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  1. Nykolae

    Rat changes.

    I guess you mean oKat 😉
  2. Nykolae

    Nyk's Adventures

    Hi all! Here's a quick recap of my games at the WTC! Could be that I made some mistakes on activations, but I think the essence of the games are captured nicely. Game 1: James Long's Fishermen, lost roll, kicking Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Lucky, Decimate, Mallet Shark, Salt, Greyscales, Sakana, Hag, Siren Hammer to Shark with Second Wind Greyscales goal 0-4 Shark catches Hammer in a Net Greyscales goal Hammer Snap Shot via Decimate 4-8 Shark brings ball to Sakana/Greyscales, but epic fail on the scatter Mallet smashes Sakana and Greyscales' shins Jockeying for getting the ball back 4-8 Mallet takes out Greyscales Sakana threatens ball, so ball is shot out of bounds Shark retrieves ball and passes towards Salt Brick makes it impossible for Salt to score this turn Shark is pummeled to low health 6-8 No one can reach Salt Salt scores 6-12 My fault here was not killing the ball, and going far too aggressive with Hammer. James gave me some pointers on how to fight Fish. Real solid fellow! Game 2: Ben Downton's Fishermen, lost roll, kicking Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Flint, Lucky Shark, Tentacles, Greyscales, Sakana, Hag, Jac Masons jockey for position Shark goal 0-4 Shark taken out Greyscales goal Tentacles taken out Flint brings ball to edge of Pitch and drops it there 3-8 Shark comes back on (~3" from side of Pitch) Hammer moves to push Shark out, but whiffs first roll (7+1 dice against 4+/1, 1 hit, no results) Shark double dodges out Jac and Shark double team to push Hammer out of the Pitch (Would I have not whiffed there and pushed Shark out, Hammer would be out of range of Jac. This would be a very different game, with no one in range to get to Flint that turn, and the rest of my team able to beat some faces) 3-10 Lucky is encircled and taken out 3-12 Unlucky dice on a fatal moment! I knew I would take 2 goals early, but if I could protect Flint I'd be fine for a bit. Game 3: Quentin Vighetti's Masons, won roll, receiving Honour, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Harmony, Flint Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Tower, Flint, vChisel Flint setup with Superior Strategy Quentin positions perfectly to stop the turn 1 goal 0-0 Honour pummels Flint (Q) Flint (Q) retreats towards goal Flint moves up to score Quentin finally closes ranks with Brick and Marbles Ball is on Marbles (Q) 4-0 Hammer (Q) takes out Brick Flint takes out Flint (Q) Marbles is taken out Marbles (Q) is killing the ball 6-3 Brick comes back on to engage Marbles (Q), pinning him stuck against a piece of cover Marbles comes back on within Go Ape's range Lots of attacks on Marbles (Q) whiff, even a Marbles counter charge (8 dice against 4+1, again only 1 hit, no results) Flint moves to snap shot position Honour and Harmony move to close the distance to where the ball is Mallet is taken out (Can I take the ball from Marbles (Q) here, I can pass it up to Harmony, who can pass it to Flint for the Snap Shot, but again my dice were cold) 6-5 Mallet comes back on near the ball Flint (Q) comes on on the side of the ball Honour is taken out I time out and start giving time VP Flint and Harmony threaten to kill Flint (Q) Marbles (Q) is taken out, but not before he kicks the ball into space The ball scatters right on top of Tower (Q), who scores a goal 7-12 Again the dice are against me this match at a critical moment. Taking the ball off of Marbles (Q) would've set me to 10-3. Flint (Q) was threatened by two of my squaddies, and otherwise Mallet and Honour together would've been able to take someone out. It would've been VERY close. I sacrificed Mallet to try and get Honour to the other side of the Pitch, trying to assist Brick and Marbles, but Mallet was taken out too fast for Honour to get there unscathed. Great work of Quentin on killing the ball on Marbles (Q) and on setting up the turn 1 bubble to delay my Flint goal, which cost me loads of time. Chapeau! Ending day 1 on 0-3 felt really bad, as I felt that game 2 and game 3 could've as easily gone my way. Game 4: Jaime Muñoz' Fishermen (AGAIN FISH!), lost roll, kicking Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Flint, Tower Corsair, Tentacles, Jac, Greyscales, Hag, vSakana Jockeying for position 2nd activation, Hammer takes out Jac, who retrieved the ball, and hides behind a piece of terrain with help of Knockback Tower is pulled in by Corsair Lucky and Marbles close with Corsair, while Brick tries to make the goal harder Greyscales goal Now I make a mistake that still haunts me 'til this day: instead of playing defensive with Flint, I go aggressive and move him up with the ball towards a piece of fast ground on the edge of the Pitch... 2-4 Jac comes back on and steals the ball from Flint. No momentum to push him out, he passes the ball into space, towards Greyscales Mallet is able to Smash Greyscales' Shins, but with Where'd They Go and a sprint, Greyscales would still be able to move close enough to my goal and score I choose to go for Corsair, who is taken out by Hammer and Tower Greyscales goal Flint moves to retrieve the ball Mallet takes out Greyscales 6-8 Flint gets the ball and moves towards the deployment line, at the edge of the Pitch Hag moves up Jac, who is now in range of Flint Lucky goes to intercept Corsair pulls Lucky out of engagement Jac stands up and moves to engage Flint, but whiffs all his attacks and only gets 1 hit twice, tackling the ball 6-8 Flint is able to get the ball off of Jac and kicks it out of bounds The scatter lands directly next to Corsair... (Would the scatter have gone towards 1, 2, 3 or 4, it would've been fine, but it scattered towards 5, right into Corsair's lap...) Corsair puts the ball down for vSakana, sets up the legendary, and knocks down everyone who could get to it Brick tries to form a defensive line, but vSakana can shoot it from 10" away 6-12 I was SO angry at myself for making such a stupid mistake against Jaime. This was my game to win. I guess I got too greedy after seeing turn 1 go so well for me... I could've still turned the game around if the out-of-bounds scatter would go in the right direction (4/6 chance) and far enough (3" would be enough, so another 4/6 chance), but it falls right into Corsair's lap; the worst place it could be in... I have to commend Jaime on his Hag play, though. He played her excellent, and saved his team multiple time from just ending up in the Hammer/Tower/Lucky grinder. Game 5: Leonardo Chavez Weyand's Rat Catchers, lost roll, kicking Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Tower, Lucky Piper, Squeak, Pelage, Scourge, vGraves, Skulk Kicked with Hammer, jockeyed for position Rats all moved backwards, scared of Hammer Ball was used to move everyone backwards 0-0 Still jockeying for position Ball ends up on Skulk, I decide to start the brawl with Lucky charging into Skulk to try and get the ball. The charge whiffs entirely, no results... (oh no, not again...) Skulk disengages from Lucky with help of Piper and Pelage Skulk moves down the edge of the Pitch together with Piper and Squeak I guess being scared of repercussions of Hammer, Scourge doesn't engage on Lucky Hammer pushes Scourge out of bounds Pelage engages onto Lucky and snares him 2-0 vGraves engages onto Lucky and puts down Gravedigger, Lucky is on 2 Hammer takes out Pelage, saving Lucky Lucky activates and takes a breather Mallet engages onto Skulk Mallet gets pushed around by Piper and surrounded by him and Squeak 4-0 Mallet is pushed out by Piper Scourge and Pelage keep out of the scrum's threat Squeak brings the ball to Skulk, who moves into goal range Skulk misses his goal run (oof! 😮), the ball scatters out of bounds Tower picks up the ball after the scatter and passes it towards Hammer 6-2 Hammer puts down the ball and takes out vGraves, engaging Piper via Knockback Piper pushes away Hammer with the Heroic and a >> Using the Dilemma, Lucky is forced to move towards Piper Piper misses the push off of the Pitch multiple times (ouch! I know your pain, Leo!) Lucky uses Raise the Stakes, Leo chooses to not dodge anyone, obviously distraught by just missing so many attempts to get back into the game Lucky runs and scores 12-2 I guess I was the lucky one on this match, nearly losing my goal attempt at the end. This would result into a 8-4 score though, with Tower being able to bring it home as well after either Marbles or Brick would just deliver the ball in Tower's path. Skulk COULD make it a bit of a problem, but with my high momentum score, I could just as well have turned Mallet and Tower onto Skulk and just went for the 10-4, with Piper being close to the edge and Hammer within jogging distance for next turn. All in all, I think I played quite okay. 1-4 isn't the best score, but I feel that my individual position (#111 out of 138) didn't really represent my level of play at the tournament. I felt I could turn the game against Ben (5-0, #7 individual) and had a solid chance against Quentin (3-2, #54 individual), but had some real bad luck at critical moments. Lost 4/5 rolls for initiative and played against Fishermen (in my eyes, the #1 Guild for late S3) three times! Day 1 was HARSH! My boy James (4-1, #12 individual) really just killed me dead, I had NO chance. I got him to turn 5, but by all rights it should've been over at turn 2 or 3. Still quite sad about my mistake against Jaime (1-4, #117) in game 4, because I feel I had that game in the bag from turn 1... Can't wait until next year! I'd really like a shot at redeeming myself! Most likely, I'll be trying out some new Guilds. I'm quite tired of playing Masons for now...
  3. Nykolae

    A simple wish....

    Thanks, @Malritch! I'm sure it'll be awesome!
  4. Fun fact: Brewers are getting quite antsy with all your positive talk about Amber 😂
  5. Nykolae

    Free Cities Draft

    Even if we were, you guys'd still just 100% win out on sheer number advantage. There's no chance, so why would we even try and contest your main choice. Same with Fish and Butchers. Nah, we'll stay in our own lane. 😉
  6. Nykolae

    Scapel S4

    One can only hope...
  7. Nykolae

    Changes to Second Wind

    I actually don't think Masons will get access to SW. It was mentioned in Scalpel's blog that this change to SW was also due to everyone and their mother taking Decimate along for SW. Making it Guild only gives me the idea that SFG are not fond of a yo-yo'ing Hammer. 😉
  8. Nykolae

    Changes to Second Wind

    100% not taking Deci when S4 hits. If I'm taking a Union along, it'll most likely be either Minx, Mist or Snakeskin. But I'm holding off of making any hard statements until all cards are spoiled.
  9. Nykolae

    Kill team

    Graves, Ghast, Pelage, Brainpan & Memory, Vileswarm, either captain. 12-13 INF. Tooled Up present. 7 models on field means more crowdouts. Tooled Up, Fear, Rising Anger, Pelage auras, 1-INF mascot charges. Cosset is possible, but you'll need Dirge to really let her shine, and most of the time she's a 1-for-1 trade-off. Casket is another possibility, but you'd bring him only against charge-heavy teams, and if you think you can easily set up Casket Time. His downsides (Foul Odour, 1/4 INF, 1" melee) make me not choose him for the standard 6. vGraves is called Graves. I'd only bring him if I need more KD control and don't really need Tooled Up.
  10. Nykolae

    S4 Anvil and Sledge

    http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/season-4-anvil-sledge In my mind, this makes the take-out game for the Blacksmiths even stronger. Why they said it was not strong enough to begin with confuses me. The Butcher changes better be very significant!
  11. Nykolae

    WTB vDecimate

    Hi all! I'm looking for the most sought after Exile, I guess. I'm based in the Netherlands, so most likely looking for Europe-based or UK-based senders.
  12. My post wasn't a question. It was a copy of a paragraph on Team Player from the Collected Clarifications thread. As you can see from the second sentence of the ruling, Granite's Between a Rock... can be triggered by damage through Team Player. Another example: Granite is 4" from vHarmony, who is 4" away from Hammer, but there's more than 4" between Granite and Hammer. Hammer receives damage. vHarmony chooses to take said damage via Team Player. Between a Rock... triggers, due to vHarmony having received damage, so Granite can make her Jog. OP is correct in his/her assumptions of the ruling for the combination of Team Player and Between a Rock....
  13. From the Collected Clarifications thread: Team Player:- Applies to the entire damage result, e.g. in the case of a wrap.Damage through Team Player can trigger Granite’s Between a Rock…If veteran Harmony is taken out, the opponent is considered to have inflicted the taken-out condition.Damage transferred by Team Player still causes Berserk to trigger.
  14. Nykolae

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Nope, I'm also encountering problems. It only loads the background.
  15. Nykolae

    Gut and string nerfed.

    We've already seen a change for Egret and for Jaecar indirectly, and there has been word that the most impactful changes would be presented last. I'm thinking that the Hunters might be one of those last ones, together with Alchemists, for being the Guilds that have been impacted the most by the changes. People usually talk about Zarola's Playbook, Seenah's INF, Skatha's Blessing and the fact that both Hearnes are too much alike. I've also not seen Chaska on the table for a while. That means that there might be quite a lot of changes coming your way... Hoping it won't affect the Guild too much, as it seems that they're in quite a good position at the moment, as being regarding as one of the top tier Guilds out there.