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  1. No practical meaning, you can skip those with no harm.
  2. Sid

    False Start

    Thing with Minefield is the 'starting an Advance' part, as your advance will always start at 0, right?
  3. I think that Pain Response is triggered at the end of the attack, so all the results of that attack (multiple effects on a single result or wraps) must be resolved before you can use it.
  4. Sid

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    Agreed, kicks are too blurry to tell (6" vs 8" would be practically indistinguishable even at a bigger scale). You can surely tell Pepper has 1/4" though.
  5. Sid

    Microspeed Chase

    That makes it a tricky question: to suffer the penalty a model needs to move, simply standing in the rough ground doesn't make Jackstraw 0"/2" MOV. So he has to make that fraction of movement, which will be stopped immediately. But technically that 'fraction' should be enough to re-engage Mercury, I suppose...
  6. Sid

    Linked Activations and Goals

    I think you got it right, with the only exception that you make the decision to use Linked before your activation ends (at the same time as Run the Length).
  7. Sid

    Season 4 Changes

    From Fathom's blogpost, seems this is another change for S4.
  8. Sid


    If the roster size doesn't increase in s4, I don't think an extra situational model that you'd want in a certain matchup would be helpful. We already have several like that who don't make it into 10, taking our personal preferences into account. And I feel like we aren't getting a new vDecimate. Though I wouldn't mind a goalie in the Guild. I'm not familiar with s3 book fluff enough, but regardless of the position of this new player, I predict it will be Amber.
  9. Don't worry, they will be late in their due time just as everyone else.
  10. Sid

    Season four announcement

    As tap in rule will have half range rounded down, Football Legend will generally just provide an extra die. The range itself will still be 3" for the most of the guild.
  11. Sid

    vet. Cinder

    Grim Vengeance is OPT, so only 1 extra attack is possible.
  12. Sid

    Ratcatcher's hopes for s04

    It felt weird that Piper has zero interaction with Squeak: seems like Get over here! [Squeak] would be appropriate (and combined with Tag Along would make him pretty mobile). Also Carrier while being immune to disease effects himself would make perfect sense, as has been suggested before.
  13. I suppose it applies poison after you resolve the kick (and subsequent scatter if necessary) but before the teamwork actions.
  14. Sid


    @R.J.Dio you must be reading the CP wrong: Route One allows sBrisket to jog towards that player, not the other way around. Though, even if it worked the way you thought, most likely the ball handler would become temporary friendly during the jog and hence wouldn't be able to trigger counter charge.
  15. Sid

    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    Do you mean these?
  16. Sid

    Season 4

    Do you have the same problem with Ratchet? Should some combination of Tooled Up / Overclocked / Fixer be moved to other models as well (Locus being one of them, for example)?
  17. If vHemlocke uses Soul Seer, for example, to Blind someone when she is at 3HP, does she get to use the CP before getting taken-out? I don't think the Sequence has the "Check for taken-out" for your own model, and stage 3 refers to the opponent's model.
  18. Minerva, second Falconers dual guild model: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/3-5-2018-guild-ball-minerva-owl-tell-you-this-for-free
  19. Make an enemy model (especially Furious ones) go stand on the obstruction - and they can't charge this turn any more.
  20. Sid

    Locus: Where and When?

    Locus can't use Remote Control to pass the ball to himself. Here's a quote from the Collected Clarifications: The only way you can pull something like that off is if you kick the ball with Remote Control targeting a spot near Locus, and the scatter will land within 1" of him.
  21. If AoEs are alike to markers (which I believe they are), then Harrier will be friendly to the team that has placed it (in your example, Morticians).
  22. Sorry for posting after "Checking", but 1 MP is spent when a model declares a shot (step 1) and bonus time MP is spent during step 3 according to this: Clearly those are different timings of using momentum, hence separate cases for Pay the Piper application. Concerning the second question, I believe that 'Each time...' in the CP description implies rather a separate case of using momentum than the timing when it happens (otherwise one could claim that Take a Breather!, Come on Mate! and Gliding should give away only 1 MP, as they can be used at the same moment of time during the activation). I guess that applies to Defensive Stance and Counter Attack as well: although they are used at the same time ("After a Charge is declared..."), they have different functions and should be considered separate cases.
  23. Initiative phase (when the Game Plans are played and their effects are resolved) is a part of the turn. So yes, Skulk would be able to use his Lightning Reflexes. Here's an example with Counter Charge in response to a jog when the model returns to the pitch during the Maintenance phase:
  24. Sid

    First among Exiles

    @Mako Will we get the PDFs of the remaining Exiles as well (or the combined one for all of them)?
  25. Sid

    Veteran Sakana

    Sakana gradually turns into Angel: bandanna - check, trident - check (and the pose is overall less show-off); I bet the seasoned version will be wearing fishnet tights and cuddling otters.