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  1. Nykolae

    vet. Cinder

    Nice catch! But that's still 4 attacks, one of which is a charge with maybe 10-11 damage. Insane, if the dice are not cold, as 6 results out of 10 on a 3+ is doable (and even 5/10 results on a 4+/0 is average!).
  2. Nykolae

    vet. Cinder

    One-shot city has been engaged. I think the Tapper, Ox and Farmers match-ups have gotten a lot more interesting suddenly. 1 on Furnace for Tooled Up and maybe a One at a Time (to stop crowd-outs), 1 on Hearth for Instruction, 2 on Alloy for Dirty Knives on the first target, none on Ferrite but just her Legendary to give the whole team +2/+2 MOV, 4 on vCinder to charge in a wreck havoc (also setting 2-4 people on fire and -1 ARM due to Searing Strike) and maybe already kill 2 models (maybe 3 due to extra attacks from Grim Vengeance) and then Cast comes in with 4 INF to finish the team off with her +1 DMG to Burning targets. When the enemy doesn't expect this and keeps himself bunched up, it can mean a 8 VP swing in a single turn on just TO's. 😮 vCinder is a staple for the 'smiths beater lists imho, that has to be put down or controlled a.s.a.p.
  3. Almost done, but I was too psyched about it not to show anything yet. I know the colours are kind of bland at times, and I could've done so much more with highlights and shadows, but I came to a point where I just wanted them to be done for tournaments. I've got the Spooks resins on the way, so I'm going to try and be more patient with those. 😅
  4. Nykolae

    Veteran Harmony's Sword

    Mine was indeed cast quite badly, but that's not the problem. The swordblade broke off and I've had to reglue it multiple times since. I'll try the idea with the greenstuff later, I think.
  5. Nykolae

    How do you deal with tilt?

    Things that tilt me: Someone obviously adding 1/2" to movements by removing the measuring stick before placing the model, or to character plays by 'accidentally' nudging their models forward. Clumsy them! 😒 Having a really bad dice game. I know, it's dice, anything can happen. But after missing the third Puppet Master on that 3+ model, it can really get under my skin. People taking ages to decide on Gameplan stuff, like the 4" dodges or where to place that Singled Out marker. I hate losing games on dice down... And while the first one is rather obvious, the other two are just part of the game. Dice happen, and not every decision is as easy to make, especially for people that have just started playing. You're actually never in a position to do absolutely nothing. Even activation with no influence can be hugely influential, by i.e. crowding out targets, or getting ready for a snap shot, or even just moving outside of 3" of friendly models to stop multiple people getting hit by a single AoE. Hunters, Morticians and Smoke Alchemists just have a very different playstyle compared to more straightforward Guilds, like the Butchers and Fishermen. For Hunters and Spooks, it's all about control of the Pitch, and constantly trying to force your opponent to make sub-optimal plays, on which you can try and capitalize. Yes, games tend to get a tad grindy, but that's the control game. ~50% of what you're doing is trying to counter your opponent's plans, while the other ~50% is reacting on the choices of your opponent. It's a 100% reactive playstyle, which requires a great deal of thinking ahead and game knowledge. After a game with either of them, my brain usually needs a breather, while after a game with Masons I still feel fresh and could go for another right away. For Smoke Alchemists, it's 100% based on keeping your opponent from playing the game. You're constantly forcing him to spend his MP on clearing conditions, while keeping as far away as possible and letting the condition damage tick. After a while, you just let your shotgun (also known as vKat) just delete some models, maybe even Witness Me for 4 VP. Bring Vitriol and go for a 2 goal, 1 Witness game against more brawly teams. Or bring Compound and go for a 2-4 TO, 1 goal game against scoring teams. Just remember, your main goal is to keep your opponent MP starved and keeping those conditions ticking, and be as non-interactive as possible. You don't want ranks to close, you have no frontline. Also, if you really want to go and score, just drop Midas. He's not as bad as people make him out to be, he's just different than what he was before.
  6. Nykolae

    Veteran Harmony's Sword

    Hi guys, Quick question: How do you guys keep vHarmony's sword from constantly falling off? I've reglued it so many times now, and it's too thin for pinning. Any advice? Thanks in advance!
  7. Nykolae

    Veteran Fangtooth

    Please God no. @TheCurkov and the other 'chemists won't survive any more punishment! They're still recovering from the previous banhammer!
  8. Nykolae

    Hammer Masons

    You are forgetting that Hearth can only counterattack once. If Hammer chooses to pick a damage result, he still gains the MP to clear the upcoming KD and Hearth has no way of getting out of his way. This will result into a very badly beaten Granny. Anyway, usually the Mason player will not activate Hammer first (unless he can find good use of it). Hammer really shines after receiving his buffs (Tooled Up, Chisel's Assist) and being Stoic and Tough Hide will usually keep him alive for quite a bit, especially if you calculate in all the condition removal he gets from Chisel, Lucky and/or vHarmony. With just Tooled Up and Iron Fist, Hearth will be TO'd in 4-5 attacks.
  9. Nykolae

    Being taken for Granite...

    @EpicChris hits the nail on the head here. The current meta is so focused on having strong but agile beaters/strikers, that having a slow-moving centerpiece - which isn't all that durable to begin with - is just choosing to start with a disadvantage. Alchemists will slow her down with Smoke, or just play around her with Midas. Blacksmiths can easy delete her with their massive damage dealing capacity, or run around her with Alloy and Ferrite. Brewers have Vetcimate. Ox can readily delete her, and Fillet can run circles around her. Ballista can control her, Pin Vice is too fast. Thresher and Grange/Fallow delete her. Fishermen run around. Falconers delete her from range. Hunters control her. Hammer deletes her, and Honour and Flint will just go for the 3-0. Scalpel is way too fast, and she'll never be able to catch Obulus. Rat Catchers Reverie, do I need to say more? vRage deletes her, Blackheart dodges around her little scrum. Even looking at the Order, I don't see any way that taking Granite would be a good thing.
  10. Nykolae

    Being taken for Granite...

    Granite works really well with all the veterans, it seems. Chisel keeps her condition free and gives her some attack bonuses. Harmony can clear conditions, take damage so Granite can get up the Pitch faster, and brings Marked Target to give Granite a 8" charge range. Bring in Honour with Superior Strategy and Quick Time, and suddenly you can get Granite anywhere anytime. Marbles can Goad someone to force targets to come closer to Granite (or at least not move further away), or Wrecker can just push them closer using Ramming Speed. Bringing Tower, Lucky, Mallet, Flint or Brick will be flex. I don't know if putting all your resources into setting Granite up is worth it due to her only getting on 3 results and higher results are non-momentous, but it'll be quite interesting to try it out sometime.
  11. Nykolae

    Comparisons to RL Nations

    That'd make Piervo Rome (religious city, home to the church), Raedland is the UK (strongest navy, seafaring nation), Eisnor is somewhere in Scandinavia, I'd guess Valentia is France (vineyards, revolution), Maldriven should be Scotland but could also be Belgium (Brewers home turf). I'm just not sure on Skald. Maybe Germany?
  12. Jesus christ, Mako! How do you keep your hands that still? This is just amazing work!
  13. Hi all, Here's a hypothetical question. What if an Alchemist player buys a Mortician player's Big League plot card Angry Dead, which states: "The friendly model may immediately make an Attack without spending Influence before being removed from the Pitch." The requirement for this effect is "A friendly model suffers the taken-out condition." What if Crucible is taken-out, attacks her opponent per this plot card and chooses a damage result. Will the taken-out condition also be transferred to the opponent's model due to Chemical Admixture, which states: "When damaged by this model, enemy models suffer all conditions this model is currently suffering." Does this mean that Crucible can thereby one-shot any player after being taken-out herself?
  14. Nykolae

    Veteran Chisel - no more speculation

    You choose one? But the effects are named differently, right? Assist (Marbles) and Assist (Chisel). Aww, that would be a bummer though... +3 DMG Honour would be super juicy.
  15. Nykolae

    Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    Hi all! Finally bought my second Guild after Mason's, and I now followed my heart. I totally love the aesthetics of the Morticians, and I'd instantly ordered the resin pre-orders when they came out. In two weeks I'm going to start a Big League playing Spooks, but I'm in dubio about which 10 to bring. I had hoped to find some consensus on these forums, but it seems there's been none as of yet. Some swear by the Ferryman, some say Scalpel's the place to be. Some say Vileswarm is an auto-drop, some actually swear by him after the removal of Sic'Em. Not even mentioning the squaddies. There are so many specialists, that it's hard to leave people behind! The Big League will contain an Alchemist, a Butcher, a Brewer, a Farmer, a Hunter and a Fisherman. So no Engineer, no Blacksmith, no Union. I was thinking something along the lines of: Obulus, Scalpel, Dirge, B&M, Cosset, Casket, vHemlocke, Ghast, Pelage, Graves. But I'm not sold on only bringing Dirge when not bringing Cosset, as I'd value Vileswarm more useful on his own. When bringing Vileswarm, I'd leave Cosset home and bring either Bonesaw or Skulk with me. Anyone?