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  1. Ratcatchers Story

    I see what you did there.
  2. Ratcatchers Story

    The Drunken Seamstress... "organized gangs led by the Brewers"... Call me intrigued!
  3. All praise the plastic!

    The Exiles doesn't contain a goal and terrain, which is why it's at the same price point as the old metal boxes. I guess that if there'd be metal goals and terrain pieces included, the price would go up a fair amount.
  4. Game plan deck revealed

    This has been explained that you just take the deck cards you discarded during play and keep on playing with those. Would still like to get an answer about the Gameplan Deck and the Big League.
  5. Game plan deck revealed

    How does this affect the Big League format? The Big League was built around using Big League-specific plot cards, with which to gain CP and Favours. This Gameplan Deck works in a totally different way and it seems not to be possible to use both the Deck and the old Plot Cards (I think?). My question: is there anything in the works to make Big League-specific Gameplan cards, or are Big League players forced to keep playing with the old system?
  6. Big League 10 advice

    But what about Ulfr? @Moltry mentions bringing Egret over him. What are your thoughts on this?
  7. Big League 10 advice

    Seeing as you and Aaron are the two people who are currently regularly throwing down Hunter bat-reps, I considered you two were the ones to talk to about game experience.
  8. Big League 10 advice

    Oh hi there, @Moltry. It might be a good idea to send an email about this, as your last email indicated that you were going for Fish. For anyone else, I'm the Masons player he's talking about. In my opinion (which is totally not biased whatsoever ), your 10 looks fine. I'll leave the expert strats to the pro's around here. @burroboskov and @ForestRamboare good persons to ask for advice. By the way, who are you calling casual? Half of your competition is Netherlands' team 2 for the upcoming WTC.
  9. Masons 1st turn goal

    Honour + Harmony Linked activations is also possible. Harmony with 4 INF passes to Honour and sprints upfield 8". Honour next turn walks up, puts Superior Strategy on Harmony and passes to her. Linked back to Harmony with 3 INF, who can sprint, Acrobatics and take a Bonus Timed Shot. Total length of 8+10+6 = 24" which is goal-to-goal length, and you only need 1 activation to set up. Due to proximity, Harmony is a 4/6", so you have 5 dice with Bonus Time! Sure, 6" is not a lot and she might be engaged, but you have 5 dice. 4 or even 3 should just be enough, right. Afterwards, just Knee Slider or dodge 4" away towards your team. Harmony's 5+/0 defensive stats should let her live at least 1 that turn, so she can just Acrobatics + Sprint away next turn. If you're really going for it, you also grab Tooled Up and Iron Fist and beat someone down before the shot for a 6VP activation train. 3 attacks on +2 DMG should be enough to at least bring someone to ~1-5 HP. You'll also grab the much needed momentum to go first the next turn, so then just kill your target and run back into your lines.
  10. @ForestRamboAaron, I completely agree with you on your last statements. This Guild can bring two very different styles to the Pitch, and has enough variance within its total roster to always bring a competitive 10. Even when there are 2 models (almost) never considered as viable. I just find it really hard to digest seeing my 'baby' on the bottom of the list, when the top players are always talking about how strong and versatile the Guild actually is. #RightInTheFeels To get back on-topic, I've already stated my concerns on Granite and Chisel in earlier threads. In my opinion, Granite needs either more speed (+1"/+1" is enough) or a 2" melee zone and something like Fallow's Protective Instinct. That would be enough. Chisel on the other hand is a total mixed bag. A 7-long playbook with on column 4 can hardly be called a beater playbook. Sure, there's Feel My Pain to try and scare people into not attacking her, and Sadism can keep her health up (and both work together quite nicely), but at 3+/1, 13 life and Crazy, she basically dies to a stiff breeze. Any decently set up beater should be able to kill her in 3 attacks. There's also the problem of activation order. She wants to be the first one in as you want people to attack her, but that means she'll be ganged up on easily and the efficiency of Feel My Pain would be very low. Let's say she lives through that turn. When the next turn starts and you don't win initiative, she's standing there in the middle of the scrum without any of her Plays online. That's just an easy 2 VP to the enemy right there. I just find it SO hard to find a decent enough spot for her due to those liabilities... I do like the skillset of her and I wouldn't want her to just become a Cosset clone, so I think the solution should mostly be found in her Character Plays and her life total or defensive stats.
  11. I think Masons need help anyway. Looking at Longshanks' Guild statistics and filtering them from January this year and on, we're now the worst playing Guild (alongside Blacksmiths with the same win%). 45.5%, with Hammer at 48% and Honour at 38%. This is of course a joking remark, as I know that numbers only tell you so much, but I have to say that it's a worrying trend. The numbers have been dropping since I regularly started checking them around November.
  12. Steamforged plays Ratcatchers vs Union

    Oh, I'm sorry! I just thought that this was as close as an official release as they could get. They were openly talking about the stat numbers and plays, so this is why I thought it was okay to make thr above post. Feel free to remove it.
  13. Steamforged plays Ratcatchers vs Union

    So, I've watched the whole vid. Here's what we've learned: Squeak Melee Zone: 1" MOV: 4" / 6" TAC: 3 KICK: 2 / ?" DEF: 3+ ARM: 1 INF: 1 / ? HP: 10 Character Plays: Dreadful Shriek: Enemy model immediately makes a Jog. Enemy model is a friendly model during this action. Cost 1/GB. OPT: ? Traits: Tag Along Miasma Melee Zone: 2" MOV: 5" / 7" TAC: 5 KICK: 3 / ?" DEF: 4+ ARM: 0 INF: 2 / 4 HP: Haven't really paid attention closely, but one should be able to find this out, as she dies during the game. Character Plays: Erupting Spores: The opposing Player must choose one of the following; enemy models within the (2") pulse suffer 2 damage and the Poison condition, or, enemy models within the (2") pulse suffer 2 damage and the Bleed condition. Cost: 2/GB. Range: S. OPT: I think yes. Rataclysm: Enemy models hit by this 3" AoE receive 3 damage and the Disease condition. Cost: 2. Range: 6". OPT: No. Traits: Salve: Once per turn, this model may use Come on Mate to remove conditions without spending Momentum. Virulence Strain: While within this 6" Aura, enemy models that suffer the Disease condition suffer -1 TAC. Piper Melee Zone: 1" MOV: 6" / ?" TAC: 5 KICK: 3 / ?" DEF: 5+ ARM: 0 INF: 4 / ? HP: Haven't really paid attention closely, but one should be able to find this out, as she dies during the game. Character Plays: Pay the Piper: Every time an enemy model spends MP within this (6") Aura, the friendly team gains 1 MP. Cost: 2/GB. Range: S. SUS: Yes. OPT: Yes. Reverie: Target other friendly model. This model may immediately make a Sprint and a Shot without influence. Cost: 3. Range: 8". OPT: Yes? Heroic Plays: Distracting Tune: Choose enemy model that is within 4" of this model. Target model suffers a 2" Push. Legendary Plays: Swan's Obedience: Choose a Goal post. Every model within 8" of this model makes a 2" Dodge towards that Goal post. Jamie also mentioned that Piper has a dilemma mechanic, so I'm guessing he also has a Trait that we've not heard of yet. Also, there have been some mentions on what results are on which columns for all 3 un-spoiled models, but I didn't write that information down. So I'm basically only missing Miasma and Piper's health pools and this Playbook information. (I think )
  14. Tactical advices against Butchers

    While Honour can also work against the Butchers, I tend to use Hammer. Just be sure to not throw yourself in their team one at a time. Use your double counter charge bubble to protect Hammer and let them just come to you. Activate Hammer last, almost delete a model and get momentum advantage and go first in turn 2. Take out your target, get 2 momentum, pop back into the counter charge bubble, and, if you're really cheeky, throw down Hammer Time. Let's see if Ox still wants to come at you. Make sure you have enough momentum for counter attacks, as well. Hammer, Brick ánd Tower have knockback, and Mallet also has an easy push on 2 results. With Marbles, that's already 5 man. Against Ox you can choose Flint as sixth, who is fast enough to just run around the scrum and score a couple of goals. Against Fillet, I'd leave the pretty boy at home and bring either Lucky or vHarmony to deal with the copious amounts of Bleed conditions.
  15. Mulligans during play.

    In the casual setting I tend to ask people things like 'are you sure?', whenever I see a "gotcha" about to happen. In a casual competitive setting (Big League), I'm a bit more strict, but still allow for take-backs. Stuff like Close Control, Stoic, etc, we can work around. "Oh, did you know I had Close Control? No? Okay, just put it back and think on your strategy a bit." If someone just picks up their model and places it somewhere else without any marker of it's previous position, I do not allow them any mulligans though. In tournament settings, I ask people if they're familiar with my models and if they want some heads-up before the match starts. If anything happens during the match itself, I will not warn people and just take the counter charge, whenever I see one. As many people say, it's an open information game. Flint has Close Control, Hammer has Stoic, Granite has Sturdy, etc. To be fair, if I myself make such a mistake, I usually just shake it off and tell myself "that's something I won't do a second time". Might result in a loss, but at least I learned something, which hopefully will win me other games.