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  1. So I have been playing Blacksmiths on and off since they came out and have only really had success with Ferrite as captain (although it has been very successful). So I have began to wonder what captains you would drop into different guilds. I feel like Morts could be Burnish and 2-2 or 4-1 Alchs -Ferrite or Furnace Masons- ? Ferrite Mirror- Ferrite Butchers- Ferrite/ Burnish Union- Burnish? Brewers- Ferrite Ratcatchers- Ferrite Engineers- ? Burnish? Hunters- Ferrite/ Burnish? Farmers- Ferrite That is just my take, let me know if you agree or disagree and why. I'd love to change from my Ferrite only ways but would like some direction from a competitive point of view.
  2. Non-Ferrite Captain and when to drop them

    So that is actually my flex slot, cinder/ Iron depending on the matchup. I like Iron more because he is another snapback goal that pushes people out of the way, as well as his damage output is enough to get those harder takeouts. With furnace and alloy out there applying debuffs and hearth knocking people down, he can easily get to his 4mom damage. Cinder is there to play the ranged threat and farther goal threat. It seems kind of opposite but I try and take Iron if I am receiving because Alloy is prob busy in the first 2 turns with scoring. Get a takeout after the goal and then be opportunistic with either the ball or a weaker model. Cinder is where I hide the ball as well as switch the play, so I usually end up going 4-1 with that line-up.
  3. Non-Ferrite Captain and when to drop them

    I think the best list I have put together so far is Burnish Cast Iron Furnace Hearth and Alloy. Gives a very good opportunity for 2-2 or 4-1. Can't wait to see how it goes for you. This list has received and kicked and is 3-0 so far. **
  4. Non-Ferrite Captain and when to drop them

    After taking Burnish for 4 games as captain, he is very good all around captain that can really mess up peoples plans. Against ratcatchers, he and furnace got diseased and and KD'ed and was able to forfeit movement and reduction to save me 5 momentum. He was then able to throw down 30 points of damage on legendary turn and take out 2 models. I think burnish can be taken into Rats, Hunters, Butchers, morts, and the mirror. Any other teams you can reliably taken the flamethrower?
  5. Non-Ferrite Captain and when to drop them

    Got a game in last night against a very good engineers player. After thinking about the drops into other guilds and when to play burnish vs ferrite, I played ferrite thinking that burnish would not be enough to get through their tough hide and reanimate. Got lucky a few times with ball scatters and a spike or two but ended up winning 12-6. I took my 3-0 team of ferrite, iron, farris, bolt, hearth, and alloy but ended up getting two take outs on ratchet and velocity. The ballista matchup is very difficult in my opinion but the amount of models that we have that can score snapback goals is crazy. On top of the fact the nobody like having their best 2 players disarmed round after round. Anybody else have success with other captains into engis?
  6. Non-Ferrite Captain and when to drop them

    Going to play some full on tournament practice games tonight and I should be able to post my findings in here tomorrow.
  7. Non-Ferrite Captain and when to drop them

    So I played Capt. Burnish last night with hearth, Furnace, Alloy, Cast (once with Iron and once with Cinder). Both games were into Morts with Obs being first and then Scalpel. Game one, spread around dirty knives to obs and silence, then fired a 4 damage shot on obs. Killed them top of 2 with legendary. Hurt Ghast enough to have my opponent concede so we could get in another game (Alloy was withing sprint and shot range). The time he takes scalpel and crew with Pelage and pulls in Burnish after kicking with Skulk. A scrum ensued and made it possible for me to get his entire team on fire using flame belch and furnace to searing strike and cinder being kindled. The lead to Cast being able to almost kill graves in one go and setting up to kill him and Pelage on the following turn. Cast then scored a goal and left it to Burnish to kill ghast. Both really good games and really showed me some of the potential of Captain Burnish, but then again @THE_DOJO_JAKE has been preaching it since they came out!
  8. Non-Ferrite Captain and when to drop them

    That is awesome to hear. Almost all of my success has been with Ferrite and goal scoring teams or opportunistic 2-2 teams. I will get some burnish practice in and see if I can make it happen with Badass Cast. What captains do you have the most success against as Burnish?
  9. Non-Ferrite Captain and when to drop them

    Farmers- We need to outscore them and the best way to do that is Ferrite 3-0 Hunters- I have played Ferrite into several Hunters and with her legendary, the hunters player can not control all of your goal threats. Also Iron has a pretty easy time taking out egret or Jacaer. for 2-2 games. I could see Burnish being good because of the low health on most of their models as well as his legendary for protection. Engineers- Played Ferrite into it, was extremely tough but got the 3 goals (received) (Have no idea if other captains would do better) Ratcatchers (pure speculation)- they can be face paced, need to get ahead using goals. Brewers- Run around them and score Union- I have no idea. With Benediction on the table, IDK how to get the ball from him, rage can kill fast enough to make this a problem. Butchers- I treat the same way as Brewers for the most part Masons- Depending on the captain, things change so another big ??? Morts is the one i am scared to bring Ferrite into. So Burnish would seem the best option there.
  10. So after getting a game or two with the fun new little toys, I figured I would write down thoughts and knee jerk reactions. 1- Piper is very good with out of activation scoring. He can also be the setup piece for destroying an opponents model with mom. double push on 2. Pushed several models to their doom against Pelage and Scourge. His Heroic is just as good as his Legendary. If timed correctly, not even greyscales can get away from him. I used the all 6 ratcatchers and could tell that Bonesaw would be amazing in the list for his scoring abilities. Skulk is pretty nasty in the lineup as well, although his 2/6 kick is not optimal. 2- Scourge and Pelage are murderers and make people not want to be near them. For all her abilities, Pelage can sure a lot of damage. Between singling out a model and then snaring them or the opponent taking 3 damage, she is really carrying her weight. Tac 7 and +1 damage are a thing on the hulking monstrosity that is scourge, just be wary of opponents using him as a vending machine for momentum. 3- Miasma can be pretty nasty as a back line model throwing out rats conditions. I didnt use her that much because other models were in the thick if things but can definitely get things done. Overall i thought a very fun team. What are your experiences/ thoughts on these lil guys
  11. Game Plan deck discussion

    So after playing several games with the new and awesome game plan decks, our gaming group had several questions. (Keep in mind we are tournament driven group that enjoys competitive play). 1- The initiative phase with plot cards was very quick, will there be any clock management added to the phase because one opponent could take longer to choose than another? 2- When there are effects during the initiative phase, are those on the clock (believe "seize the initiative" is the only one)? Most of the new questions have to do with clock and other minor things but just curious what other people thought about it. The games so far have been amazing and I love the extra strategy required for this new way of playing. Let me know what you think and how you think the OPD will come out!
  12. Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    I disagree with the OP that there needs to be core rule changes but for the sake of discussion I am curious as to what people could think of to make ball stall less of a thing. I have played shark and felt the pain and I have played butchers and been outfoxed trying to hide the ball. With roughly 40 tournament games and well over 100 casual games, I think we have a pretty balanced system of if you want 4 points, then come try and take the ball, where you will probably be taken out for your efforts.
  13. Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    Well said as always @tehlon
  14. Butchers Player Summaries

    I only mention obulus because having fillet move 7 inches from good targets is a terrible feeling. I do agree she is fairly safe but 4 dice on odds of 5+ are decent.
  15. Butchers Player Summaries

  16. Initial thoughts after first proxy game

    So played into hunters and my plan was 2 goals 2 takeouts. I used a combination of Skulk ball hunting and Piper using Reverie to get in quick goals as well as Scourge and Pelage threatening takeouts in the middle of the board. Miasma was there to back up the damage dealers. Next time I will try Bonesaw for Miasma and see how it plays with Skulk being more at home on his side of the pitch.
  17. Organized Play Update

    What is to stop player A from measuring out and entire turn or possible outcomes (even when they know they are going first). It is very odd to me to have an unlimited amount of time to decide something because there aren't issues with measuring during that time. I hope this gets changed as I can see issues coming from it.
  18. Does kat 1 come back in on the pitch "on fire". Pyromaniac says end of turn but can a model gain a condition off the pitch? After rereading timing it makes it seem like he doesn't catch fire after coming back.
  19. Game Plan deck discussion

    More to your point @Gauntlet, your deck of 5 is very interesting because if you want to go first the first 3 turns and the momentum is close then you have burned all of your high initiative cards and now your opponent can plan for that in the later rounds. If I know I am going to lose a race early (because I am down 2-3 momentum, then I will play my lowest cards and get awesome benefits)
  20. Game Plan deck discussion

    We had that issue the other night. One player who was up on momentum had picked their card fairly quickly while the other sat back and thought for a few minutes and finally decided. This could be an interesting point of sportsmanship, which is why I was hoping it would be addressed in the OPD.
  21. Yann! You should make the trip down to South Carolina! Howzat is going to be a blast!
  22. Stave, new teams same problems?

    I have never really liked stave but with teams like farmers and blacksmiths out I am reconsidering all of my options. What are the positives of bringing stave? There are tons of negatives but I want to get the brewer experience from you guys.
  23. Another Errata, another Fish nerf

    I feel like this was a tone down for tournament players that were asking for the farmers nerf. Not a full set errata where improvements can be made and underused models made better. I think THAT errata will happen at the intro of season 4. No need to fret, fish are still awesome and will continue their winning ways.
  24. Vet Rage only captain

    Just wanted to get a community feel for the pro/ cons for bringing only Vet rage as the captain and running an interchangeable 8 man roster. I can play brisket or blackheart but don't know if it is worth that extra slot. Rage, Turtle gutter, decimate, mist, benediction, harry, minx, hemlock, (grace/ snakeskin, A&G) Thanks guys!
  25. Vet Rage only captain

    In the Southeast US there is a great deal of #farmershaming so not near as much here. (It is a shame to because they are fun)