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  1. Sid

    Haunting Conga

    Rush Keeper allows you to declare a free charge: I'd say it's consumed irrelevant of whether you actually had a chance to charge or not.
  2. Sid

    Haunting Conga

    Yes, Mercury was still enemy model for Compound when he ended his advance (otherwise you couldn't have used Tag Along, since it also triggers when the model ends its advance).
  3. Sid

    Big League S4

    Mind that the Big League cards weren't modified for s4 changes, so some of them make no sense and a few are simply unplayable.
  4. No movement over obstructions only applies to opponent's models, which temporarily become friendly (Puppet Master, Lure, etc.). Your own models can, as long as they are able to finish the movement not on top of the obstruction (note the restrictions for sprinting and charging). "In control" doesn't mean being engaged by opponent's model, it literally means having control over the model's actions. Also "player" in the rules never refers to the models, it's always the person playing the game.
  5. Sid

    0"push through a trap.

    What makes you think so? Rulebook p.13 still has "A model being moved by a push stops if it contacts another model’s base, an obstruction, or a barrier."
  6. I've always had an impression that this has been worded awkwardly and the original intent was for you to 'place the ball in base contact with the barrier along the ball path and then use the rule of least disturbance'. Thus you'd end up with: Otherwise, you could see some weird situations when instead of a reasonable 'green' final ball position, you get the 'red' one (if you apply 'along the ball path') :
  7. Sid

    Brick's blind spot

    I'm pretty sure there used to be a point in the Collected Clarifications that perfectly aligned models of the same base size don't block LOS. But there isn't now...
  8. As you can see, being reduced to 0 HP (when Escaping Fate is triggered) does happen immediately before suffering the taken out condition.
  9. In s3 the difference used to be that you could unsnap the ball onto the obstruction. Hence it's worded slightly differently. But the addition of "A marker may not be placed on an obstruction" in s4 made them mechanically identical.
  10. Sid

    Impersonal Anger

    So it'd be Chaska's push that caused the takeout, so he inflicted it. And would still generate momentum, right?
  11. Sid

    Game Plans

    1. No, movement bonus lasts for the whole turn. Mechanically the card didn't change, errata simply removed 'Icy Sponge' since the term no longer exists. 2. Your model suffers -1 TAC only if you have initiative (go first).
  12. Sid

    Impersonal Anger

    @Lumpyseven Loved Creature wouldn't be triggered even if trap damage was coming from a trait on a certain model, as it's not from attack or play.
  13. Sid

    Smoke vs. Burnish

    Reinforced Plating can't be used, for it's a friendly model that gets 'hit' with Chemical Breeze.
  14. Sid


    I think it was hinted at in Free Cities Draft story when Amber came back to 'Drunken Seamstress' - guess who could've been inside when something happened there earlier...
  15. Sid

    Kraken S4 Questions

    1. No (Stave isn't engaging Kraken) 2. Yes (Stave isn't engaging Kraken) 3. Gravity Well isn't optional, but you decide how far you push the model - it can be infinitesimal, almost 0".
  16. Sid


    In s3 she had a trait that allowed her to make an attack if she went b2b with an enemy model during a Sprint.
  17. I'd prefer the wording on Escaping Fate changed to "...and then make a 2" dodge" to prevent exactly this. Ignoring damage when you are already on 0 HP feels wrong.
  18. I think momentum would still get generated. The prerequisite for Take One for the Team to trigger is that a teammate suffers a condition. So the effect of the KD result has been applied to a model, and only then it gets transferred and ignored (unlike Sturdy, for example, where it's worded that it gets ignored when "placed upon" a model).
  19. Sid

    Smoke Chemical Breeze S4

    Yes, targeting a friendly model lets you hit automatically, and then the effect of the character play just happens.
  20. In s3 there was a remark that you can only make one teamwork action. The notion 'teamwork action' has been removed in s4, but I believe the functionality remained the same: you can either use Pass&Move or make a Snap Shot.
  21. Sid

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    With Colossus revealed as an Engineers crossover, who do you think the other player will be? Based on their description in the blog, "The Miners are experts at using explosives that can seriously disrupt the positioning of enemies", I think Ratchet fits their playstyle the most. And I really wish it was so, given what a marvelous toolbox Ratchet is.
  22. Sid

    Order Openings

    Actually, no.
  23. Yes. Model gets automatically hit when CP is used from playbook GB result, but it is still hit, so Reinforced Plating can be used.
  24. Sid

    Question about traps

    No, only sprinting or charging (same goes for Mother's nests).