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  1. Two Questions: 1. On the back of the green level 5 Salvo's card, if he were to use his Heroic Play Bring 'Em Back Online (Each time this model inflicts [1] or more damage on an enemy model, this model may heal a friendly [Mechanica] model within the aura for [1] HP) and also use Flurry of Dead Bolts (Target enemy model suffers [4] DMG. All other models within this 2" pulse suffer [4] DMG) to damage multiple enemy models, could he heal multiple Mechanica models within the specified aura? or a Mechaninca model within the specified aura multiple times? 2. On the back of the green level 5 Salvo's card, he has a trait called Empowerment (Once per turn during this model's activation, one friendly [Mechanica] model within the aura may immediately make a Character Play without spending Influence.) Can he use this trait on a Mechanica model that has already activated? Example: Pin Vice is in Salvo's 6" Empowerment aura and has already activated. Can Salvo use Empowerment to have Pin Vice use Controller on an unactivated Hoist (within 6" from Pin Vice) to activate immediately after Salvo? Thank you!
  2. Why doesn't anyone use Colossus?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to Engineers and have watch some Steamcom streams and noticed that no one used Colossus. I think he is pretty good with close control, tough hide, light foot, and stoic. He's also reasonably fast, has a good kick, decent playbook, and one of the few Engineer models with 2" reach. Is there something I'm missing?
  3. New, Shiny Rookie Cards!

    Why is blue level 5 Chisel's Where'd They Go not OPT?
  4. Ghost Shot clarification

    Ok. Thanks for the ruling.
  5. Memory Movement

    If Memory is Knocked down, can he forfeit his movement to stand up and then continue to dodge around? The rule book states, "A model suffering the knocked-down condition may forfeit their Standard-Advance in order to remove this condition (i.e. stand up)," but Memory has a standard advance of 0". Thanks in advance!
  6. Ghost Shot clarification

    I know what you are saying which is why I'm asking for clarification, but I'm thinking why mention "friendly Guild model" at all if the card only pertains to the active model? Why not word it: "During a friendly Guild model's activation, if a free-ball is in it's melee, the friendly model may make a Kick as if it were in possession of the ball-marker." To me, this wording makes more sense if what you are suggesting is in fact what they intend.
  7. Ghost Shot clarification

    Thank you for the ruling. But back to the original question which was not actually answered. Ghost Shot reads: "When a free-ball is within a friendly Guild model's melee zone during its activation, the friendly model may make a Kick as if it were in possession of the ball-marker....". Once again, I tend to read things wrong, but the way I read it is the free ball is within friendly Guild model B's melee during model A's activation, so model A can make a kick as if it were in possession of the ball-marker.
  8. Just a few questions I want to clear up as I tend to misinterpret rules. Let’s say it’s model A’s activation and there is a free ball within melee of friendly guild model B. Using Ghost Shot, can model A make a kick with the ball? If so, are we to use model A’s kick stats? I also want to clarify (since I’m only assuming) that when making a kick using Ghost Shot, it must be paid for using 1 INF. Thanks!
  9. Brainpan’s character trait One, Two states: “When this model makes a Pass that targets the friendly named model, this model gains [+2/+2”] KICK for the duration of the Pass. If the friendly named model makes a Teamwork action as a result of this Pass, it may spend [1] less MP to do so.” Can Memory choose to take Give’n’Go to have Brainpan make the 4” dodge?
  10. Run the Length states that “After scoring a goal the active model may spend [1] MP to immediately make a [4”] Dodge; this Dodge takes place prior to the Goal Kick.” Memory doesn’t have an activation because of his Inanimate Object character trait. Does this mean if I have Brainpan use Control the Strings to make Memory shoot and score, I can then use Run the Length to have Brainpan make a 4” dodge? I’m pretty sure Brainpan would make the 4” dodge but just wanted to double check. Thanks in advance.
  11. Simple question but need clarification. Can Buckwheat make a jog, then use Carrot & Stick to make another jog? Thanks
  12. Hello, Last night we were playing a game and weren't sure if you were allowed to kick a goal kick backwards towards the edge of the pitch and have it scatter out of bounds triggering a throw in. Based upon the rule book, it doesn't say you can't. Please confirm if this is allowed. A Goal Kick happens immediately after a goal is scored. The Player who just conceded the goal resolves the Goal Kick. There is no need to reset model positions. To resolve a Goal Kick simply centre the ball-marker on a target-spot that is within [10”] of the friendly goal-post and use the kick-scatter rules to determine the ball-marker’s final landing spot. A Goal Kick may never be intercepted. During a Goal Kick, the ball- path may be drawn through terrain. If the ball-marker would end on top of a barrier or obstruction, use the rule of least disturbance to place the ball-marker along the ball-path in contact with the terrain piece.
  13. I wasn't able to find this anywhere and just wanted to double check. V Katalyst is standing next to one of his teammates that is severely injured. If I Puppet Master V Katalyst, can I pay 1 MP to trigger his Witness Me and then make him attack and take out the injured Alchemist? If so, do I get 4 VP (2 for Witness Me + 2 for take out) while the other team gets 2 VP (for V Kat's take out)? Thanks