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  1. Sid

    Season Four Blog

    It doesn't, you can see it on the card.
  2. When a model is pushed off the pitch with Corsair nearby, does it suffer the taken-out condition while still being within Coup de Grace aura? I suspect 'no', cause of the following:
  3. Rulebook, p.19: But let's see how it will get ruled...
  4. Sid

    S4 Hoist speculation

    Overclocked Ballista? Sorry, but I'm more than sure it's not gonna happen, ever...
  5. Sid

    Vet Cinder "immediately"

    This must be wrong, for you check for taken-out after you resolve all of the results (step 3). So Grim Vengeance can't even trigger before that.
  6. Sid

    Vet Cinder "immediately"

    I think it doesn't, as the counter attack is a reaction to the previous action (charge). Immediately as in 'before any other action' relates to vCinder, not other models. So you'd get counter attacked and then could use your Grim Vengeance.
  7. In this case you have the option to either continue your normal advance or use Between a Rock... right after the parting blow is resolved (thus forfeiting the rest of your normal advance - since it's an active trait).
  8. Yes, it can be triggered on a Parting Blow (as jog is an Advance, not a reposition).
  9. Sid

    The Dirty knives Cannon

    That's wrong, the same named effects don't stack. You can perfectly hit the same target with Dirty Knives again and again, and it's the -DEF part won't apply, but you will still do damage.
  10. Apart from that, you might have missed the 'during an activation' change for Swift Strikes.
  11. If vCalculus is a lead of how the new conditions distribution will work for the Alchemists, you will hardly need to manage them: you can bang them willy nilly and have plenty to pay for the abilities that require them to be removed.
  12. Sid

    Finally Found my Next Guild

    Air Mail isn't a pass and you can't get a Snap Shot out of it.
  13. Sid

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    There's no backs of the cards on that image, so I really don't understand where this all is coming from. The ones that might look like them are the Menu Cards (special rules for the Launch Party). But I like your speculations.
  14. No practical meaning, you can skip those with no harm.
  15. Sid

    False Start

    Thing with Minefield is the 'starting an Advance' part, as your advance will always start at 0, right?