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  1. Need tactical help for 6th player vs. Fish

    To me it really depends on if you are seeing shark or corsair. I played fish twice in tournament on Saturday and both times were list chicken with my opponent. Ox kills corsair but shark runs around ox. Fillet kills shark but corsair kills fillet. So my answer would be pretty dependent on who you would be seeing across the pitch
  2. Matchup Listings + Tournament 10

    This is by far the best advice. If you know the entire butchers line-up then use them based on matchups but do not try and force someone onto your roster. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  3. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    Played in a tournament over the weekend that used alternate deployment and GIC cards. All of my opponents were tournament goers normally and most were in the top 100 in the U.S. Very stiff competition led to some awesome games. Game 1- My Butchers (Ox, princess, shank, boiler, Brisket1, Tenderizer) vs Jess Morts (Obs, dirge, graves, ghast, cosset, mist) I selected Take it to em (1 less to charge) and he selected Misery (goal influence for my goals) The game ended in a 12-11 crazy match for the butchers. (3-1 and 2 Time outs, vs 3.5 -1 morts) Take it to em was really good in the matchup as i had wingback and it allowed Shank to get a lot of work down and was very efficient in momentum because there is normally a defensive stance and counter attack. I also had opportunities to use it to score goals with limited influence which was a real issue for my opponent. Heal rate 3 was fine because I healed 5 times during the match. Misery- Didn't get to see it in use because the goal I scored was the winning goal. Heal rate 4 is pretty good though! Game 2- Fillet, princess, meathook, Harry, boiler, vet brisket vs smoke, naja, kat1, calculus, vitriol, A&G. The game ended 12-2 for the butchers. 2-2 for butchers and a takeout for the alchs. Alchs- acidic coating is a terrifying GIC and under the right circumstances can make them a very strong 4-1 team. Heal 2 seems appropriate. I really like this GIC for this team. butchers- crushing force- I used this GIC for the remainder of the tournament. It allowed me to do a lot of damage with boiler, shank, and meathook. I was able to kill smoke and score a goal with Vet Brisket on turn one and really set the tide for the whole game. Sacrificed boiler to guarantee a kill on Kat1 and get in scoring position with Fillet. Game 3- Ox, princess, boiler, shank, O-Brisket, Tenderizer(?) and took crushing force against Gabe playing Corsair, salt, hag, jac, greyscales, sakana with pay to win This was a game of list chicken for both of us and I happen to choose right, 12-0 butchers as 4-1 (Greyscales, sakana, corsair, and jac went down) Crushing force- he lost corsair, and greyscales to this GIC as I was able to kill greyscales and corsair first activation with boiler and there was nothing he could do about it. It took a lot of setup and thinking ahead but this card is ball busting if you get lucky. Pay to win- did not get a chance to see it. I will get game 4 in asap!
  4. new union picks for butchers?

    My Tournament 10 does not have a Union member had a hard time deciding between Vox and Minx though.
  5. Pushes & Straight Lines

    correct! 10 points to Hunters!
  6. Hastaging it

  7. Union in Chains initial rankings

    Love the rankings @malladin.ben #decineedsadrink #gutterlovesredmeat
  8. Morts at WTC

    This is my biggest issue as well. In my last 9 games with morts I have won 8 (7 of them by 4 or more VP's) but it is terribly hard to not give up VP's and then try and predict issues with within the next turn. Mentally draining is right!
  9. Decimate?

    Decimate with a design for brewers and a ton of movement and damage could be pretty legit
  10. Union worth fighting for?

    I think a butchers gutter would be fantastic, good damage book, another 2in melee, the ability to position players for captains to make life difficult. I am interested to see more details for this!
  11. Morts at WTC

    Just wondering how our corpse slinging brethren did at the World Team Championships. Any insights into matchups, battle reports, or anything of that nature might help! Thanks in advance!!
  12. GIC General Theory Thread 

    The Honest Land Hoedown in Greenville SC, is hosting a new rules tournament. We will be doing a alternate deployment and GIC live games the entire day! Very exciting stuff! @THE_DOJO_JAKE @THE_DOJO_Matt October 14th.
  13. GIC General Theory Thread 

    One of the things my group had discussed is when placing on the mid-line, you can not (on your activation) be engaging or engaged by an enemy model.
  14. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    You aren't wrong, but it is one thing to have to play smart and another to not be able to respond at all.