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  1. Blacksmiths/ kicking & receiving

    What does the "OPD change" do for Blacksmiths? Do we take different captains now? Can we take Burnish now if we are looking at a 2-2 game or maybe Furnace? A lot of other guilds get to use this to their advantage and I wonder what our options are. Discuss : )
  2. 'smiths experiences so far?

    I have found that Bolt and Farris make my footballing team every time and don't make the cut for my 2-2 teams. The tech to get the ball off of close control models and or to KD at range is phenomenal. Also if starting within 6, getting tutelage, use it for an I'm open gives you an 18inch goal threat for 1 influence and 2 momentum. (20 inch threat for 2, 24 inch for 4.) I love the jank between these 2 models. Add in quick foot or ferrite legendary and now you are scoring from anywhere on the pitch. As for my 2-2 teams, I am trying to decide between the burnish fire squad with cast, and furnace, iron and hearth and alloy or some other type of mischief. Ferrite and Iron could make things more interesting in a lineup with Hearth, Alloy, Furnace, and Cast (or cinder as a 3rd goal threat). These line-up choices are really interesting for the Blacksmiths!
  3. Blacksmith tourny 10

    This has been my usual 5 +flex. I have taken cinder the most because this is my 3 goal lineup and I am trying to get comfortable with it first. I will then look into the 2-2 possibilities first with Burnish, Furnace, Ferrite, Cast, and two of the three of Iron, Cinder, or Alloy. Leaning more towards Iron and alloy as they can do both killing and ballin.
  4. Blacksmith tourny 10

    This!!! This is why I love the forums lol. Would have never thought about that!
  5. Blacksmith tourny 10

    Burnish as the captain and furnace also can turn the team into a pretty nasty 2-2 team with ranged threat.
  6. Burnish Plating

    If Burnish cancels a playbook result (chaingrab for example) does that also cancel the momentum generation. Similar to a MoM KD on a sturdy model, I would think that it would cancel. I didn't see anything about momentum generation in the previous threads on Burnish so I figured I would ask. Thanks! @THE_DOJO_JAKE
  7. Team Fireball

    So I played against a blacksmith lineup that was Captain Burnish, Furnace, Farris, Cast, Iron, and Alloy. I played Union Vet Rage, strongbox, decimate, gutter, mist, and benny. HOLY CRAP!. If Burnish is within 2 players that an AOE can hit, then goodnight to those players. Tooled up and legendary should have taken out 2 players at the start of turn 2. (He missed a bonus time needing 3's) Burnish is a lot better than I gave him credit for so that was fun to watch! @THE_DOJO_JAKE
  8. Old Jakes Howzat 2018 April 7th

    Just announced as a US National qualifier!!! http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/guild-ball-world-championship-2018-part-2
  9. Blacksmiths vs Hunters

    Ferrite,Farris, Burnish(?), with bolt, alloy, Iron (or cast). I am very shaky with this lineup though so I am unsure as to the issues it might have against theron. Alloy and bolt go to opposite sides to make sure Theron can't bully both. Ferrite and Farris take the middle with burnish laying down covering fire. score quick and often
  10. Guild Ball 2018 World & National Championships

    Wow! makes things interesting!
  11. Old Jakes Howzat 2018 April 7th

    Hosting a massive tournament in a BREWERY! Check out the page! https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/old-jakes-invitational/feed https://www.facebook.com/events/2066684723551125/?ti=cl
  12. Who is your favourite ball handler?

    Really liked this question considering I don't normally play stall ball but this is something good to know. Cinder and iron if you have Use This available, if not sledge and furnace, and then hearth I would say. Don't want to standard scatter if you don't have to.
  13. Fish 10.

    I would play gutter over A&G and only pick 1 mascot. If you prefer shark then salt, or corsair and the squid thing... (not biased at all). Gutter plus gang ups in a corsair list is dirty, plus A&G require 5 influence to essentially do the work and keep little man safe.
  14. All goals, all day

    Yea, that's probably why I love them so much lol
  15. Anvil and Sledge...a disappointment? Any Tips?

    I played BS box 1 vs farmers box 1 yesterday and anvil and sledge actually made a pretty big contribution just by holding the center of the board and giving the big mean farmers something to attack. I won with 3 goals and a takeout vs the farmers 3 takeouts and a goal. I lost initiative and grange went in and kd'ed 3 models and set up a murder bubble with honest labor, thankfully anvil (who had been taken out previous turn) was able to walk up and strike while the iron... to dodge everyone out of melee with and save me from the scary windle. Longbomb from sledge was also very helpful to scoring my 3rd goal. I am not sure anymore if they are automatically out of my 10.