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  1. From the Collected Clarifications: So I believe with Counter Charge a model may move away from the target that has triggered it only if the model has enough movement penalties on it. That way the target is out of range, and you should be able to use your Counter Charge advance in any direction. For example, Brick is in the rough-ground and is suffering the burning condition. Enemy model moves within 6" of him to use a Character Play (let's say, Dirty Knives). In this case, I think Brick could use his Counter Charge to move away from the enemy and get out of range of the CP.
  2. The Rookies are here!

    They all are single piece with the exception of Jac (trident) and Salvo (hand with the crossbow). Actually, Venin seems to have a separate part (dreadlocks?) too and perhaps Mash has a detached left arm.
  3. Bolt shoemerang

    The second part of Shoemerang doesn't require it to be 'other' enemy model (when the target for the first part was an enemy model), so yes. You can both damage and KD the same enemy model.
  4. Kat 1 and coming back on

    Not to defy the ruling or its logic, but yet again, that is not mentioned anywhere in the rules, although you have "Passive Character Traits simply have an effect at all times, or when the defined requirements are satisfied."
  5. Kat 1 and coming back on

    I believe there's nothing in the rules that prevents a model from suffering a condition being off the pitch. It's just pretty hard to get one there, since the taken-out condition removes all the rest from the model. Unless the model has a trait that gives it a way to... So, if that is correct, then I think the only way oKat can return to the pitch and not be on fire is if he was taken-out in the maintenance phase with the condition damage.
  6. Game Plan Expiry

    I'd think it stays active till the end of the turn. As during the Initiative phase of the next turn you reveal a new Game Plan.
  7. New Errata

    You might have missed that he's no longer able to dodge on a KD result. And the KD< result is there to compensate for the loss of the trait, he didn't get a double dodge in that manner.
  8. They will just get the dual guild status and play for the Masons' minor guild.
  9. Since a KD model cannot engage enemies, the charge attack will be lost. You have ended your advance part of the charge engaging the enemy, so your activation doesn't end immediately. However, at the time of the attack part of the charge your model doesn't engage the target any more. And you are correct that one cannot interrupt the advance and the attack parts of the charge with another action. Actually, there's already been a ruling on the matter:
  10. Summing up results

    You do add the damage results to get a total per attack, you simply apply modifiers individually to each result. Rulebook, p.35:
  11. Yes, you generate momentum by choosing the / Playbook result, not by using the Character Play (which you don't even have to do if you can't / don't want to).
  12. Short answer - yes, Skulk can CA after using Lightning Reflexes.
  13. Does this apply to other "ends an activation / at the end of activation" traits and plays (Back to the Shadows, Second Wind)? Can the active player choose them to disengage before Grim Caress triggers as well?
  14. Lucky feedback

    @Drewdude16 Hey and welcome to the best Guild in the game! Putting Stave on the bench seems to be the most reasonable choice to bring Lucky in. With all the utility of Lob Barrel, you will soon find out that Stave might be a huge walking sack of troubles (inf inefficiency, low DEF, perfect target for you opponent, etc.). Even though Lucky might have a weird synergy with Stave himself (since he can clear the KD with Sleight of Hand), but that unexpected 4" push most likely will be too situational. And putting one of not the sturdiest models that you have on his bum by your own hands might not be the best idea to start with. I'd also recommend you not to rely on "decent" def of 4/1 and try not to expose Lucky too much, for as with the rest of the Drunks, your power lies in unity. Overall, he is a good well-rounded player and a welcome addition to the roster, especially when you don't have much of a selection in the first place.
  15. Rat Catchers