy will have to either dedicate a bruiser to take out Squeak for only 1 VP or try to ignore Squeak and take damage from a parting blow. You can retrieve loss balls and make a pass to a team mate is good and adding to the scrum makes Squeak a good and annoying Mascot. Beware the Squeak is very susceptible to condition effect and they need to be removed to get the most out of the little guy.
  11. Philthy Lad

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    you could make his TAC 6 like is original version, but I'm don't quite understand how wanting Veteran Graves to be a statically better Ghast would be good for the guild.
  12. Philthy Lad

    Ratcatcher Player Summaries

    I'll be doing writeups for the team but it will be between games and when I have the time. here is recap for Piper. I did not write a good into/bad into as you are forced to take piper. Captain: Piper A decent striker in his own right, with a top shelf MOV (6”/8”), good KICK (3/6”) and average for a Captain Influence (4/6). Has a Momentous tackle on 1 but lacks the efficient dodges on his playbook. In place of the normal dodges striker usually have, he has pushes. Piper’s stats and playbook solidifies his role as more of the counter-striker rather than the team’s primary striker. He is a middle of the turn as he facilitates much larger, out-of-activation plays. Dilemma Mechanic: Haunting Melody This once a turn Character Trait that performs three functions. Firstly, this ability forces the opponent to use clock time during your activation. This expands your opponent’s mental bandwidth and shortens their game clock Control. This strategy is used to target either a vulnerable or tougher models. Usually this model has already activated that turn, which will limit what the opponent can do. You use the pushed to force the model toward Pelage, Scourge and/or Miasma to put in the hurt. Counter-strike. This is used to force your opponent to have piper Jog toward the ball carrier you target. If you have another member of your team within 6 inches, this alternate goal angles. With the Momentous Tackle on 1 and a Momentous double push on two, you can strip the ball and clear the passing lane to your team mates. Heroic and Legendary Play. Both of these are not stars of the players ability, They only enhance Piper’s control and should be looked at as tools to make sure you plays with piper are successful rather than trying to abuse them. Distracting Tune: This allows the Haunting Melody move to be more effective and gives Piper an additional 2 inches to allow for better pushing. Haunting Melody has 8 inch range but Piper himself only has a 6 inch jog. By using a MP, you can push the targeted model closer to you. Swarm’s Obedience: This has to be viewed and used as a game turning point. This can be used to drastically shift the pitch. This can allow striker closer to goal for Reverie goal runs or force the opponent away from the goal. Do not use this on the first turn to move your team up. The team overall has good movement and the effect you can have on the opponent are so much more powerful Character Play: Reverie This signature play provides the team with a level of flexibility that has not been seen before. Costing 3 Influence, this allows a model within 8” to Sprint and shoot. You must have line-of-sight for you to target a friendly player, so remember not to get piper too crowded, but he has the ability to push models out of the way. When using this after making a pass to the model you want to target, it give an huge goal threat to models that activated earlier in the turn or has yet to activate. This makes other players, such as Pelage, Vet Graves and even Scourge and Miasma your primary striker. Character Play: Pay the Piper This play can be trigger from the playbook with a non-momentous result on 3 and a Momentous result on 5 (with an additional 2 damage as well). This play is really useful when playing the Disease game with Miasma and Scourge. This is absolutely punishing against brawling teams that like to force crowd outs. This allow the many conditions that can be spread, in addition to the Disease, sticks to models for multi rounds. Final Thoughts: Be aware of the enemy player’s threat ranges as Piper is elusive with a DEF 5 but is fragile with 0 ARM and 14 health. If you keep Piper safe he dominate the game with his playbook ability to steal the ball and facilitate goal for other team mates using Reverie or Be a punishing control piece in the Condition game by pushing enemy models around and helping the team spread conditions. All in all, he is an amazing captain.
  13. Philthy Lad

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    So I was thinking about Vet Graves and Vileswarm (Scalpel also needs a little change too) but in particular I came up with a small change to make both of them more of an option for Coaches. What do you guys think? Vileswarm (Vileswarm is missing more impact on the pitch. His original Vindictive trait lacked the animosity for human characters. This will allow Vileswarm to reflect this better) -Change Vindictive [Human] to read “This model may Charge an enemy model with the name Character Type without spending influence” Veteran Graves (Vet Graves is in a really nice spot but his responsibility for Vileswarm and Squeak has not been up to snuff, his Creation trait does not show the control he has for these mascots and that has also hurt how the mascots are viewed. Changing his Trait to allow the mascots perform better allows the mascots to be picked more, while reflecting the control Vet Graves has over them) -Change Creation to read “Target Friendly named model within [4”] gain [+1] Influence during its next Activation”
  14. Philthy Lad

    Faithful of Solthesius in May

    I'm hoping Seasoned Spigot and Vet Fangtooth come with playbook damage results higher then 3 and one of them getting singled out, I'm not too worried about missing Tooled Up. Also, I'd like Vet Fangtooth to keep "Fangtooth Unleashed". That'd be nice.
  15. Philthy Lad

    For Beard Minis

    I just wanted to take a moment to give a thanks to Beard Minis. His videos are entertaining, refreshing and informative. there is a level of fun and enjoyment he brings to Punditing, if that is a word, that made me get back into playing the game, painting and enjoying this game. The Narratives he posts are really nice and way he goes about discussing cards and models with open eyes is really nice. I have gotten into Mortician's, Ratcatcher's and Blacksmith's because of him. Thank you, handy pundit, such as you are, and you still need a better outro.