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  1. The Navigator's Guild

    I was actually thinking Farseeker.
  2. Season 4

    I wouldn't think so. The main problem here is that there's oSpigs and vSpigs, who can't be on the same squad. Ratchet has no vRatchet to compete with.
  3. Navigators Guild on FB

    Then why did @Jamie P explicitly say "original Siren" during the Q&A at Vengeance? Trying to stir up some trouble??? Well, I do guess that this makes more sense fluff-wise, as why would Siren revert to her old self when playing for the Navigators?
  4. Mascot Time! Frelsi

    Falconry is the hunting of wild animals in its natural state and habitat by means of a trained bird of prey. It doesn't matter what kind of bird they have to be a Falconer.
  5. Mascot Time! Frelsi

    Have you ever seen a falcon take a jog?
  6. Hello union team

    Some more information, which is provided by @Gauntlet. This thread gives massive amounts of information, which can be very useful for a new-ish player such as yourself.
  7. Hello union team

    Veteran Rage and Decimate are must-haves. Blackheart and Mist if you ever want to go play the scoring game. Maybe Strongbox? Gutter and Benediction are staples for Rage. So vRage, Blackheart, Coin, Strongbox, Benediction, Decimate, Gutter, Mist and then there's some flex spots. I'd suggest Minx and Grace for those last two slots, but some won't leave the home without Hemlocke. Fangtooth isn't all that great and Harry has his uses in a Blackheart team. Edit: DISCLAIMER - This is my take on the team, but you should decide for yourself!
  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronin_(Marvel_Comics) for Alloy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swordsman_(comics) for Furnace. No idea for Hearth...
  9. Hawkeye Flash is DC btw, not Marvel. Sledge - Thor Anvil - Hulk (or maybe Odin) Ferrite - Black Widow Iron - Iron Man (Hulkbuster!!) Furnace - Nick Fury (eyepatch!) Cinder - female Hawkeye? Hearth - I have absolutely no idea... Aunt May? Alloy - Ant-Man (or maybe Ronin, although less known) Farris - I have no idea. Maybe a Horseman of the Apocalypse, although that's one of the X-Men's opponents, not a Marvel hero. Bolt - Quicksilver Burnish - Warmachine Cast - female Captain America
  10. Looking tobeabetter Alchs player

    Lure of Gold is Guild only, so that's been a misplay!
  11. The one on which Sigur paints Guild Ball Figures

    Holy crap, Sigur! I just stumbled upon this thread. This is just amazing! And your output is off the charts! Where do you find the time?!
  12. Hello from sweden

    Welcome, bud! Can't wait to see your creations!
  13. Would you guys be interested in my ramblings?

    Basically, the TLDR of my last post can be summarized as "imho skill > guild balance". There might've been a tad of grudge in there, as I am one of those that struggles to just go even on tournaments. Top 3 just feels so far out of reach, and then reading "I went 4-0, I am 11-1 now, Butchers are pretty good" can sting... Totally agree on that, Aaron. It was not meant as a stab towards you or anything. My apologies if it did feel that way. But let's get back to your Butcher ramblings. I'm mightily interested in what your take on the Guild is. I've always enjoyed reading your musings on the Hunters.
  14. Would you guys be interested in my ramblings?

    Not trying to be cheeky, but are the Butchers good, or are you just good at the game? I think that some players will just perform outstanding on any Guild, just because of their understanding of the game. I agree that the balance between Guilds is very close, but it takes a skilled player to take them to the top of the leaderboard. N.B: I'm not trying to say that everyone that keeps losing with a particular Guild is just bad, but there ARE gradations of skill, that's just a fact. For example, I think that in a head-to-head with me, Aaron would 95% of the time come on top. But that doesn't make me a bad player, or make my Guild a badly balanced Guild, as in my current meta I nowadays usually win 75-80% of my games. But I'm going way off topic here. Sorry for that. Just wanted to spew some of thoughts on this issue of rants about why something is bad or, as Aaron says, "pretty good".
  15. New shinies!

    https://store-eu.steamforged.com/collections/the-vault/products/limited-edition-greyscales Limited Edition Greyscales! I don't know why you would actually buy this, though. With the Navigator's Guild on the way, the Fishermen are bound to have their alternate model resin casts on the way. What do you guys think?