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    Season 4 results

    Went to an 11 man tournament this weekend and went 2-1 First round beat Alchs (thresher, peck, millstone, jack, tater, ploughman vs smoke, naja, Mercury, venin, compound, and crucible) I kicked off and made it difficult for him to score turn 1 and set up a killed on venin. Killed 2 models then he scores and I get the ball to thresher for a 6 point activation. The scatter goes perfectly to let smoke get in and out to score another goal. Then I will the last model to clean it up. Felt pretty in control the whole game. 2nd was Mort's (thresher buckwheat tater windle, ploughman and jack vs obs, dirge, graves1, cosset, casket, and vet hemlock) I kicked so I might tempt him to not play scalpel and it worked. He tried to set up a casket time, but I had enough models with KD early that walking away wasn't really an option. I was able to set the scrum and use mow down 4 or 5 times on turn 2 which really turned the game in my favor (hot dice here). Was able to kill several models and put a lot of damage out there with thresher and then heal up with all the momentum. He gets a goal to get to 6 and tater run away from his newly.returned squad while I set up the last kill and goal run by jack. Last game was hunter Same line up for farmers (change in peck)and skatha Fahad chaska, bear, zarola, vet minx He kicked I killed it off to the opposite side with peck. So at least it wouldnt be turn 1 goal. Managed distances really well I feel like. Tater charged minx and put a hurt on her but she was able to put blessing on chaska to get a rap to double push double push boom box tater off the pitch.... (Broken af if you ask me) 6-0 down I kill Fahad to make sure I start next turn. Kill skatha and set the scrum (jack is holding the ball in cover but close enough to goal run when he felt like it.) Kill the cat again and starting to take over. Thresher goes down to the bear making it 8-6. Bear uses his last influence to get to jack crowded out twice and in cover and gets to mf'ing KD. Scatter is as bad as it gets. Skatha scores next turn. Hunters are tough right now. They are so efficient and wierdly tanky. Great tournament and farmers are a lot of fun!



    Season 4 results

    Went 2-1 in a local tourney getting 3rd. Played against alchs, morts, and hunters. Those hunters were rough even after feeling like I played a really good game. I'll post my write ups later.

    Season 4 results

    I have been looking into ways to get at esters (theoretical because no brewer players in meta) but I have thought that Harrow would be a good answer. I didn't really think about it for alchs because my buddy played midas into me and I was able to go 2inch murder group and not worry about conditions.

    Simultaneous Triggering of Traps


    Season 4 results

    Took a weird list against morts yesterday and did not care for it even though I pulled it out. Grange, buckwheat, jack, bushel, windle, and tater. Really missed ploughman and the extra harvest markers/ control of rough ground. Ended the game with 1 goal and 2 take outs with 4 clock points. Felt dirty but with all my HP and the high risk of the goal run, I decided to use the clock to my benefit. How is everyone else doing in S4?

    Game Plans

    1-according to the errata ". Get Back In There. Replace the text of this card with: ‘Friendly models that return to the pitch in the Maintenance Phase gain +2"/+2" MOV.’" Does this mean that models only receive the +2/+2 benefit during the maintenance phase? 2- Also, If you do not go first after playing lone striker, does your first model still get the -1 tac penalty? (We thought no but wanted to finally get a definitive answer.)

    Season 4 results

    I find that with Jackstraw and Bushel on the field the 2-2 game is much more reasonable so maybe that is the way to go against those tough teams. I really like how farmers are playing right now.

    Speed buff in S4

    Learning where to kickoff at, to either apply pressure or, make it very difficult to score turn one is part of getting better as a player. A lot of people in my meta drop the ball over the midline and choose to apply pressure on kickoff. Several metas around us corner kick and play keep away for the first 2 turns. Knowing that your opponent has to burn 3-4 influence and might have to make a dodge in order to get into scoring range is important. If you receive, knowing your own guilds weakness and where they might kick too will help determine how to line up your models. I love the changes to season 4 and it makes me think that there is still room to grow.

    Season 4 results

    After playing many different guilds for quite some time, I have become intrigued with season 4 farmers. So far I have had success with both captains and currently sitting at a 5-0 record. I have played alchs twice butchers twice and morticians once. Setting up HM is easier than ever with the buffs to ploughman and jackstraw and the reapers really do a lot without having to remove them too often. The teams I have had success into have also been glass cannon types so I am wondering how I will do into Brewer hefty lineups and a lot of tough hide. Just seeing what everyone else thought. Happy Planting!

    S4 And the Joy of Brewers

    Anyone plan on trying a 3 goal brewers team? Thinking Esters, Scum, Vet Deci, Vet Spig, Friday, and Mash. It might end up more of a 2-2 game but I feel like using mash as a sniper to hit either spigot or friday as turrets.

    When do we take Mataagi over Minerva?

    Mataagi has a 12 inch walk threat to trigger harrier using hot shot or snap fire for bleed all with one inf

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    Minor guild members are "friendly guild"

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    I think if i were to try hunters at this point it would be with Theron, Skatha, Fahad, Jacear, oHearne, vet minx, egret, seenah, mataagi, (Zarola, Minerva, vHearne) what do the fine people here think?

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    @Breaking_Play can you explain why Minerva over Mataagi for you? Our Meta is split down the middle of your line-up but the last slot is either of the falconers. I would love to hear other peoples reasoning.