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  1. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    I'm on the app and it appears that Pin Vice's heroic is not listed.
  2. I'm the worst Corsair there is.

    I mean, a lot of things have to go into the linked activation goal, most of their influence and giving the fish player last activation, or last two activations! That also requires some pretty good positioning for the Fish player to not activate Corsair early to stop it. Flint double activating also requires 4 of your captain's influence and an activation in which he can be blinded/neutered with dread gaze. Even with 1 crowd out or cover, Flint has a hard time taking anything but the tackle against corsair. A bonus-timed blind has somewhere around a 90% chance to hit, Masons are notorious for their low defense making controlling them easy. Even the best ball retrieval teams struggle to get the ball off of corsair fishermen between close control, fear, low tackles, TAC debuffs and multiple 2" reach models. Masons especially suffer due to the number of 1" reach strikers. It's obviously possible for Masons to get goals in the match up, but the fish defensive tech taxing Honour's 12 INF makes it rough, especially since she is greedy, usually wanting 6 herself (on a model with 3 DEF against Drag/Blind). And you're right, Kraken is the worst.
  3. I'm the worst Corsair there is.

    I think Gauntlet described corsair's strengths very well, I just wanted to talk about the match-ups real quick. I think honour is one of corsair's best match ups (although hammer is probably his worst match up aside from thresher). I'd suggest trying A&G, Hag, Vsiren, Jac and tentacles. This is my preferred line-up, especially into union or masons. Honour Masons have a lot of set-up models to get the most out of their players, between mallet for singled out, tower with tooled up, and marbles for assist honour, this gives you plenty of activations to blind honour/mallet and set up dread gaze. Fisher's reel/legendary on hag as well as jac's heroic allow you to avoid crowdouts easily, especially the monkey. Just try playing avarisse and Greede further back to avoid control, and fully utilizing drag/fisher's reel to get them in position, as losing the A&G activation REALLY hurts your output. Double counter charge doesn't hurt your plan too much, as you want to be as far back as possible, so the Brick counter charge puts him in a bad spot against a&g's absurd damage, and if you can kill the monkey early, honour will have a much harder time getting through your tough hide. As for the hunters match-up, Hag helps mitigate the control aspect, and they will have a rough time keeping up with you in momentum, try using the divide between turns to set up double corsair activations to drag in the important models. A bit long-winded but I hope it helps.
  4. Most competitive 6 man starter box

    I think the corsair box is way over the top, I almost never play without Tentacles/Corsair/VSiren/Hag/Jac, only thing missing is a union choice imo and most of the other boxes seem to be lacking more important pieces.