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  1. I'm trying to find an answer to the following questions: 1) Will the Morticians resin boxes (specifically the Spirit Weaver) be available again soon? 2) Will they be Steamforged store only, or will they be available via local gaming stores? I've had a search and come up blank, does anyone know if either of these have been answered somewhere?
  2. Odin

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Gone in on Fishermen, will see if I can get Butchers too, though as mine are already painted it's a bit hard to justify. But it's a bit of a bargain and I love the new PVC models. Would be nice if there was an option to buy both teams with an added bonus of some kind.
  3. Odin

    Where'd They Go? (Unused Models)

    It took me a while to see his value, but i tried him for variety and he's quickly become my standard mascot.
  4. Odin

    Team(s) England WTC

    Team for what?
  5. Odin

    Tap in and Goals vs Bash

    Those do make a big difference though. Take the two dice one - that's a reduction from a 25% chance of failure to an 11% chance of failure. You've more than halved the chances of it going horribly wrong.
  6. Odin

    Tap in and Goals vs Bash

    I don't think it's needed - you can already unsnap and snap the ball from just over 3 inches away to transfer the ball reliably. It doesn't generate momentum of course, but it probably shouldn't.
  7. Odin

    What makes Alchemists top tier?

    Interested to see people saying that both Midas and Smoke use the same players in their squad... I'd say of all the teams they look the hardest to build a 9-player squad with both captains. Smoke wants some combination on Calculus, Mercury, VetKat, Venin, Vitriol and a Union player (Harry or A&G) Midas wants Vitriol, maybe Katalyst, Compound, a Union player and... well mostly he just wants Union players still, he just can't have them. If I could pick Midas, Flask, Vitriol, Decimate, Harry and Mist that would be lovely. Closest I've come to a decent 9 has been Midas, Smoke, Flask, Vitriol, Decimate, Katalyst, Calculus, Mercury, Venin. Even then, my main issue is that your choice of captain is obvious by the time you choose your fourth player, because their teams are so different.
  8. Odin


    Especially as we've seen the advance orders for the condition tokens, and there's no new ones.
  9. Odin

    Number of Models released in S3

    I think Farmers and the other new Guild may be getting 10 models. Pretty sure I heard that they were going for 6-player starter sets with 4-player boosters. If that's right, alongside 4 new Hunters and the 8 players already revealed that gives us 32 models. That leaves room for another 8 models for the original 8 teams to get back to 40 models.
  10. Odin


    I have both, but I'm not using fire for the damage it does. If it does 2 damage instead of 1, it has almost zero effect on my gameplan. Still, I'll keep an open mind. I have Some as well anyway, so I'll definitely be getting her.
  11. Odin


    Definitely looks like a cool addition. Can't help feeling it's another player for Smoke, who is already spoiled for choice. Will she be useful in a Midas team though? His options are pretty limited.
  12. Odin

    Preventing ball-killing

    I'd quite like them to explore the possibility of using Momentum in a way that gets you towards the ball. Something like... Get It Back! A model may spend 1 Momentum during its activation to make a 4" Dodge towards an opposing model in possession of the ball marker, or a free ball marker. Possibly this might need to be 2 momentum.
  13. I said it was a marathon...
  14. Odin

    Season 3 - What do you think?

    Going second can also be very powerful. That's why so many people took A&G - to get the last activation of turn 1, especially with players like Fillet or Hammer.
  15. Odin

    Season 3 - What do you think?

    There is a rule for it. The player making the attack chooses the order in which the effects are applied. Example - Fillet's Pain Circle you can choose to make the target bleed before or after they suffer the damage. Before the changes to Blood Dance, this alowed players to make a dodge by choosing to make them bleed first.