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  1. Really wanted to know this earlier in advance. I have firsthand experience with this. Do NOT buy anything at this webstore!
  2. Nykolae

    Newish butchers player.

    For me, the problem lies in that Butchers have quite a large range of models that are competitively 'viable'. As I like having the option of multiple playstyles, I myself would go for both captains. The mascot would be personal preference. I myself would choose Truffles for the INF efficient charge, which lands an easy KD. Shank and vGutter are must-haves against the speedy soccer teams. They have the speed to keep up and lock down, and both do good amounts of damage in the Ox aura. Boar is a no-brainer, as he is hugely INF efficient. Don't put him down against teams that can easily lock him down. Meathook is a must-have, and might be the single most important squaddie in your entire line-up. Tooled Up, Hooked and Sanguine Pool provides so much support and control for the rest of the squad to do their thing, it's hard to keep her benched. From now on, I feel it's personal preference. Do you like playing with a goalie? Pick Tenderizer. Do you want a dedicated striker? Pick brisket. Do you want a striker that can also punch faces and provide Quick Time (10" Boar threat!)? Pick vBrisket. Do you want a 6+ Fillet and play with Princess (and have the largest damage dealer in the team, when in Magical Christmasland)? Pick Boiler. The only model I'd say needs a bit of help, is vOx. As he can only be played in a Fillet team, which like to spread out and not scrum up too much, bringing someone in who wants to create said scrum is kind of counter-intuitive. There's also some Union to think about. Minx is a decent pick, providing influence efficiency and easy setup for your beaters with Snared and Screeching Banshee. I myself would go for vBrisket, Minx and either Boiler or Tenderizer (dependent on tournament meta) for the last three spots. Hope this helps?
  3. Hi guys! It's been a while, and I've starting a new painting project. Spooks and Rats! Here's my attempt at the Rat Catcher goal marker. I went for a glowing sludge idea, so this is basically my first attempt at OSL? The sign in the top right is basically also a lamp, so there's also some glow effects on the top right rim of the drainage pipe. It's far from perfect, but I'm happy with this first attempt at getting the technique down!
  4. Hi all! I've finally made the decision to show you guys 'n gals my progress in painting up my models. I've not been very confident in my painting ability, and it always seems like other people's work looks a whole lot better, but I guess we all need to start from somewhere. I'm currently totally re-vamping my Mason's with an entirely different theme. First off, I was thinking of making the Lannister family (with Marbles as The Imp! ), but I quickly found that I would really need to start working on resculpting figurines. As I've never did that before, I quickly let go of the idea and started brainstorming on a new one. And then it hit me... Many moons ago, I was an avid World of Warcraft player. For those that know the game, I was greatly fond of the Death Knight class and just the whole feel of the Icecrown area of the game. So that's where my inspiration has come from for the Mason's. For those that don't know; Death Knights are basically corrupted Paladins. So no Holy Knights, but Unholy Knights. Within the Icecrown lore, there are also beings called (Dark) Val'Kyr, based off of the Norse Valkyries. And of course there are Frost Giants. So... Hammer will become a Death Knight (and when I finally get to sculpting or find some usable bits, he'll be made into the Lich King himself!), and Mallet, Flint and Tower are his fellow Death Knights. Honour will become the commander of the Val'Kyr, with both Harmony's and Chisel also becoming dark angel-esque beings. (Again, whenever I feel like my sculpting gets on a decent enough level, I will also make black angel wings for these ladies.) Brick and Granite can be considered as 'giants', so it felt natural to make them into the Frost Giants of the team, with Wrecker being their little pet. Of course, undead forces needs ghouls... Enter Marbles! Last, but not least, Lucky. With him being a dual-Guild player, I'm thinking of giving him a kind of Two-Face feel, with one half of him turning into the Death Knight, and the other half still being alive and in the Brewer colours. Of course, his clothes aren't entirely 50/50, but I'm hoping that the colour schemes I have for my Mason's and eventually my Brewer's will blend together quite nicely. So, without further ado... The base of the Goal Post. It's still a work in progress, as I'm thinking of adding an arch and the Mason's logo later on. The 'Lich King' himself, ready to crack another skull! As I've not yet put anything in varnish yet, things can be added/changed quite easily. I'm open for any form of (constructive) criticism or ideas! -Nyk
  5. Nykolae

    Making a 10 post vChisel

    I've got the same ten in mind, except Lucky for vHarmony. I seem to get him to work more often than I know what to do with vHarmony. Usually she's just a Marked Target or Smelling Salts bot, while Lucky clears a condition a turn, occasionally gives me extra influence, and can really deal some damage or go on goal runs.
  6. Android on OnePlus 5. No problems for me.
  7. Nykolae

    Season 4 changes

    Hi all! As discussed in here, Steamforged is doing away with 'gaining' of influence, otherwise known as putting more influence on a model than it's cap. From now on, models can't receive more influence than their cap allows them to. I guess the days of putting 5 influence on models are gone... 😞 Or Steamforged have something else for us in mind, namely giving most of our players a +1 INF cap... 🤔 What do you guys think of the changes? For more part 1 of the upcoming Season 4 changes, go to here.
  8. Nykolae

    So close you can taste them in the air...

    You can send me some? I'm dying to know how to make the stuff!
  9. Nykolae

    New Player, need help

    Hi Gatling! They've not been taken out of the game, they're now part of bigger boxes. If I remember correctly, the only way you can get the first 6 (Honour, Marbles, Mallet, Harmony, Brick, Flint) is by buying the Kick Off box. The other six (Hammer, Wrecker, Tower, veteran Harmony, Chisel, Granite) are part of the 6-man box "The Punishing March". Lucky is a dual-Guild character, which you'll have to look for on trading websites, as he doesn't get sold separately. Veteran Chisel is part of the Faithful veterans box. Hope this helps!
  10. Nykolae

    Possibly tweeks in S4

    Oh, here's our favorite Horseman...
  11. Nykolae

    Season 4 changes

    What I have been thinking: Steamforged have also mentioned that S4 would bring Guild Rules to the other Major Guilds as well. For now, it's only Farmers and Blacksmiths. What if the Mason Guild Rule would be connected to the influence cap? Or the ability to shift influence around, like the "The Greater Good" GIC? Any other ideas on what our Guild Rule is going to be? I think it's either influence flexibility, activation order flexibility, or something defensive (extra DEF or ARM on charges [Built To Last GIC], extra DEF against CP's [vHarmony's Breaking Play], etc.)
  12. Nykolae

    Possibly tweeks in S4

    This would totally be stupid. That's the same as saying that all the Brewers will get KD's on their CP's or Playbook results, or all Rat Catchers with Disease, or all Blacksmiths with Burning, etc. (Yes, last one isn't that good of an example, but you catch my drift.) EDIT: My apologies for the harshness of this post. It was not intended as being rude towards your person. I merely wanted to state how broken your idea would be by making examples with other Guilds. Therefore I have crossed out the harsh line.
  13. Nykolae

    Why I don't like veteran gutter

    What makes you say that?
  14. Nykolae

    Minor Guild Season 4 Woes

    I totally agree with this, but the idea of joining Major and Minor Guild roster together into one 12-man roster would be a fun idea for an alternative style of tournament, like Cage Ball, Captain Oh Captain, Homelands, etc.
  15. Nykolae

    Season 4 Changes

    3 x 6-player boxes + 2 faithfuls (sSpigs and vFangers) = 20 indeed.
  16. Nykolae

    Linked Activations and Goals

    Oh, I'm dumb. I just re-read the wording of Linked. My bad! 😥
  17. Nykolae

    Linked Activations and Goals

    Since Linked is given as an Active trait, shouldn't it be chosen before the goal kick? After the goal, the activation ends and therefore an Active trait can't be activated anymore, right?
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    I see what you did there. 🤣
  19. Nykolae


    Thing I'd like to know is if this event is Season 4 material. Making decision about new models when the old models are all getting a rework is just bonkers.
  20. Nykolae


    https://newsletter.steamforged.net/FreeCitiesDraft Here ye go, @Mako
  21. Nykolae

    Veteran Harmony's Sword

    Hi guys, Quick question: How do you guys keep vHarmony's sword from constantly falling off? I've reglued it so many times now, and it's too thin for pinning. Any advice? Thanks in advance!
  22. Nykolae

    vet. Cinder

    Nice catch! But that's still 4 attacks, one of which is a charge with maybe 10-11 damage. Insane, if the dice are not cold, as 6 results out of 10 on a 3+ is doable (and even 5/10 results on a 4+/0 is average!).
  23. Nykolae

    vet. Cinder

    One-shot city has been engaged. I think the Tapper, Ox and Farmers match-ups have gotten a lot more interesting suddenly. 1 on Furnace for Tooled Up and maybe a One at a Time (to stop crowd-outs), 1 on Hearth for Instruction, 2 on Alloy for Dirty Knives on the first target, none on Ferrite but just her Legendary to give the whole team +2/+2 MOV, 4 on vCinder to charge in a wreck havoc (also setting 2-4 people on fire and -1 ARM due to Searing Strike) and maybe already kill 2 models (maybe 3 due to extra attacks from Grim Vengeance) and then Cast comes in with 4 INF to finish the team off with her +1 DMG to Burning targets. When the enemy doesn't expect this and keeps himself bunched up, it can mean a 8 VP swing in a single turn on just TO's. 😮 vCinder is a staple for the 'smiths beater lists imho, that has to be put down or controlled a.s.a.p.
  24. Almost done, but I was too psyched about it not to show anything yet. I know the colours are kind of bland at times, and I could've done so much more with highlights and shadows, but I came to a point where I just wanted them to be done for tournaments. I've got the Spooks resins on the way, so I'm going to try and be more patient with those. 😅
  25. Nykolae

    Veteran Harmony's Sword

    Mine was indeed cast quite badly, but that's not the problem. The swordblade broke off and I've had to reglue it multiple times since. I'll try the idea with the greenstuff later, I think.