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  1. Latest Union in Chains Masons vs Brewers result

    Week 2 result. We're losing... Badly!
  2. Masons own beautiful butchers

    Can you screenshot your screen and post that on imgur or something? This method clearly doesn't work, and now it seems you're just spamming the subforum, which would be sad, seeing as you might have LOADS of content! Maybe just use an image-hosting website?
  3. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    Great stuff! I've been in your position, but it'll get better. You mention you dodge in, tackle, and dodge out again. Remember that some Character Plays are only playable once per turn, like Where'd They Go?. I hope that last dodge came from a second attack on Mash.
  4. Latest Union in Chains Masons vs Brewers result

    Please tell me how to play her! I'm dying to make her work!
  5. Latest Union in Chains Masons vs Brewers result

    Let's just hope that our new original player will be more awesome than vDeci. Let's find out?
  6. Latest Union in Chains Masons vs Brewers result

    I know, right? My whole meta has been on standstill lately... Basically just repainting my mini's, cuz I still wanna do something.
  7. Latest Union in Chains Masons vs Brewers result

    I've been keeping an eye on the Masons and Brewers forums. Since this graph was released, the Brewers have begun outposting us 3 to 1...
  8. Masons Decimate

    What the hell is up with the 'Mother Russia' hat, though??? Totally not liking this veteran version's look. I was totally expected a lithe character. We don't need another slow hammer-wielding model... Seeing this model, I'm actually thinking of just handing it over to the Brewers. Sure, the weapons might suggest a 2" reach character, of which we could use another, but I'd rather they then just rework Chisel. I'm thinking her and this vDec would fight for the same position on the squad.
  9. The Cat Pat and Another Round!

    One of my friends calls it 'Kittynomz'
  10. Steamforged has made some Rules Reference Cards, which are readily available on their website in pdf or printable format. They give information on Turn Sequence, Actions (Attacks, Parting Blows, Kicks, Character Plays), the figures on the Playbook, Conditions, and what can be done with Momentum (Teamwork Actions). When me and my friend started playing, having these cards around for reference was a lifesaver! Don't worry about line-ups all that much; focus on learning the rules and mechanics of the game first. I'd reckon your GB buddy has played the game before, so ask him to go through your first match slowly and figure out each step together. If you're both new to the game, this still applies, and those reference cards, mentioned above, should help a lot! 1. Don't worry too much about losing your first couple of games. Try to focus most on understanding the game mechanics and rules. 2. Talk through your first couple of games with a friend. Discuss the options and figure out what might be a good course of action. That way, you're both learning the game! Yes, games will go on for hours and hours, but learning a new skill takes time. 3. Most of all, have fun! This game is awesome, even if it might be a lot to take in at first.
  11. Union worth fighting for?

    You don't have to be mean about it Anyway, good luck on the fight for Gutter!
  12. Union worth fighting for?

    The door was unlocked...
  13. For everyone, that isn't sure about what is at stake: listen to this!
  14. Decimate

    I'm currently listening to the Singled Out podcast. Sherwin said something about the winning Guild getting a custom sculpt, and that person than being part of that Guild from then on. Not sure about what happens to the teams that lose. They've been talking about that for each of the 4 Union players, two sculpts have been designed and backstory has been written, and that "4 of the possibilities will never become reality". Have not heard anything about Minx, A&G, Snakeskin and Fangtooth (yet). One thing though. Sherwin: "After this, Union will not quite be the same." All the Union mains are currently scared sh*tless in what's happening, I guess.
  15. Union worth fighting for?

    Let's just make it a HAMMER! DECIMATE IS OURS!