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  1. GoonieLaw


    Well, as someone who loves to play both....sit back and be prepared to be peppered with poison and fire. You aren't going to be able to do much about it. Played correctly, they'll dance around your team....because with your high armor their normal melee attacks are pretty much worthless. You are going to have trouble getting to them, so I'd plan on bringing as many 2 inch melee guys as possible. This is a match up where I'd probably bring oCinder...that range attack is going to be invaluable to retrieving the ball. I might even bring Cast as well. I might let them get an early goal and then sit back and make them come to you.
  2. GoonieLaw

    Veteran Sakana

    Well, I love oSakana a lot and hope they don't screw up his flavor too much. I'd have loved for them to have tweaked Angel before messing with a player everyone who plays a scoring team already takes.
  3. GoonieLaw

    How to Shark like a pro?

    Sure I miss Shark...that dude is incredible. However, my use of Corsair is when I think the other team may try and kill the ball and trying to get it back may be a bit more painful than Shark can stand. Try hiding the ball against Corsair and oSiren...it's not that easy.
  4. GoonieLaw

    How do i play Midas well?

    How's that running in and getting face smashed working out? You'll never eliminate their ranged attacks, but you can limit their effectiveness. Utilize obstacles and barriers to maximize line of sight and cover. Remember, the whole point is to make them "move" and get them out of position, but if you want to continue to run into them and play "their" game...go ahead. Nothing is ever perfect, but playing by your opponents strategy automatically puts you behind.
  5. GoonieLaw

    How to Shark like a pro?

    When I run Corsair instead of Shark I do something like: Corsair, Tentacles, Sakana, Greyscales, oSiren, and then a Flex. I don't typically put in A&G. I still play the score game with Corsair and just use oSiren to help him get the ball off any team trying to hide it and use Sakana and Greyscales for the score. I've tried to use and like Kraken, but the dude just fails me every time.
  6. GoonieLaw

    How do i play Midas well?

    I suppose Engineers can hide the ball on Velocity, but at some point you can get them out of position. And what I mean by this is: when they give the ball to Velocity and hide her behind Ballista, Hoist, and Locus....you don't just rush in. They have to move in order to hit you with their ranged attacks and when they do try to get them out of position and go in.
  7. GoonieLaw

    Corsair vs Honour Match Report

    I'm mostly a Shark player, but have recently been toying with Corsair (mostly because I keep hearing he's the bees knees...or in this case the fish's flippers). Anyway, when I play Shark my usual line-up looks like: Shark, Salt, Sakana, Greyscales, Jac, and Siren. This list plays fast, real fast and surprisingly has been very fun and competitive. Corsair, on the other hand looks like a fighting captain in a guild with no real fighters that cannot takeout another player. Because of my fast scoring play style and other people's proclivity to kill the ball, I find myself switching to Corsair. Here's what I've been toying with: Corsair, Tentacles, Sakana, Greyscales, Hag, and oSiren. My goal is much the same as playing a Shark team, score and score often. I use Corsair and Tentacles in tandem to help control the middle of the field and in case the other team wants to try and kill the ball, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve to help solve that. With Sakana and Greyscales on the wings, I can bring some good pressure once Corsair gets the ball and trust me, once Corsair gets the ball it's darn near impossible to get it off him. The other things I enjoy, and utilize often, is to have Corsair hand out sturdy to whichever winger gets the ball. Well, this is my two cents anyway.
  8. GoonieLaw

    Fish into Farmers Thursday Night GB Match

    What ningu said. When I played against Grange Farmers in our escalation league I ran: Shark, Salt, Sakana, Greyscales, Jac, and oSiren. And it was very successful for me. First and foremost, do not play their game. You need to understand you will lose someone to Grange and Windle combo crap, but play all out ball and you will win the race. Do not, and I repeat, do not bunch up. At the most, decide who will get sacrificed and move on to scoring. I don't think using my line-up with Corsair would be that bad, at least it would help you get the ball of the Farmers when they decide to play "stall ball," and they will after you score.
  9. GoonieLaw

    Make Brewers better

    The problem with Brewers is they are behind the power curve, for what they're designed to do. Their main issue is order of activation. At best, they can eliminate 1 character, reliably, per turn acting in concert with other characters on their team. I'm still not of the opinion, without excellent rolls, that any one Brewer can just simply take-out a figure by themselves. Now, against a football team...this means they lose the points race. And even against a team that likes to go 2-2, they still lose. They do need to bump up, either in the kicking game or take-out role. It doesn't need to be ridiculous, just a slight tilt one way or the other. I get the whole GIC theory of balancing, but I think the problem needs to be resolved on a model by model basis instead of some global bump.
  10. GoonieLaw

    How do I Siren?

    My line-up has been: Shark, Salt, Sakana, Greyscales, Jac, and oSiren. I agree that when Siren was reduced to 3 Inf, it was a big game changer and admittedly she does much less. However, I typically put her on the side of the field with Jac. A well timed lure, paired with Jac's ability to push someone off the board can close down an entire part of the field. And, of course, if that doesn't work using her to force a pass is fantastic!
  11. GoonieLaw

    Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    I don't really see what all the negativity is about. Sure, we didn't get a super cool "make the opponent miserable" GIC, but what we have to work with is pretty darn good. Slippery Fishes...um, yes please. Give the ball to Greyscales and laugh all day. Oh you thought your 2" melee would prevent a successful "unpredictable movement" because you came in base to base...hahahahaha, welcome to a 4" dodge!!!
  12. GoonieLaw

    When to pick Shark or Corsair

    Having never played Fish until my current escalation league, I don't see a problem with Shark (the nerf meant nothing to me as it happened before I played the Team). I absolutely love fielding Shark into a 1 inch melee heavy team...touch me if you can. He can reliable grab the ball off any model who only has 1" melee and then bounce away at his leisure. I've found Corsair quite capable into most teams, he just needs a reliable winger or two that can grab the ball and score....but Shark is my go to guy.
  13. GoonieLaw

    Shark's Fishermen and the third goal

    I always try placing a piece of terrain that gives Sakana starting cover (+2/+2), because it can really catch your opponent off guard. Opening with an 18 inch threat is pretty deadly and should afford you a turn 1 goal with Sakana. This leaves Shark or Greyscales for the second goal, whoever is positioned best. All that being said, I always try to score with Sakana first and if not him (they kick or have ball on the other side of the field) I use the Old Man/Greyscales.
  14. GoonieLaw

    New to Guild Ball, seeking advice

    Wow, I really like all three of those teams! I have both Brewers and Engineers and have dabbled with the Masons. However, if I were to direct a "new" player, both to GB and miniatures all together, I'd point them in the direction of the Masons. They are such a great two-way team, scoring and take outs. Don't get me wrong, the Brewers and Engineers have their play points as well, but you just can't go wrong with the Masons.
  15. We played a version of this in the Marine Corps. We called it "combat soccer" and wore our flak jackets, helmets, and played like maniacs.