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  1. cold_as_ike

    Any Australians have info on shipping/delivery?

    Brisbane here. Mine arrived yesterday afternoon
  2. cold_as_ike

    Campaign Play Treasure Deck

    So, after a Mini Boss in the main game the procedure is: Add the 5 Class-appropriate treasure cards for each class to the Treasure Deck Add 5 random Legendary treasure cards tot he treasure Deck Now, I assume that the transposed class-treasure happens after the first mini-boss in a campaign, though I suppose you could challenge yourself by making it come after the 2nd mini-boss. Also, since there are more than 5 Legendary treasure cards (There are 10 in the Core game), you will simply do this each time you defeat a mini-boss. Since a campaign has 2 Mini-bosses, it would happen after each. Also, each boss has their own treasure, but these treasure cards are put directly into the party inventory, and not the Treasure Deck. For example: The Coiled Sword. In order you fight the Winged Knight (Mini-Boss), Boreal Outrider (Mini-Boss) and the Dancer (Main Boss). The flow would be: Defeat the Winged Knight: Add the 5 Class-appropriate treasure cards for each class to the Treasure Deck Add 5 random Legendary treasure cards to the treasure Deck Add the Winged Knight Treasure cards to the Party Inventory Defeat the Boreal Outrider: Add 5 random Legendary treasure cards to the treasure Deck Add the Boreal Outrider Treasure cards to the Party Inventory Defeat the Dancer: Campaign won As for future 5-boss campaigns? Beats me. Especially since there aren't enough Legendary treasure cards in the core game to accommodate it. I would expect a new rule-set to be printed along with the longer campaign. You don't get any more Treasure. It's that simple. Anything that gets sold is gone, and it won't be reshuffled into the deck. I really don't see why you'd even want to sell treasure and then reshuffle it. I mean, aside from getting rid of terrible armor no-one wants to use or starting gear once everyone has upgraded. And then, if you DID start reshuffling the treasure back in, you'd only be getting the useless gear you sold because you didn't want it in the first place.
  3. cold_as_ike

    Dual shield

    I'd say it's perfectly legal to do so. The issue I see is that while you'd receive the defensive benefits, you'd be doing so little damage that you wouldn't kill any enemies fast enough and you'd eventually get worn down due to unlucky block and dodge rolls. Of the items we've been able to see in the rule book so far, there are four shields (Target Shield, Black Iron Greatshield, Golden Wing Crest Shield, and the Round Shield). Of these, only the Golden Crest is actually able to attack. The attack it does do is only a single black die which is the weakest attack option. It only has a 1/6 chance of doing more than 1 point of damage. And every enemy has a block value of 1. A lot actually have 2. So, as far as we know, even if you had a Golden Crest shield in both hands, you'd be unable to do damage to half the enemies in the game (With a Block value of 2 or higher) and unable to damage bosses entirely, without adding Titanite upgrades to them. And even with Titanite upgrades (which add +1 to damage), some bosses have Block values of 3 (Like the Winged Knight and the Titanite Demon), and since the shield only has a single upgrade slot, it would be impossible to damage them with a Shield attack (Not including attacks in their weak arcs). Of course, there may be more powerful shields in the game. But they'd come so late in the game it wouldn't really be worth it. I suppose the Crest shield is technically obtainable from the start of the game as treasure, so there is space for more powerful shields as transposed treasure - but that treasure is only accessible after defeating a mini boss. And at this point it isn't really that possible to defeat them and be able to access those better shields. I suppose it could technically be done. But it'd be hard and would require a lot of luck.