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  1. Nykolae

    Scalpel woes

    Scalpel indeed feels like a tough nut to crack for the Farmers, but it's certainly doable. I'd say the usual 2 line-ups are Scalpel, Dirge, Cosset, vHemlocke, Graves and then either the defensive option of Casket or the aggressive option of Bonesaw. In my opinion, Thresher certainly is the way to go, as Grange can be too much of an easy target when he's not yet activated yet. Tough Hide certainly helps negate some of Scalpel's kill pressure, but Voodoo Strings will negate all of the work you've put in with Close Ranks.If Grange hasn't Tough Hide'd himself, a Tooled Up Scalpel can just one-round him. Thresher can at least match Scalpel's kill pressure, so it should be an even trade-off per turn. The mascot is also easy. Buckwheat really does nothing to thwart the Scalpel missile. Peck can at least kill the ball and clear knock-downs and poison/fire if the opponent decides to bring either Vileswarm or Silence. Tater also is a no-brainer. He's a 5+ against Scalpel and Cosset, and brings some extra clock pressure via Fork Off. Sure, Casket's Ghostly Visage can deal with some of Fork Off's pressure, but it forces a certain activation order. The low health of the Morticians also makes Tater's extra damage on a charge very useful. Blasting off 1/3 of a model's health with a single charge is nothing to scoff at (unless you're called Sledge). Ploughman is another no-brainer, certainly with Casket on the field. His True Path totally negates Casket's Foul Odour, and he brings 2 harvest markers per turn for free. His Broken Earth can also force some momentum usage from the Mortician player, and his easy pushes and 20 health make him a hard target to kill for anyone, but Scalpel herself. From here on out, it's a bit harder, but I'd say that Jackstraw is another good contender. Ranged Harvest Markers is something that Thresher really likes, and a 5+ with Reanimate and his ability to just teleport means he should be another model that is very hard to take out, and to hide the ball on. Thresher and Jackstraw together might also be able to score a few goals, if the Morticians player makes some mistakes in his defensive positioning. The last model to pick is a tad harder to choose. The choice is between going for a Planter or a Reaper. At the moment, you have an influence generation of 9 and Harvest Marker generation of 4. This should be enough to choose another Reaper. Fallow should not be a choice, as Scalpel can easily undo her positioning with Voodoo Strings, and she brings quite a heavy toll on your Harvest Markers. Her 1" melee zone also brings her efficiency down quite a bit. Windle is a HUGE target. Yes, he can deal major damage, but he should be the last one to go in, which is also Thresher's spot. If Windle goes in earlier, Scalpel and/or Cosset can deal massive damage against him, and might even be able to one-round him. With Casket on the field, I would not want to field such a liability. If he's not taking someone out before he himself is taken out, it's not worth bringing him. Certainly do not bring him if the opponent fields Silence! The last Reaper to choose from is Bushel. And in my opinion, she is actually your best option. Due to the low health pools of the Morticians, Thresher and Tater should have no problem taking out at least 2 models. If, alongside that, you have another goal threat in Thresher through the middle, and Bushel and Jackstraw on the wings, you might even be able to score 2 goals as well. With Scalpel's ability to switch up the field so strongly, you really want to finish the match early, and a 2-2 should be quicker than a 1-4 strategy. If you're more of a defensive player, you can decide to go for another Planter. Your choices here are Harrow, Millstone and veteran Honour. Harrow's healing aura won't be that massive, knowing that Scalpel and Cosset can dish out massive amounts of damage. Also, both ladies have a threat range of 10", so going for Marked Target makes Harrow a target himself. He actually doesn't bring anything else to the table. Veteran Honour can reposition Harvest Markers, giving Tater the ability to position quite agressively and still have Fork Off active. Also, her legendary works as Midnight Offering, so you can make Thresher's threat range enormous for one turn. She also brings another cast of Cocksure, which makes that you can defend against KD's on both Thresher ánd another model. Millstone is also another very strong pick. Her Battering Ram gives you the option of getting in the Mortician's face even faster, and Take One For the Team makes that Thresher can negate TWO conditions. She would also certainly be my pick, if my opponent would field Bonesaw. Goal Defence on Peck is hilarious! Make him work for those goals! So yeah, my three 6's would be Thresher, Peck, Ploughman, Tater, Jackstraw, Bushel for a more aggressive playstyle (3-0 and 2-2 both possible) Thresher, Peck, Ploughman, Tater, Jackstraw, vHonour for a more mobile playstyle (1-4 and 2-2 both possible) Thresher, Peck, Ploughman, Tater, Jackstraw, Millstone for a more defensive playstyle, mostly against Bonesaw (1-4 and 2-2 both possible) I'm not saying that it should be easy defeating Scalpel using one of these three line-ups, but at least this is my view (as a Scalpel player) what would be the best way of dealing with her. Obviously, the VP generators (Scalpel, Cosset, Bonesaw if fielded) should be your primary targets, but taking out Graves before Tooled Up hits makes Scalpel a lot less scary. If the Mortician player plays it right, vHemlocke should never be in your sights, but when playing the Bushel team, she is your worst enemy with Blind and Midnight Offering. Luckily, Jackstraw and Bushel are both 5+ and Thresher can still go for the kill after being Blinded. Honestly, if my opponent puts resources into killing Casket, I'm quite happy, as he's not going for my actual damage dealers or goal scorers. Usually, I trade his 2 VP's for one or two take-outs of my own, or a TO and a goal. There's a possibility the Morticians might field Silence, but I'd say that that's just for Tucked/Shutout. On a 8" range, this means that Silence is positioning himself quite close to the Farmers front line, which makes him a target. Cocksure and Peck's heroic just negate anything that he can do with Fire Blast. In my opinion, bringing Silence instead of Casket or Bonesaw is a mistake, but a good Tucked or Shutout can destroy any plans that you might have, so don't immediately discard his threat. I know I might throw in some of my own chances in winning by posting this, but as a pundit I'm more for helping the community get better than going for my own winnings.
  2. Nykolae

    Field Medic and wraps

    God, I love this community. Always there to help 😁
  3. Nykolae

    Season 4 results

    @THE_DOJO_MIKECould you provide the last model the second Mortician player brought along? I'm guessing vHemlocke? Quite the agressive line-up, with Bonesaw. Did he do more than get that first goal? I've considered him as well, but thought Casket would be the better pick to turn off Counter Charges. Your ideas? (This seems like me trying to figure out Spooks stuff, but I'm actually trying to help you figure out a valid strategy against them as a Spooks player myself. Just need to know his playstyle 😉)
  4. Nykolae

    Field Medic and wraps

    I would indeed as this in the correct sub-forum, but to answer your question: Wraps always get added up, so you're basically only attacking once. You're not dealing 2 and 1 damage, but 3. Therefore, Field Medic only triggers once.
  5. Nykolae

    Nyk's Adventures

    Hi @Tsar14, thanks for the kind words! I've been thinking on your questions for a bit. If Shark would've scored that snap-back goal on me, he would've been able to dodge out after the goal, not securing me that take-out. I think I would've played a tad more defensively, basically just making it as hard as possible for the Fish player to come get the ball, while Scalpel keeps on taking out models one at a time. I merely took full advantage of my opponent's bad luck. If he would've scored the goal there, I would've been in a less than happy state. I think I would've pulled out Scalpel with vHemlocke and just have gotten ready for turn 2, trying to get some momentum by kicking the ball around. That round I would've focused Shark with Scalpel, trying to take him out immediately, and the rest would be making sure my opponent doesn't get the ball. Round 3 would've been making another take-out on either Shark, Sakana or Fathom, and then looking for a goal run by keeping vHemlocke as a last activation with her 20" goal threat using Midnight Offering. In all fairness, I think my turn 1 goal run was total bonkers. My opponent told me he was fairly new to the game (still went 2-2 on the day, so not thát new I guess), so I thought 'aw hell, why not'. This was a friendly tournament after all, so I basically wanted all new players to have exciting games with high-risk plays. My pre-game strategy was that I would've actually waited out Shark's goal run and then pull him in with Scalpel and hold him hostage for the next turn, while protecting the ball on the vGraves/Skulk combo. After that, it would've been a slow grind with me basically trying to one-round Fish players with Scalpel, and the rest of the team just protecting the ball. There would very much be room for Cosset in a team like this. I went super defensive, as I wanted my opponent to need to work to get the ball, and I knew that Scalpel wouldn't be in much danger of repercussions after overextending for a take-out. You cán go slightly less defensive and bring Cosset instead of Ghast. Her and Dirge together can make for a second take-out squad and put more aggressive pressure on their strikers. vHemlocke, Skulk and vGraves are more than enough defensive tech to still make it hard for their strikers to hit home, but as I said, I wanted my opponent to have fun. A challenge, yes, but still fun. Losing 2 models per turn due to bad positioning and not even being able to get the ball off of my models wouldn't be a fun experience. As I said in my report: I made it as hard as possible for myself to win. Next to making it an exciting match for my opponent, it also shows me the limitations of what b******t I can pull off without too harsh repercussions. Basically, my luck on the Scalpel goal run and his bad luck on the Shark one in the first turn were what locked in the win for me. We could've just as easily just called it right then and there, but where's the fun in that. I hope these answers are satisfactory? I'll add my third and fourth matches (both against Farmers) later on. It might be Christmas holidays, but I'm still a VERY busy man. 😅
  6. Nykolae

    Morticians in Season 4

    To not further muddy @Gauntlet's S4 Morticians post with battle reports, I'll put the rest in my own battle report thread. To get back on topic, I'd like to address the strength of the Scalpel / vHemlocke combo, as I see many people complaining that Scalpel is way too strong. Sure, I didn't feel like I needed to bring out Obulus during my tournament, but I think the big offender in Morticians right now is vHemlocke, or rather Midnight Offering. Giving Scalpel such mobility with Midnight Offering, but at the same time security from threats is MASSIVE. Just look at the only other team that has access to it: the Hunters are freakin' tearing it up on the big leagues. Midnight Offering for the bear is just bonkers, although the Hunters have the added strength in Blessing of the Sun Father, handing out free 2-3 influence character plays like Pinned, Boom Box ánd Midnight Offering itself (but this is a discussion for a thread in another guild sub-forum ). Do we expect a nerf to Midnight Offering for the errata around April/May/June? At the same time, I feel like some models could still receive some love. With the massive buff to Cosset, Pelage has basically been perma-benched. Looking at Rat Catchers, you also see that Pelage is always the one keeping the dug-out warm, as vGraves and Bonesaw have been upped in their power-level and provide just the right tools for the thing the Rats want to do. For the moment, I have no idea how to get her back, but I feel that a minor health increase (from 10 to 12-13) or the addition of a defensive play/trait (Clone, Decoy) would be enough to make people rethink her. The passive control she puts out can be absolutely bonkers, but she's just tóó fragile to even consider putting her inside/near a fight. While she has Empathy, she nowhere near is as scary as Windle, so I feel that that isn't enough of a deterrent to just easily get the 2 VP. I could be wrong about her, though. Does anyone disagree?
  7. Nykolae

    Nyk's Adventures

    Hi all! I've been dabbling with Morticians in Season 4, and did a little write-up of the first match of a tournament where I went 4-0 and came in second on SoS. Very proud of myself! How'd you like me now, @kryzak? The first match report is written in Gauntlet's post, but I chose to go on here, as I don't want to muddy his post with match reports. It should be about the Spooks in S4, not about some random dude's adventures. Anyway, game 2 of the Here Be Balls tournament! In the second round, I squared off against a Belgian Fishermen player. He won the roll off and elected to receive. Fishermen for me is a captain chicken match-up. I'd like Obulus into Shark or Scalpel into Corsair. I chose Scalpel and Dirge, he chose Shark and Tentacles. Darn... His total 6 was rounded out with Kraken, Fathom, Hag and Sakana. I chose to deny him the ball as much as possible by picking vGraves and Skulk as a ball-killing tag team, and (of course) bring vHemlocke and Ghast. vHemlocke's Midnight Offering is too important a tool to leave at home against such a mobile squad, and Ghast brings some KD pressure, influence inefficiency for my opponent, and makes for a great Drag blocking tool. I kick off the ball closeby. I put 6 on Scalpel, 2 on vHemlocke, 2 on Skulk, 1 on Ghast, none on Dirge and 1 on vGraves. My opponent retrieves the ball with Sakana and passes to Shark. I measure the distance between Scalpel and Shark and he's within 10" of her. Now I have a choice: try and go for an early kill on Sakana, or go 'no guts no glory' and try to get the first goal of the match. I choose to go for the latter and charge into Shark. He defensive stances and counter attacks, so now I'm hitting on a 5+, with Hag being a crowd-out. I hit my tackle, and my opponent decides to use his counter-attack to dodge out of range of Scalpel. Now I'm stuck with Scalpel, but luckily I ám within 6" of the Fisherman's goalpost. I decide to hard-cast Spirit Bomb on Kraken and Shark to try and get Shark closeby again to make some more momentum, but sadly I only hit Kraken, who gets pushed backwards. So then I elect to also hard-cast Second Wind and just go for the 1 die shot on goal. Passing backwards would've just set things up for their goal run anyway; at least now I have a 50% chance of jumping ahead 4 VP. I roll my 1 die and... hit the 4! Using the momentum from the goal, I dodge backwards 8" from the goal dodge and Second Wind, putting Scalpel into cover. My opponent kicks the ball out and goes for a goal run of his own with Shark. A Quick Footed Shark charges Scalpel, picking up the ball on the way, and gets some momentum for the goal. He dodges into range of the goal, only having 1 momentum, and so takes the 3 dice shot due to an intervening vGraves. He misses... OUCH! The ball scatters onto vHemlocke. The rest of the turn, I just set up to kill Shark. Kraken harasses Scalpel some with Drag and KD. I choose to not hold Shark hostage at the end of the turn, because I thought my opponent had a major stroke of bad luck in the first two activations and I basically handed him Shark back for turn 2. 6-0 In this turn, my opponent is quite at a loss. Shark cán reach the ball, but is blocked by Ghast, and therefore he bides his time. He tries to save Kraken from a massive ass whoopin' with Hag and Tentacles' Blind, but it doesn't matter. I totally encase the big lug with my team, leaving the ball free on the pitch near my goal (still within range of Shark, but I wánt him to score. This means Shark gets close and I can kill him again.) When I move Ghast into melee with Kraken, Shark indeed sees his chance, runs in and scores the goal. I kick off towards my scrum and the ball is placed near Skulk, who places the ball down in a location where Scalpel could easily pick it up and go for a 6 VP activation of killing Kraken and shooting a second goal. My opponent spots this and sacrifices Fathom to get the ball and passes it to Tentacles, who tries to get away from the scrum to pass to Sakana. I take out Kraken and use Voodoo Strings and Spirit Bomb to get Tentacles back into melee range of Scalpel. 8-4 My opponent brings out Kraken near his goalpost. I activate Scalpel, tackle Tentacles three times (yes, he got the tackle off on his counter attack!), damage him to push myself out of his melee range, sprint up to have Kraken not intervene my shot on goal and sink the goal to win the game. 12-4 If I would've elected to bring the ball with me into the scrum, and not leave it near my goal, this game could've potentially ended up 12-0, but I think this was more of a fair score. Me scoring that first goal was just nasty, but him missing that first attempt basically lost him the game right then and there. I could just farm momentum off of Shark, and him overextending Kraken into Scalpel made it possible for me to just surround the big guy and make sure that I had first activation on turn 3 as well. My opponent went to finish 2-2 at the end of the tournament. I feel I just had a huge stroke of luck, as this match could've been a lot harder. Matches 3 and 4 will come later on!
  8. Nykolae

    Morticians in Season 4

    I think I do. Most of the time, I put 6 on Scalpel, 2 on vHemlocke for Midnight Offering and 1 on Graves for Tooled Up. After that, it's mostly based on where the ball lands, and how far up I want to be playing. This time, I wanted to reach their lines a.s.a.p., so after dealing those 9 influence, the other 4 were 1 to Dirge (to collect the ball and pass to Ghast), 1 for Ghast (to move up), and 2 on Silence (for a Fire Blast or threaten a Tucked/Shutout on the kicker, which was Crucible). So, to recap: Scalpel 6, Dirge 1, Ghast 1, Graves 1, vHemlocke 2, Silence 2. I positioned my lines from left to right: Dirge, Ghast, vHemlocke, Scalpel, Graves, Silence. I figured I wanted the ball on Ghast due to Fear making GBoF cost 3 and killing the first activation goal threat outright, or on Silence, Dirge or vHemlocke for 5+ defense. Basically, unless Scalpel is in a pickle and I don't have initiative, she gets 6 influence. She is just too much of a monster to not fill up. Turn 2, she got 6 for the 6 VP activation. If that was out of the equation, I would've tried deleting Smoke, as Spirit Bomb can get around Unpredictable Movement. Otherwise, I would've went for Venin (the most valuable take-out target after Smoke) and set up either Mercury or Calculus for a later take-out that turn by using Voodoo Strings and Spirit Bomb to box them into my team. Dirge took 0, as he did his job of harassing Crucible without even moving. I gave vHemlocke 1 for a possible clearing of conditions with Soul Seer + Smelling Salts. Ghast got 2, as I wanted him to start off the scrum. I had placed Silence a bit too far forward, so he got nothing, but he was already engaging Calculus. Graves got filled up with 4, hoping for some decent damage after setting up with Ghast's easy KD. Against Smoke, it helps to just keep on healing. Forget clearing conditions, as they can just put them back on just as easily, and if you're going for Calculus or Mercury, you get conditions just by engaging them. Your best bet is waiting for the Smoke activation, keep healing, and have vHemlocke clear most of the conditions on one of the last activation of the turn. Ghast is ideal here as dealing damage to him gives you one or two free heals. Hope this helps!
  9. Nykolae

    Morticians in Season 4

    Went to a Belgian tournament last Sunday, and I've played my best tournament yet! It was a 4-round tournament and I ended 4-0, just coming in second on SoS. https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1623 The 12 I brought were Obulus, Scalpel, Dirge, Bonesaw, Casket, Cosset, Ghast, Graves, vGraves, vHemlocke, Silence and Skulk In the first round, I played against another Dutchman, of whom I knew was just getting into the game. I figured to not go in too harshly, to not immediately break his spirit for the tournament. He played Alchemists, won the roll off and decided to kick off, picking Smoke and Flask as captain and mascot. I picked Scalpel and Dirge into that. His 6 was rounded out by Crucible, Mercury, Venin and Calculus. I picked Graves, vHemlocke, Ghast and (my secret anti-Smoke tech) Silence. I usually bring Silence against Smoke when receiving, because if my opponent kicks with Smoke, I can try to force a first activation for Smoke with Tucked, which greatly hampers Smoke's efficiency for the first round. I think my opponent figured out my strategy, as he elected to kick with Crucible. I knew the first turn goal was a threat, so after collecting the ball with Dirge, I kicked towards Ghast. His Fear trait would make Great Balls of Fire a 3 INF character play, and would therefore render it useless and Crucible can only be allocated 3 influence and Reactive Solution wasn't an option. Sadly, my pass missed (2 dice, tap in range...) and the ball scattered to behind my own goal line. No momentum for me... I decided to keep the ball out of play for as long as possible and moved up Ghast, Graves and Silence first. Graves tooled up Scalpel, and Silence threw a Fire Blast onto Venin and Calculus. Mercury threw a Fire Blast on Silence. Due to the ball being behind my lines, I didn't receive momentum from Rising Anger. With only Smoke and Calculus left to activate, I moved up Scalpel with Midnight Offering and tried to pass the ball to Dirge. Another 2 dice tap in pass, another miss... The ball scattered into the outer left field, where no one was, but a Fast Ground patch was conveniently placed for the Alchemist player. Calculus chose to throw a Noxious Blast onto Silence and Scalpel. Scalpel activated and took out Crucible, and did some damage onto Venin and Calculus with Spirit Bomb. She cleared conditions, and by using Second Wind and her last push onto herself, she had enough range to push/dodge towards the ball and snap it onto her. Smoke went in last and did Smoke things. Silence, Ghast and Dirge received both Burning and Poisoned conditions, the group was also Legendaried, and Dirge was Infused to 1 HP and Smoke received 3 momentum from Watch the World Burn. Dirge died of conditions in the Ending Phase. 2-1 Due to having no 6's and 7's in my Gameplan cards, and being even on momentum, the Alchemists won the initiative and elected to start. Crucible got up near Scalpel with the ball, but I brought on Dirge as well, putting it base to base with Crucible. He attempted a 1 die GBoF on Scalpel and missed. Bringing back Crucible back so close to Scalpel, knowing that Dirge would be coming on as well, was a huge mistake. Finally, he just used Acrobatics to get away from Dirge. I activated Scalpel and made a 6 VP activation from taking out Venin and scoring after. I also positioned Calculus closer to my own team using Voodoo Strings. After some scrumming with Ghast, Silence, Mercury and Smoke, I had the perfect set up going into the scrum with Graves. Calculus was Knocked Down and on 8 HP, and was crowded out by both Ghast and Silence. Graves went in and was able to use Scything Blow three times, hitting Calculus, Mercury, Smoke and Ghast for a combined total of 36 damage with 3 influence. Calculus was taken down, and Smoke and Mercury were also taken very low. 10-1 I won initiative due to me winning the scrum very handily, and we both called the game. Scalpel would be able to start off the turn with Crucible and Venin both at 7 HP within her threat range, and Mercury also at low HP close-by. He conceded. 12-1 This game showed me how lethal Scalpel can be if left unchecked. This was my opponent's first experience with Scalpel, and so didn't know the respect she should receive. I was also very happy to see I was finally able to set up Graves for some juicy Scything Blow damage. Ghast was an absolute legend by being the scrum-master, and handing me free momentum with his Rising Anger trait, making it easier for me to keep everyone healthy. Silence also did his job by forcing my opponent to make suboptimal plays due to the threat of Tucked/Shutout, and another 5+ model with is hard to hit with Character Plays always comes in handy against Alchemists. I will post the other games later on!
  10. Nykolae

    S4 Captain Choices

    Kraken 😉 A decent 6 is Corsair, Squid, Kraken, Hag, Fathom and a flex. Jac is possible to bring more ring-out pressure, and more reach for Drag due to Battering Ram.
  11. Nykolae

    How do I find Vassal games?

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/901202099948458/ This link should go to the group. If not, the group is simply called Vassal Ball.
  12. Nykolae

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Axe Throw = 4 Dirty Knives x2 = 4 Bleed = 3 Poison = 2 8 + 5 = 13 damage. 16 on the Legendary turn.
  13. Nykolae

    SWVa guild ball newb!

    Indeed, Season 4 spoilers are being given every day nowadays. Season 4 hits at the 12th of October. Best to decide upcoming weekend.
  14. Nykolae

    Best value single box team

    Pretty good? I can see Hammer, Wrecker, Tower, Chisel, Granite and vHarmony be a standard Hammer 6 for now. 😅 The Kick-Off 6 have decreased in power quite a bit with the nerfs to Brick and (indirectly) Marbles.
  15. Nykolae

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    I'm pretty sure Lucky's Raise the Stakes will be reworked, and, as per given in the Brewers blog, he will get a heroic play. My guess with Hammer is that he'll keep all his plays, but he'll have to buy them himself. This way, it's easier for him to go solo, away from the pack, but it's less efficient to put up all the buffs, so you'll have to choose. In my mind, Masons don't really have an auto-include model, so I'm not expecting major nerfs.