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  1. The Navigator's Guild

    I was actually thinking Farseeker.
  2. She's been revealed at Salute!
  3. Season 4

    I wouldn't think so. The main problem here is that there's oSpigs and vSpigs, who can't be on the same squad. Ratchet has no vRatchet to compete with.
  4. Navigators Guild on FB

    Then why did @Jamie P explicitly say "original Siren" during the Q&A at Vengeance? Trying to stir up some trouble??? Well, I do guess that this makes more sense fluff-wise, as why would Siren revert to her old self when playing for the Navigators?
  5. Mascot Time! Frelsi

    Falconry is the hunting of wild animals in its natural state and habitat by means of a trained bird of prey. It doesn't matter what kind of bird they have to be a Falconer.
  6. Mascot Time! Frelsi

    Have you ever seen a falcon take a jog?
  7. Hello union team

    Some more information, which is provided by @Gauntlet. This thread gives massive amounts of information, which can be very useful for a new-ish player such as yourself.
  8. Hello union team

    Veteran Rage and Decimate are must-haves. Blackheart and Mist if you ever want to go play the scoring game. Maybe Strongbox? Gutter and Benediction are staples for Rage. So vRage, Blackheart, Coin, Strongbox, Benediction, Decimate, Gutter, Mist and then there's some flex spots. I'd suggest Minx and Grace for those last two slots, but some won't leave the home without Hemlocke. Fangtooth isn't all that great and Harry has his uses in a Blackheart team. Edit: DISCLAIMER - This is my take on the team, but you should decide for yourself!
  9. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronin_(Marvel_Comics) for Alloy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swordsman_(comics) for Furnace. No idea for Hearth...
  10. Hawkeye Flash is DC btw, not Marvel. Sledge - Thor Anvil - Hulk (or maybe Odin) Ferrite - Black Widow Iron - Iron Man (Hulkbuster!!) Furnace - Nick Fury (eyepatch!) Cinder - female Hawkeye? Hearth - I have absolutely no idea... Aunt May? Alloy - Ant-Man (or maybe Ronin, although less known) Farris - I have no idea. Maybe a Horseman of the Apocalypse, although that's one of the X-Men's opponents, not a Marvel hero. Bolt - Quicksilver Burnish - Warmachine Cast - female Captain America
  11. Looking tobeabetter Alchs player

    Lure of Gold is Guild only, so that's been a misplay!
  12. The one on which Sigur paints Guild Ball Figures

    Holy crap, Sigur! I just stumbled upon this thread. This is just amazing! And your output is off the charts! Where do you find the time?!
  13. Hello from sweden

    Welcome, bud! Can't wait to see your creations!
  14. Would you guys be interested in my ramblings?

    Basically, the TLDR of my last post can be summarized as "imho skill > guild balance". There might've been a tad of grudge in there, as I am one of those that struggles to just go even on tournaments. Top 3 just feels so far out of reach, and then reading "I went 4-0, I am 11-1 now, Butchers are pretty good" can sting... Totally agree on that, Aaron. It was not meant as a stab towards you or anything. My apologies if it did feel that way. But let's get back to your Butcher ramblings. I'm mightily interested in what your take on the Guild is. I've always enjoyed reading your musings on the Hunters.
  15. Would you guys be interested in my ramblings?

    Not trying to be cheeky, but are the Butchers good, or are you just good at the game? I think that some players will just perform outstanding on any Guild, just because of their understanding of the game. I agree that the balance between Guilds is very close, but it takes a skilled player to take them to the top of the leaderboard. N.B: I'm not trying to say that everyone that keeps losing with a particular Guild is just bad, but there ARE gradations of skill, that's just a fact. For example, I think that in a head-to-head with me, Aaron would 95% of the time come on top. But that doesn't make me a bad player, or make my Guild a badly balanced Guild, as in my current meta I nowadays usually win 75-80% of my games. But I'm going way off topic here. Sorry for that. Just wanted to spew some of thoughts on this issue of rants about why something is bad or, as Aaron says, "pretty good".
  16. Resin Spooks

    https://store-eu.steamforged.com/collections/the-vault/products/the-morticians-guild-the-master-of-puppets-resin https://store-eu.steamforged.com/collections/the-vault/products/the-morticians-guils-strings-of-the-spirit-weaver-resin What do we think of the €70.00/$80.00 price point? I myself am still in doubt if I find this a fair price or not...
  17. New shinies!

    https://store-eu.steamforged.com/collections/the-vault/products/limited-edition-greyscales Limited Edition Greyscales! I don't know why you would actually buy this, though. With the Navigator's Guild on the way, the Fishermen are bound to have their alternate model resin casts on the way. What do you guys think?
  18. Pride!

    What do we think of the price point?
  19. So I found something on Facebook today. Someone checked the GenCon page for Guild Ball content, and look what was found... https://www.gencon.com/event_finder?search=Guild%20Ball As you can all read from the above post, it seems that Season 4 will be in effect at GenCon 2018, which starts at August 2nd. Isn't this a tad early on the SFG timeline? I for one am quite distraught. If this is true, then this also means that the upcoming WTC in September might also be with the S4 rules. That means six weeks to completely re-evaluate the meta. Fun fact: the deadline for sending in team lists is August 20th, which is only three (!) weeks after GenCon. THREE WEEKS! I think the WTC's going to be quite interesting... Also, this means that the World Championship qualifying tournaments (starting from the Swedish and West Canadian Nationals at August 18th) are suddenly following S4 rules, while all previous Nationals were S3. Isn't it better to just let S4 start after the Finals of the World Championship at SteamCon UK in November? On the flipside, this might just be a typo and we're all speculating over nothing at all. Who knows?!
  20. Killing the ball with masons

    Watch out for oSiren though. She can charge Brick, take the pass from Seduced and dodge 4" out, and then pass the ball back into her lines / shoot on goal when in range. Sure, Harmony has a kick of 2/6", but if she'd activated beforehand and this was within 8" of Honour, she's a 4/6". Hitting 5's (oSiren is engaged by Brick) with 4 dice is not unthinkable. Same counts for the newly arrived Harriet, where she can Sucker Punch Harmony from charging Brick, and then the ball will scatter due to her trait. Far less effective, but you still lose the ball, and that's scary with the likes of Salvo (Tether Ball) and Locus (Remote Control), and therefore also Hoist, in the Engineers list. Sure, you have the ability to retrieve the ball yourself and place it back on Harmony, but now there's no more Counter Charge, as Brick is engaged. In addition to the above two strategies, Puppet Master is still a thing, and most strikers and captains can still take the ball off of her with some ease. What do you mean 'she doesn't like frontline combat'? She defends your frontline from Character Plays ánd can literally save their life by taking their damage. This means she should always be within 4" of your frontline, which means right in the thick of it. She can be an ideal first or last activation, and with on 2 (or on 3) she can really put out some damage. ROLANDOOOO!!! Speeding around the map, making the opponent waste resources on trying to catch him (10" per turn is nothing to scoff at!) can be quite valuable, and it only takes 1 INF per turn to do it. Sadly, there are enough models in the football guilds with either 2" or high TAC (or both) that are also faster than him. Alchemists, Engineers and Fishermen should have no problem dealing with this technique. And I think there are no other Guilds you'd really want to kill the ball against (unless they're coming with a 100% 3-0 list). Actually, Masons have quite some problems with killing the ball (in my opinion, that is). The above mentioned techniques are the best ones I know of, and still I find it better to just score a.s.a.p. and always put pressure on snap back goals with counter charge bubbles and trying to keep their strikers engaged as much as possible.
  21. Mason Player Summaries

    With Hammer, he can still be super useful. You lose the INF from Honour's Legendary, but (if set up correctly) you gain one of Hammer's buffs from his Legendary. Get Tooled Up and Lucky has +2 DMG per hit as well. Basically, you lose 1 INF, but that'll not hugely impact his potential. Don't actively hunt for this btw; Lucky and Tower together can produce as much mayhem as Hammer on his own.
  22. Mason Player Summaries

    Granite Just as with Chisel, @Devilsquid has previously made a very interesting post on big lady Granite as well. As there's no reason for me to really go in depth about her, I'll just summarize what Yann has said in his post. Her main weakness lies in her speed. She's a slow lady, but there are ways to get her up the Pitch, or get the enemy to her. You can Kick Off with her, giving her 6" of movement after the kick, due to Foundation. Afterwards, you can make use of Between a Rock... (BaR) to get her another 3" further onto the Pitch, before she even activates herself. A little trick to trigger BaR is with veteran Harmony's Team Player trait. This extends the range of BaR by another 5+"; a squad member gets hit, Harmony takes the damage, BaR triggers for Granite. Also, don't forget Honour's Quick Time! So that's 3" (kick off) + 3" (Foundation) + 3" (Bar) + 2" (Quick Time) + 3"/5" (MOV) for between 12" and 16" of movement. You can also use your team to move the opponent's models into her. Hammer and Tower have Knockback. Honour, Lucky and Mallet can all quite reliably push as well. Wrecker can push with Ramming Speed. Sure, you really need to make it happen through setup, but she'll be worth it. Sturdy, 2 ARM and a whole lot of health makes sure she'll survive the initial onslaught. Keep Lucky/Tower/vHarmony around her for (condition) protection. Gut and String and Tar Pit makes her one of the best tar-pit models in the game, and she has a decent playbook with on 1, on 2 and or + on 3. Good into: medium/low-speed teams without mov debuffs // Risky into: fast teams, burning/snared/mov-debuff heavy teams Lucky I usually call him Baby Hammer. Because of his Playbook, he can reliably dish out tons of damage (after some setup) ánd still get momentum. That on column 4 is beautiful! Don't let his 2/3 INF statline fool you. In a Honour team, he can easily get 5 INF! Bring Tower for Tooled Up, and that's a 5 INF Tooled Up on 2 model, that can get to town! Story-time: I one-rounded Ghast after using the Shove the Boot In gameplan. 5 INF, 4 attacks (Fear), 5+5+5+6 damage, 3 momentum + 1 from the kill, 2 VP. Yes, it required some setup, but it's doable! How to get him to 5 INF? Put 3 on him. Honour's Legendary for the 4th. Stack the Deck for the 5th. (Legendary and Stack the Deck are 'gain', not 'allocate'!) With his on 2, on 3 and on 3, he can also behave as quite the toolbox. And with a 3/6" KICK stat, 8" Sprint and potentially 4" Dodge from Raise the Stakes, he also has an unbuffed 18" goal threat. It's amazing how much jank you can do with this costless ability. Just be sure that your opponent can't gain a huge advantage from using Raise the Stakes. Sleight of Hand makes him even more valuable as a supporting beater. Teams like Tapper, Fillet, Theron, Esters and Burnish will have quiet a problem with keeping those conditions active (KD, Bleed, Snared, Burning). Together with veteran Harmony, he can even make the most condition heavy teams a living hell (Smoke, Rat Catchers). In my eyes, Lucky actually is our second most valuable squaddie, after Tower. Good into: Basically everything // Risky into: Nothing, really. Well, that's it then. All of the Mason's players done! @Mako, is this enough, or do you need more? I can also write some Mason's vs Guild X paragraphs? Or is it better to put that in @EpicChris' tactics thread?
  23. Mason Player Summaries

    Mallet The veteran of the squad. One of the Guild's support models, who can also do some decent work as a beater. At 2 ARM and 16 HP, he's got a decent amount of tankiness, while also having the well-known Mason DEF stat of 3+. He's quite a bit slower than the rest of the squad at 4"/6", but his Extended Reach of 3" during his activation helps somewhat. The most important part of the Playbook is the first column, which holds the . With this token, he can buy either Singled Out or Smashed Shins. Together with his 3" melee reach, he's quite adept at making an elusive target's life a living Hell. His and are on the third column, which should be obtainable after Singled Out's +2 TAC, giving him 7 dice on each attack. He also has on the second column, which makes him able to easily pump out 6 damage and 3 momentum during his activation (9 with Tooled Up), after Singled Out, and this is increased with another 2 DMG if you charge, due to Forceful Blow. But (in my opinion) it's best to use the old-timer as a set-up piece for the actual beaters of the team. Singled Out, ánd some results to make it easier for either Honour, Hammer or Lucky to come in and delete the target. Make sure that Mallet's usually places somewhere in the middle of the squad, so most of your squad will be buffed by Football Aura. Playing the ball around should not be that much of a problem (unless a mascot or Brick has the ball). His low movement speed and DEF stat makes it easy for the opponent to control his area of influence. Burning, Snared, and the various movement inhibiting CP's are your greatest enemy. Due to this, I usually leave him off of the Pitch against burning/snared/roughground-heavy teams (Smoke, Esters, Engineers, Hunters). Good into: teams with elusive priority targets (Midas, Fillet, Fishermen, Morticians, Union) // Risky into: (Smoke, Esters, Engineers, Hunters) Tower The Mason's ultimate defensive toolbox model. Easy pushes, Tooled Up, Defensive Stance AoE, Sturdy aura heroic. I play him in at least 80% of my matches. Tower really wants to be in the thick of it, breaking up scrums and fortifying the rest of the team to make sure your team wins fights. With at 1 ánd having Knockback, he has a very strong counter-attack, that the likes of Fillet, Jaecar and Scalpel fear. Having at 3 makes it possible to even push 2" models out of the scrum (3" pushes with Knockback!). This is even easier if people are on the ground, as Tower has Floored, giving him +2 TAC against KD'd targets. With Defend the Ground, you have some MP efficiency due to being able to use Defensive Stance for free within the AoE. This is ideal against teams that like to charge in, or have multiple Furious models (Butchers, Hunters). On the other hand, there's his heroic, Protect Those Close, which is basically a 4" Sturdy aura around him. Ideal against teams like the Brewers and Farmers, that like to control the scrum by flooring your models. Tooled Up brings a way to play around Tough Hide, or makes it easier for other models to be as strong as Honour or Hammer. Mallet, Lucky and Brick, all having at their second column, are able to produce quite a bit of hurting after being Tooled Up. If you really want to one-round someone, put it on either Hammer or Honour and watch that +2 DMG (Marbles' Assist or Iron Fist) throwing down 4+ DMG per hit! Fun fact: having on 2, a 3/6" KICK stat ánd strong pushing power makes it possible for Tower to do some janky goal-runs. I've once tackled the ball away,, pushed my target towards their goal, and afterwards pushed him 2" away so he wouldn't engage Tower or intervened on the ball path. My tackle was at ~8" from their goal, but the tackle and push placed me 2" closer, getting me into scoring range. Good into: scrummy/charge teams (Brewers, Butchers, Engineers, Farmers, Hunters) // Risky into: nothing, really.
  24. https://wyldstormgames.com/collections/guild-ball/products/the-faithful-new-beginnings Looks like thug-life Fangtooth has also reformed! Union are gettings two new models! We're still 1-2 short... where are Avarisse and Greede???
  25. Seasoned Spigot and Veteran Fangtooth

    "Even though Grace, Benediction, Harry the Hat, and Mist are all going to become Order models, they will also become ‘dual Guild’ with the Union." So, are the Order going to come in last then? Otherwise, these models won't be usable as Union-pick for other teams (until their Minor Guild is released ofcourse).