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  1. Game too Swingy?

    Nah, it's more than appropriate: "In an age of madness look to the madman to show the way."
  2. Millstone and timings

    I base my opinion on this ruling: Since all the events (playbook results and Take One for the Team getting triggered) are happening simultaneously during stage 2.5, as soon as I declare the first KD you have to declare your decision, which in turn makes my second playbook result selection sort of reactive to that decision. It's not that we are going through stages 2.5-4 for the first result and then go back and do the same for the second result from the wrap.
  3. Millstone and timings

    All the results of the attack are simultaneous, but the controlling player may choose the order in which they are resolved. So in your example your opponent can choose KD, wait for your reaction to it and then choose the result from the wrap essentially based on your reaction.
  4. Are we all plastic now?

    Also add no assembly needed and potentially tournament ready out of the box (if 'painted' requirement stays the way it is now).
  5. There has been a discussion concerning whether Memory would give away additional VPs when being taken out or not. And it has been ruled that it would not. If you apply the same logic here, you'd likely get: since you don't have an activation in the first place, you can't have an additional one.
  6. Blood Rain Millstone

    @Mako if possible, could you please remove all the derailing and confusing banter here and leave only the initial question in this thread?
  7. Technically, this is impossible, because obstructions can't be larger than 3" x 3".
  8. When it came down to "which model to choose to show a missed shot on goal from b2b contact?", I didn't have to think long...
  9. Of course not, it will be on either side of the model making the shot in base contact with the goal-post. That's where the rule of least disturbance will take the ball, with the scatter direction determining the side of the model you place the ball to (as it can't travel directly forward during scatter).
  10. They make a perfect pair... to be dropped out to get your 10.
  11. Falconers!

    Minerva looks like a Sultarish to me, while Athena was from Figo. But who knows...
  12. Season Four Solthecian Player

    You can claim your free "Solthecius ♥s you " sticker at the the Grand Cathedral in Piervo.
  13. Falconers!

    I'm wondering why "Minerva" was spelled with double N, some potential IP issues?
  14. I agree with @blueboyzcaptain, I would've placed the ball approximately there as well:
  15. Union/Church - I'm confused!

    Considering the names are given by the crowd, you can't really fool them by a new name, right? They know it's Spigot. And an "Artist formerly known as Prince" trick doesn't have much appeal to it.