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  1. British Championships

    Simple question: how did Hunters fare at the British Championships? This was the First major tournament since the changes to Theron and Hearne, correct? Anyone have any word as to how they did?
  2. For Fun: Tweaking the Hunters

    And here I thought you guys were going to tear me apart for overpowering Snow
  3. For Fun: Tweaking the Hunters

    You mean, more comically excessive than a grizzly bear with mammoth tusks strapped to its back bombing around a football pitch? And, no- I think a list pays a heavy price in taking a model that adds 0 to your Starting Influence, and that there should be some exceedingly good tools available to that model to make up for that down-side. But let's consider some of the other "bruiser" type models as a comparison: Boar has 1 more TAC, is 1/1 INF, also has Furious and has Berserk. I would call Life Drinker a little weaker than Tough Hide, but he makes up for it +1 DEF and with Concussion which is easily accessible from his playbook. With no other variables (i.e. Tooled Up, Thousand Cuts, etc.) assuming he lands half his dice, and has his base INF allocated back to him he will charge and make 3 other attacks and do ~14 DMG and generate 4 MoM. With Just Tooled Up applied, expect 18+ vKatalyst has 1 more TAC, is 2/2 INF, also has Furious. No Tough Hide, but you're likely not getting through that 29 health before he can delete a model and pull off Witness Me! We are assuming you have at least 1 condition on you because you're playing into Alchemists. Assuming he lands half his dice, and has his base INF allocated back to him he will charge and make 2 other attacks and do (a mere) 10 DMG to a single model and generate 3MoM. If he catches one other player in Intensify, that's 16 DMG total. If you throw him into a scrum? My version of Seenah, Assuming he lands half his dice, and has his base INF allocated back to him he will charge and make 1 other attack and do 7 DMG to a single model, and generate 1MoM- Or 6 DMG and generate 2. If his target has snared, we'll say that's about ~10DMG and a MoM or 2. Now I have to allocate influence provided from my other models. So he's making 4 more attacks at Base TAC... and doing about 10 more damage. We'll say ~14 against a target that's snared. A really good turn with the bear into a snared target with all its attacks and it could do about 24 DMG and generate maybe 4MoM assuming he's prioritizing damage output. So, wicked comically overpowered? I would say maybe a little overpowered. But again, you're taking 2 INF away from your team- meaning they are doing less and at the end of the day you're deleting one model. The other two come very close in damage output and bring their own INF to the party. I would concede that the addition of berserk might be overkill- but then, at the very least, he needs to be 2/2 INF. Then again- Bear with Mammoth Tusks. Can we not have one thing on our team that is broken in a good way?
  4. For Fun: Tweaking the Hunters

    Sorry to commit the sin of threadomancy, but I had some free time on my hands and had fun thinking though these changes. Wanted to share my vision of S4 changes to Hunters. Comments welcome Theron: Playbook becomes: 1, M(<) <<, M(T) 2, M(KD) M(>>), M(2<) 2+KD, M(2>>) M(3><) - Sun Strike + Sunburst: [CST: 1, RNG: 4”, ZON: -, SUS: Y, OPT: x) The next time target other friendly Guild model makes a successful attack against an enemy model, the Friendly model may add an additional (GB) playbook result. Remove placement restriction from Nature’s Growth + Momentous Inspiration + Light Footed Rationale: What if Theron could make a ball too? - Albeit a ball of a different sort. I thought Sunburst would be a fitting replacement for Sun Strike and there are obvious parallels to BotMG. I think there’s near unanimous agreement on the other changes- that just happens to be my take on an improved Theron Playbook Skatha: Make her MOV = 7”/9”… or at least 6”/8” I’d like to see the < on BotMG become a MoM(<)- but I realize that may be asking too much. Remove placement restriction from Nature’s Chill Snow: TAC becomes 4 Playbook becomes: Same M(GB) Same - Feral Instincts + Singled Out + Hamstring - Pack Mentality + Pack Tactics [4” Aura]: Other friendly Guild models in this Aura gain Anatomical Precision + Unpredictable Movement Rationale: Now THAT’S how a wolf behaves- Working with another pack member to bring down bigger prey. Bouncing away when the prey tries to retaliate. He goes from giving out a quasi-defensive buff to others to having an invaluable support role. Unpredictable Movement somewhat offsets his inherent squishiness. Keeps Ooooh…BALL! To retain some football shenanigans. Fahad: The cat’s allright. No nerfs please. Chaska: Maybe give him a few more HP- Like bring him to 18 or 20 Egret: Playbook becomes: M(1) M(GB), M(T) 1+T, M(><) M(2<) Snap Fire RNG becomes 8”, CST becomes 1/GB + Arrow to the Knee + Successive Strikes: During its activation, if this model damages an enemy model with a Character Play, this model may make an additional Character Play of CST [1] or less without spending influence. This ability may not generate a further additional Character Play from itself. Rationale: Again, multiple people have had this same or similar idea- preserving Snap Fire by making it free much of the time. It gives Egret more mobility and damage potential without a total redesign. oHearne: TAC becomes 6 INF becomes 2/3 + Tough Hide Rationale: Correct me if I’m wrong, but is Hearne the only Center Back in the game without Tough Hide? vHearne: + Tough Hide - Lunar Eclipse Winter’s Blessing becomes: Once per turn during its activation, this model may choose an enemy model within [4”] suffering the snared condition. This model may be placed within [1”] of the enemy model. Rationale: Combines Lunar Eclipse and Winter’s Blessing into a single ability that- to me- seems a little more streamlined than a conditional movement buff and a conditional Slip Past. This ability also lets Hearne use Skewered as a kind of pseudo-teleport. Jaecar: Again, just no nerfs please. Seenah: Leave his INF at 0/2 Brim him to at least 25HP + Berserk + Knockback Change Intimidating Roar into a Heroic Play and buff it: Intimidating Roar: All enemy models within this model’s melee zone immediately suffer a [2”] push directly away from this model. Rationale: We want the bear to make up in awesome what he lacks in influence. Not a huge refresh, but it gives him more tools to disengage so that he can get off his charge. Ulfr: Playbook becomes: Same Same Same 2<< Remove column 5 entirely Rationale: Ulfr becomes a little better at his job, which is wrapping his Playbook. Zarola: KICK becomes 3/6” INF becomes 2/4 Playbook becomes: 1, M(<) M(1<), M(T) M(2<) M(<<), GBGB Chain Bolas becomes [CST:2/GBGB] + Hunting Grounds: While within rough-ground this model pays [1] less influence to Charge. Rationale: She’s not vBrisket or Minx, but she’s now got a little of both. Her real value is still in Midnight Offering, but she can access Chain Bolas from her Playbook and get off a conditionally cheap charge to steal a ball or apply snare before Fahad charges in. Minx: Make her dual-guild Hunters/Union.
  5. Ooooh...BALL!!! or Snap To, which resolves first

    It was a passive-aggressive swipe at another commenter who's post had an air of, "You guys know you're not supposed to be talking about this! I'm going to go tell a Hall Monitor!"- to it. No disrespect intended towards the good people of the Lawyers Guild. Understood. I'll debate rules in the Rules Forum. Not an unreasonable request
  6. Ooooh...BALL!!! or Snap To, which resolves first

    He's right in that it's been ruled on- MilitaryCoo agreed that the ball-marker never becomes a free-ball because "it snaps-to before it becomes a free-ball". The only problem is, there's nothing in the rulebook itself that supports that interpretation. If the ball-marker is on the pitch, it's either in the possession of a model or it's a free-ball. There's no quasi third state where it's between the two. At least, not according to the rulebook. But I digress. The powers that be have spoken. All further discussion is pointless, right? And possibly forbidden?
  7. Ooooh...BALL!!! or Snap To, which resolves first

    And back to the original question: both snap-to and Ooooh...BALL! Have the same trigger: placement of the free-ball. And the same timing: immediately. However, snap-to stipulates that you only roll off for possession if there's another model within 1" of the ball-marker when it is placed. So I interpret that to mean Snow would make his jog and the ball-marker would snap-to simultaneously, and that Snow wouldn't get an opportunity to roll off for it.
  8. Ooooh...BALL!!! or Snap To, which resolves first

    Let's make this even more complicated: The rules for Throw Ins and Goal Kicks state that you place the ball-marker before resolving the scatter. The moment the ball-marker is placed it is, by definition, a free-ball. Can the placed ball-marker (before the scatter) trigger Ooooh....BALL! if it's placed within 6" of Snow- even if it ultimately scatters out of his range?
  9. For Fun: Tweaking the Hunters

    I've been giving this a lot of thought but the question I keep coming back to- What would need to happen to oHearne to make him useful in a Skatha-led team? I feel like Natures Blessing is so much a part of the effectiveness of the model that losing Theron's forest makes selecting new Hearne over old a given.
  10. For Fun: Tweaking the Hunters

    And as such, it gets removed right away. Hunters have something of a reliance on Snared, which is why I think it would be nice to create some sort of disincentive for it to be removed. Then again, maybe it overpoweres Minx. But at the same time, Gut & String gives all the same benefit, an additional [-2"/-2"], and can't be removed.
  11. For Fun: Tweaking the Hunters

    As a Hunter, if you telegraph your intentions to your prey, they escape. If you're hunting another predator, and you can't stay one step ahead of them... well, now you're the prey. So consistent with that theme I feel like Hunter's "identity" wants to revolve around tactical flexibility, exploiting terrain, and lots of options to outmaneuver your opponent (through reposition). This will naturally make them more difficult to play- but reward players who carefully plan and use that flexibility to make the right move at the right time. This could mean more access to abilities like "Back to the Shadows"- which give free reposition- or abilities like Midnight Offering and Skatha's snowball + Teamwork which have an out-of-activation component. And more damage. The payoff for all that careful setup should at least equal the investment. So- leaving out playbook changes- I'd like to see more of that. For example: More access to "Swift Strikes", "Shadow Like", & "Unpredictable Movement" Add tactical flexibility to BotSF by allowing out of activation Character Plays. BotSF: "Target Other Friendly Model within [6"]. That model may immediately perform a Character Play of COST [3] or less without spending influence." Better bonuses for engaging opponents in Rough Ground/Forests (+DMG? +TAC? BOTH?!) And lastly, buff Snared so that it does some Condition Damage when removed. Seriously- if you set off one of Chaska's Big Game Traps, you should not be brushing it off for a paltry 1 MOM.
  12. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    So yeah, about Snow... Unless I'm mistaken, it seems like he Auto-recovers the ball after a Goal Kick as long as he's within 10" of your goalpost. Even if he's not, it seems like he has a fair chance of grabbing it back with a favorable scatter. This seems like a good tool for getting the ball moving in the right direction again after you've allowed a goal- and all the more reason to activate him late.
  13. Snaring to Victory - a Hunter's Journal

    5/9. But I think you've convinced me to start running Hearne in place of the Bear for awhile. Not sure if I have it in me to drop Chaska, though. Which means if I wanted to run Zarola I'd have to drop... I don't even know. Minx?
  14. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    He's about to excel at being brutally taken out of my team
  15. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    My bad- I must've missed that link