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  1. Nykolae

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Axe Throw = 4 Dirty Knives x2 = 4 Bleed = 3 Poison = 2 8 + 5 = 13 damage. 16 on the Legendary turn.
  2. Nykolae

    SWVa guild ball newb!

    Indeed, Season 4 spoilers are being given every day nowadays. Season 4 hits at the 12th of October. Best to decide upcoming weekend.
  3. Nykolae

    Best value single box team

    Pretty good? I can see Hammer, Wrecker, Tower, Chisel, Granite and vHarmony be a standard Hammer 6 for now. šŸ˜… The Kick-Off 6 have decreased in power quite a bit with the nerfs to Brick and (indirectly) Marbles.
  4. Nykolae

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    I'm pretty sure Lucky's Raise the Stakes will be reworked, and, as per given in the Brewers blog, he will get a heroic play. My guess with Hammer is that he'll keep all his plays, but he'll have to buy them himself. This way, it's easier for him to go solo, away from the pack, but it's less efficient to put up all the buffs, so you'll have to choose. In my mind, Masons don't really have an auto-include model, so I'm not expecting major nerfs.
  5. Nykolae

    WTC Representation

    Just to give a better representation: Pawel Korpal (#1 Brewer in the world) went 5-0 6 Brewers went 4-1 5 Brewers went 3-2 1 went 2-3, 1 went 1-4, 1 went 0-5 This means that 80% of the Brewers went home with a positive winrate, 47% even with 4 or more wins. Statistically, ~3.2 wins per player. I'd say yes, veteran Decimate certainly makes Brewers a competitive Guild. But don't forget, after October 13th Season 4 hits and the Guild's strength has to be reiterated. We can basically only say that Brewers was a late S3 powerhouse. Also, just to give some perspective: Out of Fish, 2 went 5-0, 4 went 4-1, 3 went 3-2, 1 went 2-3, 9 went 1-4 and 3 went 0-5. Out of Union, 0 went 5-0, 6 went 4-1, 7 went 3-2, 2 went 2-3, 3 went 1-4 and 0 went 0-5. Statistically, Brewers outperformed Union (~2.9 wins per player), and totally obliterated Fishermen (~2.1 wins per player). I've not checked other Guilds, but I'd hazard that Brewers will be somewhere at the top.
  6. Nykolae

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    Hi all! Upcoming Wednesday, we'll get the full spoiler for our team! Wednesday 3rd of October ā€“ Masonā€™s Guild ā€“ Reviewed by the Singled Out podcast featuring Bryce Johnston Can't wait!
  7. Nykolae

    New player in the forum

    Welcome, buddy! Good to see the Spanish community growing!
  8. Nykolae

    Best value single box team

    Best to update this after Season 4 hits.
  9. http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/season-4-smoke
  10. Nykolae

    Free Cities Draft

    The event kit only has Kick Off cards. How would there be info on Tower?
  11. Nykolae

    Free Cities Draft

    Totally agreed with this, which is why I've asked everywhere for people to just log games. We need a high rank in the draft to get who we ultimately want.
  12. Nykolae

    Free Cities Draft

    Hi all! It seems that since this weekend, our favorite choices have been splintered. Mostly due to personal preference, but also due to the Butchers suddenly wanting to first-pick our favorite, Champ. So, just to make sure we're still on the same page, here's a poll for us to vote in. Also, some players are active here and not on Facebook. This is also for them, to be included into the choices. My view on the rookies: Amber She sounds like a less overpowered, 1" version of veteran Decimate. Knowing that the Brewers will put all their strength in this option, I'd actually not want to go for this. She also sounds quite influence hungry. Cutlass She sounds quite like Skulk, but a bit more bashy. While a goalie is not something we'd actually need, it could help us out in certain match-ups that we're quite struggling in. Also, if she indeed plays like Skulk (with a lot of passives), she could work as a sort of battery. Our only actual battery model at the moment is Brick. Edge A winger with an eye for the ball, and can play dirty. This one is placed very highly on my 'want'-list, as we don't really have decent ball-chasing models, besides Flint himself. Sounds like some sort of buyable dodge and Close Control from the fluff. Layne A striker, which is said to be better than Flint? Bullocks! Also, he's a substance abuser, so I'm thinking there's going to be some randomness applied to his card. If there's anything we don't need, it's random performance. He sounds good on paper to play besides Flint, but I have my doubts about this one... Kami Mediocre ball player with guns. Why would be need this rookie? The only part she'll bring is ranged plays, but we have no one to complement her. For me, honestly, picking her would just be to keep her out of Guilds that can use her more effectively. I'd rather shore up our own weaknesses. Knuckles A bruiser-like defensive player, that doesn't like to actually deal damage. We have better options in Tower, Brick, Granite and Mallet, I believe. Nomad A bard-like, roguish type of winger. I'm thinking this guy would be a model that is hard to hit. I'm thinking Charmed, Clone, Decoy, stuff like that. We don't really have someone to kill the ball on, so I see some use for this guy. Champ When I read her fluff, I see someone like seasoned Spigot. Someone that chases after the ball, and makes sure it goes around the team, pressing for that goal. I'm thinking Ball's Gone, I'm thinking some sort of passing ability (I'm Open? On My Mark?). She sounds like the ideal ball retriever, that also makes the team pass the ball around even better. I've heard some people talking about 'why taking another midfielder?' I hear you, and I'm thinking someone like Edge or Nomad could be better, as our Captains already have lots of presence in the area Champ is going for. Still, I'd say she's a pretty nice pick to go for. Gaffer A coach on the team with Hammer? This is never going to work. Sure, he might be able to throw in some buffs, maybe even work as a battery, but when would we actually need a full-on support character? We already have so many support models, as our entire Guild is basically built on synergy and buffing each other. Flea A guy with his dog. Charmed (Animal)? Maybe some interaction with our mascots? I don't see him doing well in Masons. So for me, our main focus should lie in Edge or Cutlass. Champ, Nomad and Layne are also quite desirable, but in my mind not models we should totally go for. For Edge, we're fighting the Hunters and Morticians. For Cutlass, we'd be fighting the Fish and Engineers, I'd guess. Champ is Butchers and Blacksmiths. Nomad is Alchemists and Farmers. Layne sounds like everybody's second pick. Of course, this is totally personal. You could think of these rookies in a different light. I would say: change my mind? This topic should be open for discussion, so we can basically throw our full focus on 1-2 picks later in October. Let's do this, Masons!
  13. Nykolae

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Point taken. šŸ˜…
  14. Nykolae

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Well, if I recall correctly, Harry was a contender for 10's, because he was just that: a midfield pitch controller of sorts. Pushes, KD's, defensive tech. Why would Knuckles not be a great replacement? Has the Butcher gameplan changed in the meantime?
  15. Nykolae

    Rat changes.

    I guess you mean oKat šŸ˜‰