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  1. Let’s suppose Scalpel is attacking Harrow who is 3” away from Fallow. Scalpel attacks and chooses 2dmg. Voodoo Strings triggers and Harrow is pushed 2” so that he is now more than 4” away from Fallow. Does Fallow get to do a jog since the 2dmg was chosen while Harrow was still in her aura?
  2. guild baller

    Kill team

    I tend to bring Cosset, VGraves, and Casket. Cosset or VGraves usually goes in first to weaken them and set up Grave Digger. Then I finish up with a Casket time to get a 5VP Take Out. Then I just need VGraves to set up another Grave Digger take out followed up by a goal to get my 12VPs. Either captain will work in this case and the 4th squaddie is your option but I tend to bring Pelage because of her awesome character traits.
  3. guild baller

    S4 Hoist speculation

    People have mentioned that SFG is moving away from 'mechanica only'. Do you think they'll have Ratchet's Overclocked target all Engineer models? I feel like that would be too powerful of a Heroic. Sorry, as this question is not related to S4 changes to Hoist.
  4. guild baller

    Kickoff derferment

    Ah, ok. Thanks. I always thought the person who lost the roll off chooses sides.
  5. Before starting the game, the rule book states the following: "Players each make a starting-roll of 1D6. Re-roll any tied results. The Player with the highest result chooses which Player will be the kicking Player. The other Player is the receiving Player". If I win the roll off and do not have a preference on who kicks and who receives, can I instead choose which side of the field I'd like to start from and let the other player choose who will kick off and who will receive?
  6. guild baller

    Parting blow

    Just to clarify, Searing Strike makes the enemy model suffer -1 ARM, not -1 DEF.
  7. Is the jog from Vet. Gutter's Grapple Hook an additional jog from her standard advance?
  8. guild baller

    The Offside Trap

    Hello All, I had a question regarding this new Game Plan card. It states, "An enemy model must spend [+1] additional MP to make a Shot or a Snap Shot! if it is closer to the friendly goal-post than any other model." Because the card says "any other model" at the end and not "any friendly model" does it really mean that they will not have to spend the +1 MP to make a shot if they are closer to the friendly goal-post than any friendly model while further from the goal-post than any one of their own models? This seems to contradict the name of the card.
  9. guild baller

    Farmer Errata has landed

    Do you think they should have improved Windle and Bushel? Both don't see a lot of play but maybe now they will...?
  10. guild baller

    Engeeners vs Morticians

    I started off as a Morts player and have somewhat recently picked up the Engineers. I have never played into the Morts so I cannot tell you which captain may be best but I think both captains have their advantage. What you would ideally like is to engage Cosset with Colossus because of his 2” melee and easy KD. This will shut down her attack because 1. She can’t charge into you because you are engaging her 2. Have to jog to hit you and surrender her free charge 3. Can’t KD you since she doesn’t have KD 4. Can’t easily push you away because you have Stoic. The situation is even better if she is KD prior to her activation so that a KD counter attack from Colossus would essentially end her activation. This would leave them to either use Graves to burn Stoic and push you away from Cosset so she can charge in or have Oboulus PM you away, both of which you can activate Colossus next and re-engage Cosset. Cosset is also pretty killable so some AOEs and Colossus swings should take care of her. It is also going to be hard for Cosset to kill Colossus with his tough hide. It’s likely the Morts player will try to avoid this pairing as much as possible. A second wind to engage her is something they might not see coming and then would have to deal with. While trying to deal with getting Colossus off Cosset, the rest of your team is hopefully scoring goals. Best of luck!
  11. guild baller

    Ballista vs Pin Vice

    Momentous Inspiration is pretty good when kicking off. Do you ever use Minefield or Second Wind though? I like your idea of kicking off, gaining MP through Mom. Insp. to use Overclock on a possible turn 1 goal. I think PV's tech is more threatening from an opponent's standpoint. I think Ballista is just as vulnerable to counter attacks because he has a 1" melee and cannot buy a dodge. Ballista's KD is easier to hit but if PV charges into someone she shouldn't have a problem getting the KD.
  12. guild baller

    Ballista vs Pin Vice

    Hello All, I'm relatively new to Cogs (been playing them for ~2 months) with mainly PV as my captain. I'm trying out Ballista because from what I hear, he tends to be the better captain but I just don't see it. He is slightly harder to kill, gains MP better with his Momentous Inspiration, and can tackle on 1 (instead of PV tackle on 2, both should be successful regardless of target) but that's it. I don't ever find myself using Minefield or Second Wind. PV is faster, still pretty hard to kill, has close control, and believe it or not can hit harder than Ballista*. My usual line up is Mother, Colossus, Ratchet, Hoist, and Velocity. My usual strategy is 2 goals and 2 take outs but sometimes 3 goals. Is there something I'm missing with him? I have him in the center of the pitch to beat on people and tackle and score if necessary but PV is better at beating on people and is way more dodgy if she wants to go for goal. Any input would help. *See the charts below. It shows the total damage with Deletion's free Bonus Time taken in her 1st swing (2nd Inf used). As you can see she does more damage output around the 4th INF used and is better against models with higher defense which I feel is most often the case. This also doesn't include Overclocked which Ballista would not be able to use and would by far make Pin Vice the better hitter.
  13. Hello, Two quesitons: 1. If level 5 rookie Chisel momentously tackles the ball but the opponent has Close Control, do the Masons still gain momentum even though the tackle is ignored? 2. If level 5 Maniac rookie Chisel is knocked down while being taken out, can she still use Sugar, We're Goin' Down Swinging (If an enemy model inflicts the taken-out condition on this model, before this model is removed from the Pitch, this model may make an Attack against the enemy model.) If allowed to make an attack, would she also benefit from Painful Rage? Thanks!
  14. Two Questions: 1. On the back of the green level 5 Salvo's card, if he were to use his Heroic Play Bring 'Em Back Online (Each time this model inflicts [1] or more damage on an enemy model, this model may heal a friendly [Mechanica] model within the aura for [1] HP) and also use Flurry of Dead Bolts (Target enemy model suffers [4] DMG. All other models within this 2" pulse suffer [4] DMG) to damage multiple enemy models, could he heal multiple Mechanica models within the specified aura? or a Mechaninca model within the specified aura multiple times? 2. On the back of the green level 5 Salvo's card, he has a trait called Empowerment (Once per turn during this model's activation, one friendly [Mechanica] model within the aura may immediately make a Character Play without spending Influence.) Can he use this trait on a Mechanica model that has already activated? Example: Pin Vice is in Salvo's 6" Empowerment aura and has already activated. Can Salvo use Empowerment to have Pin Vice use Controller on an unactivated Hoist (within 6" from Pin Vice) to activate immediately after Salvo? Thank you!
  15. guild baller

    Why doesn't anyone use Colossus?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to Engineers and have watch some Steamcom streams and noticed that no one used Colossus. I think he is pretty good with close control, tough hide, light foot, and stoic. He's also reasonably fast, has a good kick, decent playbook, and one of the few Engineer models with 2" reach. Is there something I'm missing?