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  1. New to Guild Ball, seeking advice

    Wow, I really like all three of those teams! I have both Brewers and Engineers and have dabbled with the Masons. However, if I were to direct a "new" player, both to GB and miniatures all together, I'd point them in the direction of the Masons. They are such a great two-way team, scoring and take outs. Don't get me wrong, the Brewers and Engineers have their play points as well, but you just can't go wrong with the Masons.
  2. We played a version of this in the Marine Corps. We called it "combat soccer" and wore our flak jackets, helmets, and played like maniacs.
  3. Does the pitch need to be 3' wide?

    The pitch size, as it is, is just fine. Those edges, that you've noticed, don't get used enough or at all, aren't important until you get a 4 inch push towards one. Double that 4 inch push from certain characters, like Chaska and then suddenly all the real estate you can muster on the sides becomes entirely important.
  4. Enter The Blacksmiths...

    I still like the idea of a crab or a hedgehog. You could even do an over sized rhinoceros beetle.
  5. Something that bothers me about kicking

    Honestly, I don't think the OP's original suggestion is that bad. As he pointed out, Tap-in already takes into account the closeness of a player to their target. While changing a core mechanic of the game at this point in its life cycle would certainly cause an uproar, I do think the logic behind adjusting the kick mechanic as suggested makes sense.
  6. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    I'm with Csjarret, the Brewers could benefit from a "quality" goalkeeper. Something a tad better than what we've seen from goalkeepers to date, in order to make up for our incredibly slow moving, no movement having, shenanigans type team...which it seems almost every other team has. vStave would be cool as a goalkeeper if he had some sort of lob barrel ability as a reaction to any non-friendly player ending a movement within 6 or 8 inches of his melee zone.
  7. Steamcon USA

    ^^^^^ What this guy said! Nashville also has a very new, state of the art, convention center they just built in the heart of downtown.
  8. Tapper vs. Esters

    Not that it's entirely competitive, but with Esters I like to take: Esters, Stoker, Stave, Harry the Hat, Quaff, and Mash. Although, I play better with a beater team...I do like to mix it up and just dump a lot of AOE with my Esters team.
  9. Pintpot

    Are you playing to win "only," or are you playing to have fun? You see, I suck at Guild Ball and with the Brewers low win %...I'm doubly screwed. However, I only play for fun of the game and winning is strictly a bi-product. Since I suck as bad as I do, I develop alternate win scenarios for myself, i.e.: make it as difficult for the other player to win, frustrate him at every turn, and look for that really funny or memorable moment in each game that I can take as a memory of why I love to play GB. And yes, I would agree that winning is always nice.
  10. Kick Off Tactics

    I bought the Kick Off set a few weeks ago and am loving the Brewers. Some advice from the guys I play with are definitely purchase: Esters, Mash, Stoker, Pint Pot and Harry the Hat (Union player). Of course, adding these guys will alter your game play from the original six, but they give you some excellent AOE control and Pint Pot is a freakin beast brawler. It can be expensive to add 5-6 new figs right out of the gate, but I'm buying them slowly over time...that way I can continue to learn the team I have making it easier for me as I gradually grow other players.